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Video: Competition-Proven Aguila Ammunition

Aguila Ammunition is making a name for itself as the choice of serious shooters. Find out how this ammo, born south of the border, is earning its stripes on competition circuits.

Firing Line Video: Black Hills Ammunition’s HoneyBadger

Tipped with Lehigh Defense's specially designed, solid copper bullet, Black Hills Ammunition's HoneyBadger provided a superior-performing self-defense round.

Video: New Redding Reloading Equipment for 2017

When it comes to precision reloading, Redding Reloading is always in the middle of the action. Phil Massaro checks out what the company has in store for handloaders in this video.

Firing Line Video: Field Shooting Tips with Swagger Bipods

Check out how Swagger Bipods can make nearly impossible shots in the field hit their mark.

Video: Firearm Reliability in 3-Gun Competition

Reliability is important in all firearms; however, it is especially important for those who choose to compete in 3-Gun events.
Ken Hackathorn - rotating magazinesvideo

Video: Importance of Magazine Rotation

Keeping magazines in tip-top shape is imperative, especially for a defensive pistol or rifle. Here is a simple system that keeps them running right.

Firing Line Video: TruGlo TruBrite 30 Hunter

Eric Conn puts TruGlo's new TruBrite 30 Hunter variable power scope through its paces in this segment and finds the optic right on target.

Firing Line Video: Swagger Bipod

Swagger Bipods provide shooters with amazing flexibility when it comes to shooting positions and ease of use. Check out the video for more.

Video: Feature-Rich Thompson/Center Compass Rifle

Check out the video to catch all the goodies Thompson/Center has integrated into its new bolt-action rifle. It appears shooters have a lot of reasons to set a course for the Compass.

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