Defensive Revolver Calibers

A defensive revolver needs the right defensive ammunition, here's a rundown on choosing the right load.

Holosun Releases SCS-MOS Micro Red Dot Sight

Holosun has just released the SCS-MOS micro pistol sight, featuring solar-charging capabilities and a potentially infinite battery life.

Best Flash Hider Buyer’s Guide (2022)

If your gun is spewing too much fire, a flash hider is the best solution. This buyer’s guide will help you find the right flash hider for you.

ZeroTech Optics Releases Vengeance 1-6×24 LPVO

ZeroTech Optics has just launched the Vengeance 1-6x24 LPVO, a new low power variable optic designed to match the versatility of the AR-15.

First Look: Dead Air Silencers Sierra-5 5.56 Suppressor

Dead Air Silencers has just unveiled the Sierra-5, the company’s first dedicated 5.56 NATO sound suppressor available in two configurations.

Best Compensator Buyer’s Guide (2022)

Looking to tame the recoil of your rifle or carry pistol? Here are 8 top compensator options to consider.
Armasight Contractor Thermal feature

First Look: Armasight Contractor Thermal Optics

Armasight has just debuted the Contractor Thermal Optics line, featuring two new, American-made thermal imaging scopes.
10-22 Stock Feature

Ruger 10/22 Stock Buyer’s Guide: Aftermarket Options

Looking to upgrade your Ruger 10/22 stock? Here are five great options for improving your plinker.
Guns and Gear June 22 feature Hellion

New Guns And Gear June 2022

Looking for a new iron or piece of kit to enhance the one you already own? Check out these 7 new bits of guns and gear to grow your firearms wish list.

Remington Ammunition Announces 10mm Golden Saber

Remington Ammunition has just announced three new varieties of 10mm Golden Saber ammo, including Bonded, Defense and Defense Compact.

Best .22 Suppressor Choices To Mute Your Plinker (2022)

Get a handle on your rimfire's report with these top .22 suppressor options.
Universal Powder feature

Broad Strokes: Finding A Universal Powder

There may be no true universal powder when it comes to reloading, but here are a few types that can keep you shooting when supplies are tight.
223 family tree feature

The .223 Family Tree

The .223 Remington cartridge and its AR-compatible offspring.
Holosun EPS feature

Holosun Releases EPS And EPS Carry Pistol Reflex Optics

Holosun has just released the EPS and EPS Carry, two sizes of enclosed reflex optics ideal for both CCW and competition-oriented pistols.
Pocket Gun Diet

The Diet Of A Pocket Gun

How to select the proper ammo for a defensive pocket gun.
Mini 14 Accessory feature

Mini-14 Accessory Buyer’s Guide

While not as modular as the AR-15, there are still plenty of Mini-14 accessory options available to trick out your ranch rifle.


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