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Defensive Handgunning: Skills & Tactics

When it comes to self-defense with a handgun, you need to understand skills, tactics and the differences between the two.
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Federal Ammunition Releases .25 Auto & .32 Auto Defensive Loads

Federal has just released two new pocket pistol defensive loads, .25 Auto Punch and .32 Auto Hydra-Shok Deep.
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For The Love Of Snubbies

Just because snub-nosed revolvers are small does not make them less than.
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The Carry Revolver: Excellent CCW Wheelgun Options

Though often overlooked in today’s world of CCW semi-autos, there are some excellent carry revolver options out there.

The Boundaries Of Self-Defense

We discuss the limits of self-defense in the face of mob violence and when overwhelming numbers of unarmed threats turn deadly.

Self-Defense Law: Do You Have A Training Resume?

If you’re ever involved in a self-defense shooting, your training courses can become relevant in court. Here’s why it’s a good idea to keep a training resume.
revolver vs semi-auto feature

Revolver Vs. Semi-Auto: Which Is Better For Self-Defense?

Are revolvers or semi-auto pistols better for self-defense? Here, we test them head-to-head and gather some data to help find an answer.
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First Look: Colt Kodiak, Grizzly and Viper Revolvers

Colt has just announced three new revolvers, the powerful Kodiak and Grizzly and the carry-oriented Viper.
Heritage Roscoe feature

First Look: Heritage Mfg. Roscoe Revolvers

Heritage Manufacturing has just announced the Roscoe, a classic .38 Spl revolver available with two barrel length options.
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Defensive Handgunning: Balancing Accuracy, Power & Speed

When it comes to guns, everything is a tradeoff. With defensive handguns, that means balancing accuracy, power and speed.

Self-Defense: Garage Invasion & Excessive Force

We discuss whether this garage invasion incident was justified self-defense or an example of excessive force.
self-defense mindset

Self-Defense Mindset: How Prepared Are You?

We ask you to analyze whether you’re really prepared to use deadly force in a self-defense situation.
self-defense attorney feature deadly force Massad Ayoob

Attorney Selection: An Excerpt From Deadly Force, 2nd Edition

In this excerpt from Deadly Force, 2nd Edition, Massad Ayoob discusses the finer points of attorney selection following a self-defense incident.
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Long-Range Pistol Shooting With Red Dots

Practicing your long-range pistol shooting at 100 yards will make 25 yards seem like point-blank range.
2-5-inch colt python feature

First Look: Colt Python 2.5-Inch Snubbie

Colt has just added a 2.5-inch Python model to its catalog, the shortest model now available in the lineup.