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First Look: Taurus Judge Home Defender

Taurus has just announced an enlarged variant of its .410/.45 Long Colt revolver in the form of the Judge Home Defender.

Revolver Gear: The HKS Speedloader

If you carry a defensive revolver, you’re going to want an HKS speedloader.
armed citizen vs prosecution feature

Self-Defense Law: The Prosecution’s Perspective

Patterns that the prosecution generally exhibits when trying to gain a conviction against an armed citizen.
Taurus TS9 feature

Taurus Announces The TS9

A look at the new Taurus TS9, a polymer-framed full-size 9mm pistol with interchangeable backstraps.
behind your target feature

Knowing What’s Behind Your Target

A discussion on the importance of knowing what lies behind your target during a self-defense encounter.

First Look: CZ Shadow 2 Compact

Just released, the CZ Shadow 2 Compact squeezes the performance of a competition pistol into a carriable package.

Evaluating Shooting Stances

An evaluation of common shooting stances that can help you shoot a handgun easier and more consistently.

Expert Access: Q&A With Bill Wilson

A Q&A with Bill Wilson of Wilson Combat.
Expert Witness Massad Ayoob

Self-Defense Trials And Expert Witnesses

Understanding the strategy of using an expert witness in a self-defense trial.

First Look: Hi-Point Yeet Cannon YC9

The long-awaited Hi-Point Yeet Cannon YC9 is finally here, sporting several upgrades and available in four configurations.

Are You Good Enough?: Measuring Defensive Handgun Accuracy

A discussion on how to measure your defensive handgun accuracy and precision skills.
escalation of force

Escalation Of Force And Self-Defense

A discussion on escalation of force and reasonable-use force when it comes to self-defense.

Lethal Force: When Less Is More

Debunking the flawed “shoot ‘em to the ground” concept when it comes to using lethal force for self-defense.
A Glock 19 C makes a great concealed carry gun with a few enhancements that help it perform like a much larger one with a compensator.

Best Glock Upgrades: Customizing For Performance (2023)

When it comes to Glock upgrades, the aim should be a high-performance pistol over a flashy gat.

Power Trumps Capacity: A Case For The Self-Defense Revolver

Hi-capacity 9mm pistols are popular right now, but they pale in power compared to the potential of a self-defense revolver.

Choosing The Right Weapon-Mounted Light

The dark isn’t your friend, so here’s how to select the best weapon-mounted light for your needs.


A complete directory of personal defense handguns, AR-15s, shooting drills, accessories and tactics to keep yourself and your family safe in an unsafe world. There is some crossover here with concealed carry (which has its own section here), but these articles are focused on survival, SHTF, prepping, home defense and more general personal safety afforded by personal defense guns. Also see: Gun ReviewsHandgunsRiflesShotgunsAR-15sConcealed Carry

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