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Ensure your AR is safe, secure and ready at a moment's notice.
Given its near-global presence, the Browning Hi Power goes by many names.
Building from the bottom up, the first step to solid pistol marksmanship is a good grip.
Hosters in general and the right model, in particular, is a challenging endeavor for the armed woman.
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Tested, abused, disrespected — and incredibly tough SIG P320.
Kimber Micro 9 or SIG P938 are slim and potent concealed carry pieces, but which comes out on top?
Far from a first-line technique, a properly executed defensive gun takeaway is potentially a lifesaver.
Love 'em or hate 'em, the Glock train continues to roll.
When it comes to concealed carry, there are lots of statements portrayed as facts that are, in truth, myths.
Many are wary of carrying in their pistol in Condition One — cocked and locked — but is that fear based in reality or merely perception?
From 9mm: Guide to America’s Most Popular Caliber, author Robert Sadowski shakes down a fine micro 9mm handgun in this Kahr CM9 review.
More than 100-years-old and still going strong. How the iconic 1911 still remains among the best pistol options.
The 1911 has come a long way since Colt's original 1911 Government model.
Focusing on these easily improved areas can make for a perfect Colt 1911.