Video: The Extended Capacity Mossberg MC2c

Video: The Extended Capacity Mossberg MC2c

Boasting a double-stack magazine, the Mossberg MC2C ups the ante with a higher-capacity 9mm.

Last year, Mossberg made more than one jaw drop with the release of its first handgun in more than 100 years. Safe to say, it’d be pretty tough to top the introduction of the MC1sc. Yet, after knocking it out of the park with its sub-compact 9mm, the gunmaker has aimed to do one better in 2020.

The MC2c is nearly the spitting image of its older brother, only it offers shooters just a bit more—capacity. The double-stack pistol holds 13+1 rounds with its flush-fit magazine and 15+1 with its extended mag, giving it near standard capacity to everything in its class. Amazingly, Mossberg pulled off this feat without vastly increasing the size of the design, keeping the MC2c a solid concealed carry pistol.

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Like its predecessor, the pistol is extremely slim, measuring in at 1.1-inches in width. Mossberg pulled off the narrow profile by switching to metal magazines for the new 9mm, providing more internal support while keeping it equally slender. New mags, however, do up the MC2c’s heft a bit—it weighs in at 21 ounces unloaded—but far from enough to make it unwieldy.

Mossber MC2c

The gun has a bit more length to it as well, boasting a 3.9-inch barrel. But from there, things get really familiar, if you know the MC1sc. Perhaps the biggest carryover from last year’s release is the MC2c’s trigger. The flat-faced trigger gives you more surface area to get your figure situated, once there the break is impressive. At a crisp 5.5 pounds, and only traveling .5 inch, the feature ups the gun’s accuracy potential and makes it overall more enjoyable to shoot.

Perhaps best of all, the MC2c is easy-going on the pocketbook. The standard model comes in at $490 and there’s a night-sight upgrade that runs $595. Either way, it’s priced so most shooters can get into one.

MC2c Specs
Caliber: 9mm
Frame: Compact
Capacity: 13-Round (Flush)/15-Round (Extended)
Safety: Integrated Trigger Blade Safety
Barrel Length: 3.9″
Sight/Base: White 3-Dot
Sight Radius: 6.40″
Front Sight: White Dot, Drift Adj. Dovetail Sight
Rear Sight: Dual White Dot, Drift Adj. Dovetail Sight
Twist: 1:16 RH Twist
Trigger: Flat Profile Trigger
Trigger Pull: Approx. 5.5 lbs
Trigger Travel: .5″
Frame Finish: Matte Black
Barrel Finish: 416 Stainless Steel, DLC
Slide Finish: 416 Stainless Steel, DLC
Weight: 21 oz (Unloaded), 29 oz (Loaded)
Length: 7.10″
Height: 4.90″
Width: 1.10″
MSRP: $490 (standard model)

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