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Video: How The Glock 43X And Glock 48 Advance The Slimline...

Glock's extremely popular Slimline Series took a big step forward with the enhanced capacity Glock 43X and Glock 48.

SHOT Show 2019: NiteSite’s Innovative Day/Night Scope

Sun up or down, NiteSite's new day/night scope will keep you on the hunt longer.

SHOT Show 2019: The New Rimfires And Shotguns Of CZ

With a number of additions to its rimfire and shotgun catalogs, CZ USA has a new long gun for nearly every shooter.

SHOT Show 2019: The Right-Sized FN 509 Midsize

Trimmed in all the right places, FN America’s 509 Midsize offers a concealable and effective person-defense option.
Mossberg MC1scvideo

SHOT Show 2019: Mossberg Back In The Pistol Game With MC1sc

Get a rundown on what Mossberg is bringing to the pistol world with the concealable MC1sc 9mm.

SHOT Show 2019: Crimson Trace Laser Saddle For The Mossberg Shockwave

Effective and unassuming, the Crimson Trace Laser Saddle ups the accuracy potential of the Mossberg 590 Shockwave.

SHOT Show 2019: The Advantage Of The Vertx Dead Letter Sling...

Efficient and effective, the Vertx Dead Letter sling bag make off-the-body carry much more feasible.
Aguila 5mm RRMvideo

SHOT Show 2019: Aguila Ammunition’s Limited Run Of 5mm RRM

Back for a limited time, Aguila Ammunition's run of 5mm RRM should get the rimfire's fans' collective hearts thumping.
CZ P-10video

SHOT Show 2019: CZ Expands The P-10 Series

Introducing full-sized and sub-compact P-10 models, CZ offers a full-catalog of striker-fireds to shooters.

SHOT Show 2019: MagnetoSpeed Shedding New Light On Target Shooting

Introducing reactive light hit indicators at the 2019 SHOT Show, Magnetospeed adds a new twist to plain old target shooting.

SHOT Show 2019: New Gun Cleaning Products From Clenzoil

Cleaning and lubricating your firearms in one felled swoop, Clenzoil streamlines your gun cleaning process.

Day Two SHOT Show Wrap Up: Diamonds In The Rough

Check out the new gun gear and optics we mined out of the SHOT Show underground.

SHOT Show 2019: Day One Wrap Up

Get a look at the new must-have guns, optics, ammo and targets unveiled at SHOT Show 2019.

Welcome To The 2019 SHOT Show: The Underground

Check out the world's largest gun, ammo and gear exhibition. Shot Show 2019 is just getting underway and there's a lot to see.

Video: Choosing A Big-Bore Revolver Holster

When it comes to a big-bore revolver holster, choosing the right one depends on how you hunt. Choosing a holster, for a gun owner, there...

Video: Timing Your Shots For Wingshooting Success

Don't rush! Taking your time to set up your shot when on the hunt will lead to more birds in the bag.