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Video: Last-Ditch Defensive Gun Takeaway

Far from a first-line technique, a properly executed defensive gun takeaway is potentially a lifesaver.

Video: Embracing The Red Dot Advantage

There's a reason why you need a fast-acquisition optic on your carbine.

Video: Properly Shooting From Behind Cover Or Concealment

There's more to using cover and concealment than just getting behind one.

Video: Learning To Shoot On The Move

Though not difficult, mastering shooting on the move is a matter of learning to walk all over again.

Video: Game Planning For Competitive Shooting Success

A little forethought on a stage goes a long ways toward success in a competitive shooting match.

Video: Successfully Reading A Sporting Clays Station

Champion shooter Cory Kruse's tips for sporting clays success. Tactics for finding your break zone and game planning a station for greater sporting clays success.

Video: How To Shoot Steel Targets Safely

It's not simply a mount-and-shoot affair, steel targets take special consideration.

Video: Picking The Perfect Over/Under Shotgun

Hunting down a world-class over/under shotgun? It all comes down to fit.

Video: Lucas Oil Kicks Gun Maintenance Into High Gear

Lucas Oil helps shooters find an extra gear when it comes to gun maintenance with a full suite of gun solvents, oils and cleaning products.

Video: Up Close With The Colt Combat Elite Family

Reintroduced in three sizes, the Colt Combat Elite is striking as ever.

Video: The Extreme Adaptability Of The Agile Gun Safe

Completely customizable to any mixture of firearms and any size gun collection, the Agile Gun Safe might be the ultimate in gun storage systems.

Video: The Advantages Of Forward Cocking Serrations

It might seem small, but where cocking serrations are located on a pistol's slide can make a big difference in how quickly you can get it loaded and back in action.

Video: Is A Full-Sized Pistol The Best Training Option?

Full-sized pistols have a distinct advantage for training, particularly for beginning shooters.

Video: Determining Hold Point In Sporting Clays

Determining your hold point at a sporting clays station get you in the position for success.

Video: The Exquisite New Mark IV By Turnbull

A thing of beauty, Turnbull's custom ROCS Mark IV is set to turn heads on and off the range.

Video: Training Your Field of View

In handgun training, learning to maximize your field of view is as key as proper trigger discipline. After all, you can't hit what you can't see.