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Video: Properly Scanning For Danger

It's scanning, not head bobbing. Tune-up your situational awareness or pay the price.

Video: Shooting Stance And Self-Defense

Is there a proper handgun shooting stance when it comes to self-defense?

Video: Pros And Cons Of Different Carry Positions

There are pros and cons to every carry position, knowing them ahead of time will help you figure out what is best for you.

Video: Perfecting A Proper Handgun Grip

Among the most important fundamentals, a proper handgun grip ensures you'll put rounds on target.

Video: Concealed Carry Guns For Women

Check out what on the market when it comes to light and compact carry guns for women.

Video: Walther’s Competition-Ready Q5 Match Series Pistols

Engineered as top-line race guns, the Walther Q5 Match series is long on features and performance.

Video: Effectively Drawing Your Firearm

Drawing your firearm becomes a simple procedure if you break it down into its individual movements.

Video: Clearing Pistol Malfunctions And Stoppages On The Fly

Addressing pistol malfunctions and stoppages on the fly is a must if you want to keep your gun in the fight.

Video: The Advantage Of Shooting From The Kneeling Position

Learning to shoot from a kneeling position is an import skill for self-defense and gives you a marked advantage.

Video: Effectively Shooting From Cover Or Concealment

Shooting from cover and concealment can give you a marked advantage in a self-defense situation if you know how to use them properly.

Video: What Are Your Suppressor Options?

Find out what makes and models of suppressors are out there and what will best serve your needs.

Video: Challenging Your Handgun Skills With The Shadowland Drill

Richard Mann’s Shadowland Drill sharpens important handgun skills in a single course of fire

Video: Choosing The Right Concealed Carry Pistol

Take these three basic elements into consideration and you'll go a long way in figuring out the best concealed carry pistol for you.

Video: Perfecting The Failure Drill For Self-Defense

Developed by Col. Jeff Cooper, the failure drill prepares you for defensive shooting situations where a center mass shot doesn't do the job.

Video: What The Smith & Wesson M&P Shield Has To Offer

Compact and decked out, the M&P Shield remains a top choice for concealed carry.

Video: Pro Series Model 986 Puts A Different Spin On The...

Built for top performance, the S&W Model 986 put a different spin on the 9mm handgun.