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Video: Hands-On Look At The Springfield 911

With a .380 ACP pistol, downright pleasurable to shoot and small rarely appear in the same sentence. But Springfield Armory has hit the sweet spot with the new 911.

Video: Phil Massaro On The New .224 Valkyrie

The Gun Digest author and custom ammo manufacturer put the red-hot .224 Valkyrie through its paces.

Video: The PepperBall Non-Lethal Weapon System

The PepperBall is a non-lethal weapon designed to incapacitate would-be attackers with a stinging projectile filled with a concentrated powder irritant.

Video: Silent Legion Suppressors

Along with turning to some of the most cutting-edge materials, such as titanium and Inconel, Silent Legion suppressors are designed to perform over a vast spectrum of calibers and firearms.

Video: Boyds Adjustable At-One Stock For Shotguns

With the Boyds At-One Stock, a custom-shotgun fit is in reach of almost every shooter.

Modern Shooter: On Safari At The FTW Ranch

Modern Shooter goes on safari to the premier dangerous game shooting school, Texas' FTW Ranch.

Video: The New Honda Pioneer 1000LE

Gun Digest editor Luke Hartle takes a look at what the Honda Pioneer 1000LE brings to the table for shooters and outdoorsmen.

Video: Determining Your Natural Point Of Aim

Developing your natural point of aim is key in placing shots accurately and consistently with your handgun. And it only takes a few steps to perfect.

Video: Federal Premium Now Offering Bullets For Reloading

Federal Premium has released bullets from its Trophy Bonded Tip and Syntech lines as individual reloading components.

Video: Understanding Barrel Twist Rate

Gun Digest Contributor Phil Massaro takes us through the basics of understanding barrel twist rate.

Video: New Innovative NovX Ammunition

NovX Ammunition is shooting for a hard-hitting, lighter round by utilizing cutting edge materials.

Video: What Is A Ballistic Coefficient?

What is ballistic coefficient and why does it matter?

Video: World’s Smallest Rifle — SIG Sauer’s MCX Rattler

SIG Sauer's new MCX Rattler is being described as the world's smallest rifle, and it packs a lot of firepower into an incredibly small package.

Video: The Swagger Bipods Advantage

Swagger Bipods has re-envisioned how bipods are used, engineering a highly versatile shooting system designed to tackle real-life situations in the field.

Video: New Lineup of CZ-USA Pistols

Take a gander at the new CZ-USA pistols hitting the market this year, including the gunmaker’s heralded new striker-fired P-10.

Video: The Short and Stout Remington 870 Tac-14

The Remington 870 Tac-14 arms shooters with a maneuverable and wicked smoothbore without any of the headache of complying with the NFA.