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Turkey Tames The 10mm: Tisas D10 Review

In this review, the author takes a closer look at the Tisas D10, a 10mm Auto 1911 pistol imported out of Turkey.

SIG P365 Rose Review: The Pistol’s Petals And Thorns

In this review, the author takes a closer look at the SIG P365-380 Rose and everything that comes with it.

Big-Block Glock: The Guncrafter Industries .50 GI Conversion

If you want your Glock to have momentum en masse, look no further than the Guncrafter Industries .50 GI conversion.
Hellcat RDP

Best Concealed Carry Handguns For Women (2023)

Thirty-two women rank seven subcompact for the best choices in concealed carry handguns for women. Find out what are the top seven choices!

The Unfortunate Saga Of The Steyr GB

Sometimes even good guns get lost in the shuffle, and this is the unfortunate saga of how it happened to the Steyr GB.
Glock 48 MOS review feature

Glock 48 MOS Review: The Goldilocks Glock?

Some Glocks are big and some are small, but the Glock 48 MOS may be just right.
Shadow Systems DR920 review feature

Shadow Systems DR920 P And L Review: Full-Size Fun From The Factory 

A closer look at Shadow Systems’ DR920 pistol series, including both the DR920P and DR920L.

Smith & Wesson EQUALIZER Review: Crafted For Carry

In this Smith & Wesson EQUALIZER review, the author takes a closer look at the company’s newest micro-9 carry pistol.

20 Best Concealed Carry Guns In 2023 (Updated!)

Looking to go armed, but are stuck in the weeds as to what to arm yourself with? Here are 20 excellent concealed carry gun options that will keep you on the defensive.
Armscor STK100 review feature

Armscor STK100 Review: Rock Island Rocks

There are a lot of Glock-like 9mm pistols out there, but among them, the all-metal Armscor STK100 stands out as something different.
Korth Carry Special feature

Korth Carry Special Review: Revolver Royalty

For those who only trust their lives to the best, here’s a closer look at the 2.75-inch Korth Carry Special.

High-Rolling Heaters: From Bergara To Manurhin

If you have money to burn, there are some fine quality heaters out there you can spend it on. Here we take a look at a few models from Bergara, Manurhin and more.

Pass The Turkey: Canik 9mm Handgun Line Review

A review of the Turkish company Canik’s line of inexpensive and exceptional 9mm pistols.
Infinity Classic feature

Custom Is As Custom Does: Infinity Single Stack Review

This custom single stack Infinity 1911 in .40 S&W helps prove that one-of-a-kind never goes out of style.

One Double-Ought Six: Smith & Wesson 1006 Review

An in-depth look at the mighty Smith & Wesson 1006 in 10mm Auto.

Shadow Systems CR920 Review

In this Shadow Systems CR920 review, the author shines a light on the company’s 9mm compact concealed carry pistol.


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