Sig P6 feature

Collectible But Usable: Sig P6 Review

The author reviews a West German LE surplus Sig P6, a handgun that’s remained practical while becoming collectible.
Kimber Aegis Vs Springfield Ronin review feature

Compact 1911 Review: Kimber Aegis Elite Ultra Vs. Springfield Armory Ronin

The author pits the Kimber Aegis Elite Ultra against the Springfield Armory Ronin to find the superior 3-inch 1911.

Gems Of The Mediterranean

A look at some of the best firearms hardware this sun-soaked corner of the world has to offer.

PSA Dagger Review: Does The Full-Size S Cut It In The Nightstand?

The author hits the range with a customized full-size PSA Dagger to see how it fares as a home defense pistol.

Kimber KDS9C Review: A Modernized 1911

The author hits the range with the Kimber KDS9C, a modern take on the classic 1911.

Review: Springfield Prodigy DS Full-Size & Commander

The author reviews Springfield Armory’s 2011-style handgun line, including both the Springfield Prodigy 4.25-inch and the 5-inch model.

The Big X: Reviewing Smith & Wesson’s X-Frame Line

The author takes a look at Smith & Wesson’s X-Frame revolver line, including the new .350 Legend model.

Mr. Whitetail Reviews The Taurus Raging Hunter

A review of the Taurus Raging Hunter by Larry “Mr. Whitetail” Weishuhn.
Shadow Systems XR920 review feature

Shadow Systems XR920 And MR920L Review 

The author takes a closer look at the XR920 and MR902L, two crossover-size 9mm pistols from Shadow Systems.

More Turkey: SDS Imports PX-9 Review

The author takes a look at SDS Imports' Gen 2 and 3 PX-9 and tells you why your shooting diet could use more Turkey.
Springfield Echelon feature

Springfield Armory Echelon: The New Best Duty Pistol?

The new Springfield Echelon duty pistol may seem unassuming on the surface, but it has some interesting tricks up its sleeve.

Beretta 80X Cheetah Review: Good Kitty Or Damn Pity?

Beretta's new 80X Cheetah proved to be a supremely shootable pistol, but the author's had an issue that may make you reconsider carrying one.
Springfield Prodigy DS 1911 feature

Prodigious Pistola: Springfield Prodigy DS Review

Double-stack, 9mm and based on Browning’s classic design, the Springfield Prodigy DS ups the ante in the 1911 game.
G43X G48 1

10 Best Single-Stack 9mm Pistol Options For Concealed Carry (2023)

Single stack 9mm semi-autos are ideal for personal defense, and here’s a look at some of the best offerings in the class.

Arex Delta M Gen 2 Tactical Review: From Slovenia With Love

The author takes a closer look at the Arex Delta M Gen 2 Tactical, a promising polymer pistol from Slovenia.