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Modern Shooter: Training In Split-Second Decision Making

Learn how to make the correct split-second self-defense decision this week on Modern Shooter.

Modern Shooter: Training At Sig Sauer Academy

Modern Shooter visits Sig Sauer Academy, one of the nation's finest firearms training facilities.

Modern Shooter: Becoming A Tactical Athlete

The Modern Shooter team checks out the dedication to the craft and work required to take your shooting to the top of its game.

Modern Shooter: The Proper Defensive Handgun Grip

From pistols to rifles, it's all about positioning and working to get a grip on this week's episode of Modern Shooter.

Modern Shooter: Behind The Scenes At Turnbull Restoration

Get a look how Turnbull Restoration and Manufacturing breathes new life into a classic gun.

Modern Shooter: At H&H Precision Rifles’ Shooting School

The Modern Shooter team discovers H&H Precision's shooting school is not summer camp — it's even better.

Modern Shooter: On Safari At The FTW Ranch

Modern Shooter goes on safari to the premier dangerous game shooting school, Texas' FTW Ranch.

Modern Shooter: Double Eagle Tactical Training

Modern Shooter heads to New York with Double Eagle Tactical Training. Double Eagle specializes in real-world training for concealed carry holders and prepares them for worst case scenarios

Modern Shooter: At The Range With H&H Precision Rifles

Modern Shooter got a seat (or range lane) in this year’s H&H Precision Rifle's shooting class and discovered first hand what these instruments are capable of, which is plenty.

Inside Look: Colt Combat Unit

The Colt Combat Unit comprises of three individuals with loads of military and training experience and advises Colt on product development and production.

Best of Both Worlds: H&H Precision Rifle Review

H&H Precision Rifles proves that a long-range tactical rifle can pull double duty in the competition and hunting worlds.

Minimalist Masterpiece: Colt Wiley Clapp Stainless Commander

Elegant yet functional, the new Colt Wiley Clapp Stainless Commander is everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Inside the Colt Custom Shop

The Colt Custom Shop has always been copied, but never equaled.

AR-15 Review: Colt Expanse M4

The Colt Expanse M4 is priced affordably and comes ready-made for customization.

Modern Shooter TV Full Episode: Colt Folds of Honor

Modern Shooter takes a look at how Colt is supporting the Folds of Honor Foundation, plus the new Colt Competition and Colt Combat Unit pistols.
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Modern Shooter TV: Going the Distance with H&H Precision’s Rifles

Modern Shooter TV travels to Oregon to take a look at one of today's most respected precision rifle makers.

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