Video: Effectively Engaging Multiple Targets

Video: Effectively Engaging Multiple Targets

Given perpetrators tend to travel in packs, learning to engage multiple targets effectively and efficiently is a key self-defense skill.

Despite the fact we often train with a single target when we go to the range or run drills, most self-defense situations aren’t going to be mono y mono. If you hear footsteps approaching you in a dimly lighted parking garage, in all likelihood there’ll be two or more sets. In turn, if you value your life, you’d better get squared away effectively engaging multiple targets.

Jamey Caldwell, an instructor at 1-Minute Out and former special operator, breaks down the tactics to successfully get hits on multiple targets. It’s a challenging chore, even though Caldwell makes it appear simple.
The hangup, more than anything, is transitioning smoothly between targets—not the easiest task with adrenaline pumping and only seconds to react. However, there are three points worth keeping in mind when drilling effective and efficient target transition:

  • Let your lower body lead the way
  • Keep your upper body relaxed
  • Keep your eyes on the target

Let’s break this down briefly.

When it comes to moving target to target, you’re legs and hips should do a majority of the work. Larger muscle groups, using these parts of the body requires less effort while providing more stability in the transitions. As for the upper body, getting tense makes for much jerkier movements. Keeping your arms and shoulders relaxed relieves the rigidity and creates a much smoother movement to the next target. Finally, getting your eyes on the target helps you move your gun in position. Certainly, you’ll still utilize your red dot or front sight, however, you’ll slow yourself down and struggle with getting on target focusing on them in transitions.

Overall, Caldwell gives very sound advice. Of course, you’ve got to do your part. Don’t just listen and nod in agreement at his instruction. Apply it to your training and push to make engaging multiple targets second nature.

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