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38 long colt feature

Ammo Brief: .38 Short & Long Colt

A quick look at two classic revolver cartridges, .38 Short Colt and .38 Long Colt.
big-bore ar-15 feature

Battle Of The Big-Bore AR-15s

When too much still isn’t enough, it may be time to consider a big-bore AR-15.
408 CheyTac feature

Everything You Need To Know About .408 CheyTac

The author takes a look at the ultra-powerful .408 CheyTac and compares it against other anti-materiel cartridges like .50 BMG.
30-378 Weatherby feature

Ammo Brief: .30-378 Weatherby Magnum

A quick look at the .30-378 Weatherby Magnum, a lightweight long-ranger.
mann load feature

The Mann Load: A New Meaning To Having A Bullet With Your Name On...

A look at the Doubletap Ammunition Mann load, an excellent defensive .45 Auto load bearing the author’s name.
50-caliber rifle feature

So, You Want A .50-Caliber Rifle?

Some shooters love lots of recoil and big slugs, if that’s you, it may be time to get a .50-caliber rifle.
cost of reloading components feature

Reloading: The Cost Of Components

The cost of reloading components just took a significant uptick, is bullet building still worth it?
300 BLK

Ammo Brief: .300 AAC Blackout

A quick look at .300 AAC Blackout, the king of .30-caliber AR cartridges.
41 Remington Magnum feature steinel

The .41 Magnum: Is The Middle Magnum Still Relevant? 

The .41 Magnum... does the "Mama Bear" magnum still have a place today?
overpenetration feature

Defensive Shooting Indoors: The Overpenetration Problem

The author discusses how to select the best defensive bullets for mitigating the risk of overpenetration inside structures.
9mm major feature

Ammo Brief: 9mm Major

A quick look at 9mm Major, the slightly bigger older brother of the 9mm Luger.
22 wmr vs 22 lr

.22 WMR Vs .22 LR: Application Defines This Rimfire Rumble

In the .22 WMR vs .22LR debate, it’s difficult to claim the rimfire king has been dethroned. The .22LR remains the top choice for all but a few niche applications.
30 remington ar

Ammo Brief: .30 Remington AR

A quick look at .30 Remington AR, a cartridge designed for big-game hunting with an AR-15. The .30 Remington AR was designed by Remington as...
reloading data feature

The Importance Of Recording Your Reloading Data

Whether in an Excel spreadsheet or in a notebook, recording your reloading data is invaluable.
Underwood’s 140-grain Xtreme Penetrator load ranked very high as tested in the Glock 40 MOS. The load uses the Lehigh Defense bullet and penetrates like an anti-aircraft shell. It’s carried by many Alaskans for bear encounters.

Ultimate Guide: 10mm Ammo for Self-Defense, Hunting, and Training

What 10mm ammo has you covered for self-defense and hunting?