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Buffalo Bore 9

Behind The Brass At Buffalo Bore Ammunition

Buffalo Bore is known for its seriously bad-ass ammunition and Tim Sundles is the man who made it come to fruition.
280 AI 5

.280 Ackley Improved: A Celebrated History

The sharp-shouldered .280 Ackley Improved came from humble beginnings, but has more than earned its place among the all-time great hunting cartridges.
New Shotgun Loads from front to back: Winchester Double X 3-inch .410 Turkey Load; Winchester AA Diamond Grade Elite Trap; Browning Wicked Blend; Federal/NRA 2¾-inch Buckshot Load; Federal 3-inch Heavyweight TSS 12-Gauge.

5 Best New Shotgun Loads (2021)

Despite ammo being thin, manufacturers are tuning out new offerings this year. Here are 5 of the best shotgun loads for 2021.
You have to get to know your rimfire firearm in order to extract maximum accuracy out of it. Some are easy-going, and some will sulk.

Rimfire Barrel Conditioning For Supreme Accuracy

Conditioning a rimfire barrel? Pish if your aim is perforating tin cans. But if maximum accuracy is your goal you'd better listen up. What You...
When looking for penetration from a .22-caliber bullet, think speed. CCI's Stinger and Velocitor rounds are designed with velocity in mind.

Rimfires For Self-Defense … Does It Make Sense?

Rimfires for self-defense might be met by a chorus of clucking tongues, but when lives are on the line, 'small' is better than nothing at all.
Core-Lokt Tipped feature

Remington Launches Core-Lokt Tipped Bullets As Hunting Season Approaches

As many Americans prepare to fill their freezers during the upcoming hunting season, Remington just made the job easier with their new Core-Lokt Tipped bullets.
Norinco ban feature

The ’94 Norinco Ban: Backdoor Gun Control Is Nothing New

Following the recent Russian ammo ban, let’s look back at how a similar situation in the early 1990s led to smuggling, sting operations and the end of Norinco in the United States.
Winchester’s .17 Super Magnum is a high- velocity rimfire cartridge that’ll deliver voluminous but moderately shallow wound cavities.

Rimfire Ammo: Evaluating Terminal Performance

Not all rimfire ammo is created equal. We test and evaluate .22 LR, .22 Magnum, .17 HMR and .17 Winchester Super Mag factory ammunition so you can pick the right load for your needs.
Russian ammo feature

The End Of An Era: The Russian Ammo Ban And Its Consequences

A long-feared nightmare of American firearm owners just became a reality, what does this ban on Russian ammo mean for us in the long run?
True Velocity 308 Feature

True Velocity Composite-Cased Ammo Now Available

The future of ammo is here, True Velocity’s composite-cased .308 Winchester is available now with more calibers to come.
With its bonded core and sleek profile, the .277-inch-diameter 165-grain Nosler AccuBond bullet will retain its velocity downrange and its weight after impact.

6.8 Western Tested: Ammo And Reloading Analysis

As hard-hitting a belted magnums and ballistically talented as the 6.5 crowd, the 6.8 Western is a show stopper in the field.
25 acp feat

.25 ACP: The Best Cartridge For Really Little Guns

Many are quick to dismiss .25 ACP as a defensive cartridge, but sometimes concealability and reliability are more important than stopping power.
325 WSM Web

Ammo Brief: Small And Mighty .325 WSM

Flat shooting and hard-hitting, the .325 WSM is the small cartridge zeroed in to tackle big game.
A five-shot group from handloaded .270 ammo. While it measures 1.4 MOA and might not be inspiring, it’ll suffice for nearly all hunting situations.

Reloading Ammo: What’s Acceptable Hunting Accuracy?

Certainly, reloading components and rifles have vastly improved over the years, hunting accuracy remains a fairly forgiving game.
Ammo Shortage 11

Ammo Shortage: What You Can Do About It

The recent and lingering ammo shortage has hurt. Here's how to keep shooting, even when supplies are down.
True Velocity feature

First Look: True Velocity Box Set

The future of ammunition pioneered for the Army’s Next Generation Squad Weapons Program is available commercially for the first time with this True Velocity commemorative box set.


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