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Best .50 BMG Ammo: Feeding The Big Dog 

Whether you’ve just bought yourself a .50-cal. rifle or are considering getting one, here's the best .50 BMG ammo on the market.

8.6 Blackout: Is Q’s New Cartridge All Hype And No Substance? 

8.6 Blackout from Q is the new cartridge on the block, but what does it really bring to the table?

Carry Calibers: .40 S&W Vs. .45 ACP Vs. 9mm

In the eternal debate of .40 S&W Vs. .45 ACP Vs. 9mm, which cartridge reigns supreme for concealed carry and self-defense?

A Look At 7mm PRC: The New Hornady Precision Rifle Cartridge

Hornady’s 7mm PRC, or Precision Rifle Cartridge, is being advertised as a 21st Century 7mm magnum, but what exactly does it bring to the table?

Rigby The Revolutionary

Rigby cartridges remain undeniably classic chamberings for any generation or pursuit.

Legal Thoughts On Rimfires For Self-Defense

Rimfires for self-defense can work, but they have certain limitations and you need to have a plan.
Browning Silver Series feat

First Look: Browning Silver Series Ammunition

Browning Ammunition has just launched the new Silver Series, featuring ten calibers of rifle ammo designed for deer and big game hunters.
270 Winchester Ammo feature

.270 Winchester Ammo: A Buyer’s Guide

There’s a wide variety of .270 Winchester ammo out there, contributing to the cartridge’s reputation for versatility, but it’s only useful if you know how to pick the right load.

Hornady Expands Ammunition Lines For 2023

Hornady has just announced several new and expanded ammunition lines for 2023, ranging from 7.62x39mm subsonics to the company’s new 7mm PRC cartridge.

.22-250 Vs .223: Is Extra Velocity Worth Extra Money?

The debate between .22-250 versus .223 Remington boils down to velocity and price. Do your shooting needs justify the increased cost?

Picking The Right 12-Gauge Ammo

Whether for home defense or hunting, a 12-gauge shotgun is most effective when paired with the right load of 12-gauge ammo.

.22-250 Ammo: 7 Top Loads For Any Purpose

.22-250 ammo can be extremely versatile with the right load and rifle, capable of excelling at long-range tasks from varmint control to sport shooting.

A Medical Perspective On Ammunition And Lethality

A look at a medical expert’s perspective on ammunition and lethality in relation to bullet caliber, weight, velocity and projectile type.

.44 Special Vs. .44 Magnum: Is .44 Spl Good For Anything? 

.44-caliber revolvers can be excellent at everything from defense to hunting to sport shooting, but between .44 Special versus .44 Magnum, which is best for each task?

.50 Beowulf Ammo: From Hunting To Home Defense

Whether your gun is for hunting, home defense or something else, prudent .50 Beowulf ammo selection is the key to unlocking this cartridge’s maximum performance.

Winchester Releases 300 Blackout Power-Point Ammunition

Winchester has just added 300 Blackout to its Power-Point ammunition line, featuring a 150-grain expanding projectile.


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