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The technology going into steel shot designed for waterfowl has come a long way since it was first mandated in the late ‘80s.
In its second century of use, the .22 LR proved to have the staying power many of its close relatives lacked.
Whether for long-range shooting or hunting, the .308 Winchester comes into its own when handloaded.
While other makes and models have come and gone, Glock 10mm pistols have been stalwarts for caliber from nearly the start.
When it comes to the 10mm vs .45 ACP, application decides the winner.
Learn everything you ever wanted to know about the ballistically talented 6.5 Creedmoor with the most popular articles about the cartridge on Gun Digest.
TSS (tungsten super shot) is dynamite on turkeys, but how does it potentially perform on bad guys?
What 10mm ammo has you covered for self-defense and hunting?
Do you want more consistent handloads? Then develop a consistent cleaning regimen for your reloading equipment.
Historic tests present contradictory results, so how do you go about figuring out what defensive handgun and ammo you should choose?
Learn to sweat the small stuff when reloading ammunition and you’ll be rewarded with improved accuracy.
Are the new TSS shotgun shells all they're made out to be? Can it be used for home defense?
The FBI’s brief dalliance with 10mm handguns led to the development of the .40 Smith & Wesson cartridge, and experts are still divided on the question of the 10mm’s application for law enforcement.
Modern-day shotgun slugs have had their own evolution and history, and as you may suspect, they’re not all created equal.
It's difficult to define where regular cartridges end and magnums begin.
Here are the top new bullet and ammunition breakthroughs helping redefine accuracy.



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