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The Joys Of Reloading .300 Win. Mag.

Despite its old-school design, there are still plenty of good reasons to keep reloading .300 Win. Mag.

Four Versatile Handgun Loads To Have

If you keep these four handgun loads stocked for your self-defense pistol, your sidearm can be a much more versatile tool.

The Forgotten 6.5mm: .25-06 Remington

A look back at .25-06 Remington, a one-time Goldilocks medium-bore cartridge that could do just about anything.

Testing The Henry Model X In .360 Buckhammer

A review of the new .360 Buckhammer chambering and the Henry Model X lever-action rifle.
chamber concentricity feature

Using Chamber Concentricity To Fit Ammo To Your Rifle

Leave that shoulder alone! Here’s how to fit ammo to your rifle using chamber concentricity.

The 8-Gauge Shotgun: Forgotten Fowler

While the 8-gauge shotgun is obsolete and illegal for hunting, it still serves a purpose today.

The .257 Weatherby Magnum: Long-Range Hunters’ Darling

The author takes a closer look at .257 Weatherby Magnum, a darling of long-range hunters everywhere and the favorite cartridge of the man who invented it.

First Look: Winchester XPERT .22 LR Ammo

Winchester Ammunition has just announced the XPERT line of rimfire ammo, starting with a 42-grain hollow point .22 LR load.

.257 Roberts: Is It Time To Bury Ol' Bob?

Performance-wise, .257 Roberts can keep up with the best of them, so why is this cartridge so overlooked?

Revolver Gear: The HKS Speedloader

If you carry a defensive revolver, you’re going to want an HKS speedloader.

Ammo Brief: 9mm Steyr

A quick look at 9mm Steyr, the standard cartridge for the Austrian Steyr Model 1912 military pistol.
22 Mag Horn CD

Top .22 Magnum Ammo Options For All Applications (2023)

The world is awash with excellent .22 Magnum ammo. Here are some of the top choices that bring out the best in the mini magnum.

Ammo Brief: .270 Weatherby Magnum

Flat trajectory, excellent long-range accuracy and mitigated felt recoil define the .270 Weatherby Magnum.

Rimfire Vs. Centerfire: What's The Difference? 

If you don’t understand the difference between rimfire vs. centerfire cartridges, this article should make things clear.

Why You Need A Chronograph

If you want to crunch the numbers to check if your handload’s velocity expectations match reality, you’re going to need a chronograph.