Here are five classic European bolt-action rifles that are definitely worth owning and will more than get you on target.
What is ballistic coefficient and why does it matter?
America has created some truly great bolt-action rifles over the years that have done everything from win wars to put meat on the table.
They won’t guarantee you bag a trophy this hunting season, but they’ll have you ready if the opportunity presents itself.
Not all barrel bedding is equal. There is a lot with regard to bedding dynamics that can either increase or decrease a rifle's accuracy.
Gunwerks’ RevX in 7mm Rem. Mag. proves that it’s fully capable of delivering 1,000-yard performance out of the box.
Savage is again taking aim at precision shooters with the Model 10 GRS, a moderately priced rifle, long on features.
Christensen Arms has expanded its bolt-action rifle collection to include the Mesa Long Range, a little number tailored for precision work both at the range and in the field.
When facing the most dangerous game animals on the face of the Earth, you don't want a bullet that goes to pieces when it matters most.



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