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Ruger American Gen II predator feature

First Look: Ruger American Generation II Rifles

We check out the new Ruger American Generation II family of bolt-action rifles, featuring 47 configurations in 20 calibers.
Savage Arms 110 Trail Hunter Lite feature

First Look: Savage Arms 110 Trail Hunter Lite

We take a peek at the Savage Arms 110 Trail Hunter Lite, a new lighter weight version of the proven bolt-action rifle.
taurus expedition feature

Taurus Releases Expedition Bolt-Action Rifle

Taurus has just released the Expedition hunting rifle in .308 Winchester, the company’s first bolt-action.
rifle action feature bolt

Understanding Different Rifle Actions

We discuss the pros and cons of various rifle actions to better understand their strengths and their limitations.
Stag Pursuit Bolt Action on bench

Stag Pursuit Bolt Action Review: Hunting For The Next Level

Decked out with premium components, the Pursuit ups the game for hunting rifles.
Maximizing Rifle Accuracy feature level

A Tale Of Two Rifles: Maximizing Rifle Accuracy

We take a look at how to tweak your rifle to maximize its potential for accuracy.
aero precision solus review feature

Aero Precision Solus Hunter Review: The Hunting Rifle Perfected?

The Aero Precision Solus Hunter bolt-action rifle revels in precision for the field or range.
big-bore ar-15 feature

Battle Of The Big-Bore AR-15s

When too much still isn’t enough, it may be time to consider a big-bore AR-15.
50-caliber rifle feature

So, You Want A .50-Caliber Rifle?

Some shooters love lots of recoil and big slugs, if that’s you, it may be time to get a .50-caliber rifle.
chrome-lined barrels feat

Behind The Shine Of Chrome-Lined Barrels

Chrome-lined barrels may glitter, but are they gold? The author weighs their pros and cons to measure their utility.
suppressed hunting rifle feature

Should You Suppress Your Hunting Rifle?

Suppressed hunting rifles can be great, but they’re not ideal for every situation.
Montana Rifle Company feature

Montana Rifle Company Review: Judging The Junction

The author takes a look at the Montana Rifle Company and its American-made Junction rifle.

10 Top Bolt-Action Rifles For Hunting And More (2024)

For hunting or shooting, these bolt-action rifles are at the top of their game.
Double Barrel Shotgun Lead

Best Double-Barrel Shotgun: Affordable Double Edition (2024)

Economical over/unders and side-by-sides ... might as well ask for bargain diamonds. Except for these nine affordable double-barrel shotguns that definitely buck the trend.
Marlin 1895 Dark Series review feature

Back In Black: Marlin 1895 Dark Series Review

The author tests out the Marlin 1895 Dark Series, a .45-70 Gov’t lever-action with a tactical twist.