Bergara BMR at the range

Bergara BMR Review: .22LR Tested

I put the Bergara BMR Carbon to the test to see it cuts muster for entry-level competition rimfires.
Harrington and Richardson PSA XM177E2 feature

Harrington & Richardson XM177E2 Review: The Lion Eats The Pony

The author checks out a Harrington & Richardson XM177E2 clone, one of the excellent retro AR options in PSA’s H&R line.
Montana Rifle Company feature

Montana Rifle Company Review: Judging The Junction

The author takes a look at the Montana Rifle Company and its American-made Junction rifle.
springfield m1903 feature

Classic Gun Review: Springfield M1903 Mark 1

The author reviews the classic Springfield M1903 Mark 1, a historic gem still capable of producing impressive results.
Faxon Firearms FX7 action feature

Building A Precision Rifle With Faxon’s FX7 Action

The author discusses Faxon Firearms' new 700-footprint FX7 action and uses one to build a precision rifle.
Marlin 1895 Dark Series review feature

Back In Black: Marlin 1895 Dark Series Review

The author tests out the Marlin 1895 Dark Series, a .45-70 Gov’t lever-action with a tactical twist.
Trailblazer Pivot review feature

Trailblazer Pivot Review: One Swinging PCC

The author reviews the Trailblazer Pivot, a space-age 9mm PCC with a trick up its sleeve.

The Best Budget Rifle And Scope Combos

A buyer’s guide for the best budget bolt-action rifle and scope combos currently on the market.

The Anschütz 141: A Less-Considered Classic

The Anschütz 141 has upheld a steadfast reputation and a commitment to incredible precision.

Gems Of The Mediterranean

A look at some of the best firearms hardware this sun-soaked corner of the world has to offer.

Testing The Henry Model X In .360 Buckhammer

A review of the new .360 Buckhammer chambering and the Henry Model X lever-action rifle.

On The Range With The Marlin 1894 Classic

The author reviews the reintroduced Marlin 1894 Classic, the return of a lever-gun legend.
tactical lever action rifle feature

Tactical Lever-Action Rifle: Best Of The New Old School

When legislation or preferences steer a shooter away from a semi-auto carbine, it's time to go with Plan B: The tactical Lever-action rifle.

Kimber Mountain Ascent Caza Review: Light Is Right

A lightweight and accurate bolt-action rifle, the author takes a closer look at the Kimber Mountain Ascent Caza.

My Ruger Hawkeye Is A Keeper

The author extols the virtues of his Ruger Hawkeye in .257 Roberts to explain why it has a permanent spot in his collection.