Video: Basics Of Strong-Hand Only Shooting

Video: Basics Of Strong-Hand Only Shooting

The time may come you only have your strong hand to shoot with, best know how to put rounds on target with just one mitt.

Maybe your support hand is injured. Perhaps you’re pushing a loved one back out of trouble. Whatever the case may be, the likelihood exists you might have to fire your defensive pistol with only your strong hand. Better safe than sorry a solid mantra, therefore it’s good to bone up on the fundamental of one-mitt shooting or pay the price when it counts.

Like so many aspects of handgun marksmanship, the fundamentals of strong-hand only shooting are built from the ground up. In this particular case, your stance is especially important, creating the foundation for what otherwise could turn out to be a shaky situation. Isosceles and Weaver stances pretty much go out the door in this with one hand. Instead, you use your strong leg to provide support. Moving into the stance is fairly simple—just step your strong leg toward your target.

A non-traditional sight picture also helps get you on target as well. Canting your pistol in slightly makes up for the fact your pistol is off-axis, plus it helps you squeeze the trigger, as opposed to jerking it.

It goes without saying, none of this is overtly intuitive or natural. In turn, it’s wise to take the time to practice strong-hand only shooting. You never know when you’ll only have the one mitt to get you out of trouble.

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