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Breek-LOK feat

Breek Arms Announces Breek-LOK QD Suppressor Mount System

We take a quick look at Breek Arms’ Breek-LOK, an ultra-lightweight quick-detach suppressor mount system.
retro guns feature

The Old & The Bold: Retro Guns And Their Accessories

We discuss how to adapt the classic guns of yesterday for today’s retro firearms fashion.
stan chen custom 1911 feature

Hardware Talk: Stan Chen Custom 1911 Parts

We take a look at Stan Chen Customs’ excellent aftermarket 1911 thumb safeties.
midwayUSA feature

Behind The Brand: MidwayUSA

We take a quick peek behind the doors of MidwayUSA.
otis m4 sight adjustment tool feature

Hardware Talk: Otis M4 Sight Adjustment Tool

We take a quick look at the M4 Sight Adjustment Tool, or M4SAT, from Otis Technology.
Barranti Leather Summer Classic holster

Appendix Carry & Good Holsters

Mexican carry can work in a pinch, but a good holster is key to practical and comfortable concealed carry of a handgun.
shooting bags feature

Get Steady: A Buyer’s Guide For The Best Shooting Bags

Whether you’re a competitive precision rifle shooter or just need to zero a firearm, a shooting bag is one of the most useful and versatile pieces of kit you can own.
Arrowhead Tactical Apparel ROSE carrier shorts

Arrowhead Tactical Apparel’s ROSE Line For Women

A look at the Arrowhead Tactical Apparel ROSE line of dedicated concealed carry clothing for women.
drum magazine feature AK

Why Drum Magazines Couldn’t Keep The Beat

A look back at drum magazines, their pros and cons and why they’ve fallen out of favor for professional and military use.
gun safe dehumidifier feature snapsafe

Bone Dry: The Best Gun Safe Dehumidifiers

Moisture is your enemy, but these gun safe dehumidifiers will help keep your firearms happy, dry and rust-free.

First Look: B&T Rotex-SF HUB

A quick look at the Rotex-SF, a new suppressor HUB device from B&T.
carry holster feature

Finding The Perfect Concealed Carry Holster

When balancing concealability, accessibility and comfort, how do you find the best concealed carry holster for your needs?
liberty lubrication feature

Gear Review: Liberty Lubricants Cleaning Kits

The author takes a look at the cleaning kit offered by Liberty Lubricants, perfectly sized to throw in a range bag.
Vortex Defender-ST red dot feature

First Look: Vortex Defender-ST Micro Red Dot

Vortex has just announced the Defender-ST, an all-purpose micro red dot designed to work on everything from handguns to shotguns to carbines.
Best Concealed Carry Holsters feature

What Is The Best Concealed Carry Holster? (2024)

Looking to enhance going armed? Here are the best concealed carry holsters around today.