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PLx cantilever mount feature

First Look: Primary Arms PLx Scope Mounts

Designed for professional use, Primary Arms’ new PLx scope mounts are lightweight, durable and capable of sustaining major impacts without shifting zero.
RMT Nomad feature

First Look: RMT Nomad Trigger For AR-15s

RMT has just introduced an innovative new concept with the Nomad trigger for AR-15s, engineered to freely adjust to the shooter’s position.
Tetra AlphaShield 1

Tetra AlphaShield: Armor For Your Eardrums

Doing more than simply protecting your hearing, Tetra AlphaShield also give you an edge in the field amplifying sound.
E series laser feature

Viridian Releases Green E Series Laser For Springfield Hellcat

Viridian has just released a green E Series laser sight for the Springfield Hellcat, providing a new aiming option for this popular CCW pistol.
GG Aurora PRO-side quarter

New Guns And Gear December 2021

Looking for a new iron or piece of kit to enhance the one you already own? Check out these 13 new bits of guns and gear to grow your firearms wish list.
BlackPoint feature

BlackPoint Tactical: Holsters For Any Mission

Designed using the experiences of U.S. Special Forces veterans, BlackPoint Tactical holsters are made for comfortably concealing pistols in any environment.
VZ Grips offers a wide range of grips for most defensive handguns that allow grip replacement. They’re made of G-10, which is a phenomenal grip material.

VZ Grips: Building A Better Handgun Handle

Getting a good handle on your handgun is at the foundation of solid marksmanship. VZ Grips in sures this happens no matter your make and model.
CrossBreed Feature

CrossBreed Goes Purebred With The Kydex Rogue Holster

CrossBreed has just announced the release of the Rogue Holster, the company’s first all-Kydex model, and it’s adjustable, versatile and compatible with several CrossBreed accessories.
PSA Carcanos

Gun Deals: Black Friday And Cyber Monday (2021)

Find the top gun deals and gear sales for Black Friday and Cyber Monday all in on spot!
In 2021, you’ll see more crossover between the tactical precision rifles we normally shoot and hunting. Many of the competitive shooters are using those same rifles to hunt with.

Top Long-Range Shooting Equipment (2021)

Find out what new long-range shooting gear former Marine sniper Frank Galli thinks is worth investing your hard-earned money.
Warcat feature

First Look: Warcat Tactical IWB Holster

The new Warcat Tactical IWB holster has everything you need in a modern CCW holster, with a claw, wedge and optics-ready option right out of the box.

The Little Things: Tools And Accessories To Tip The Odds In Your Favor

Little gadgets can make a big difference when dealing with firearms, so here are some must-have tools and accessories to help make your shooting life a little easier.
Shenandoah feature

Bianchi Releases Convertible Shenandoah Holster

A versatile new holster made for today’s most popular CCW options, the Bianchi Shenandoah blends old and new materials and can be configured for either IWB or OWB carry.
WOOX Cobra

WOOX Expands Their Precision Rifle Stock Line With The Cobra

WOOX precision rifle stocks are known for combining functionality with class, and their new Cobra thumbhole stock is no different.
LevAR feature

The Malfunction-Clearing LevAR Charging Handle From Springfield Armory

Springfield Armory’s new LevAR charging handle doubles as a stuck case extractor, keeping your gun running without any extra tools.
Arrowhead tactical feature

Arrowhead Tactical Apparel: Comfortable Concealed Carry

The concept of “dressing around your gun” is disappearing as companies like Arrowhead Tactical introduce clothing that allows you to carry concealed without sacrificing comfort.


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