Video: Shooting Proficiently With Your Support Hand


You never know when you'll be called upon to shoot with your support hand, so you best understand its finer points.

You could be injured or maybe you have to pie a corner, whatever the circumstance you might find you have to shoot with your support hand. Anyone who’s laid down their John Hancock with the wrong paw knows, anything off-hand is tricky, but doable if you understand the finite points.

In the above video, gun writer and firearms instructor Richard Mann covers the finer points of shooting with your support hand. And like most things shooting, it all starts from the ground up. Your stance is perhaps the most important aspect in presenting your handgun and developing a workable sight picture, though in this case, it’s miles away from a Weaver or isosceles. Instead, your support side foot takes the lead and bears the brunt of your weight.

While on paper, it might sound simple, it takes practice to shoot proficiently with your support hand. But it’s well worth the effort, giving you the ability to defend yourself no matter the circumstances.

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