Video: Pistol Mounted Laser And Light Fundamentals

Video: Pistol Mounted Laser And Light Fundamentals

There’s more to weapons lights and laser sights than slapping one on your pistol.

Unless you never leave your house after the sun goes down, you’ll likely need a system to enhance your defensive capabilities in low-light situations. After all, thugs prefer to work the graveyard shift. In turn, a laser sight and/or a weapons light can prove a wise addition to a defensive handgun.

While the devices seem simple enough on the surface, it takes more than simply attaching one to an accessory rail to reap the benefits. Jamey Caldwell, former special operator and instructor with 1-Minute Out, goes over the fundamentals of both systems in the above video. He uses a Walther PDP pistol and Surefire X400 Ultra—white light, red laser combo—in the example, but much of what he talks about applies to other devices.

More than anything, shooters need to concentrate on the operating system—how they’ll turn it on and off—when they choose one of these devices. The last thing you need is a light or laser that’s inoperable in the heat of battle because it’s difficult to flip on. Furthermore, in the case of lasers, you must ensure it’s properly zeroed at the same distance as your iron sights. As well as, how big the size of the device is overall. Sure, there are do-all systems, but they might not be compatible with your particular style of carry.

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