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Living up to its name, the Versacarry Comfort Flex Deluxe provides an efficient and wearable every-day carry holster.

When talking concealed carry, the proper handgun is what usually comes to mind. What should equally be at the top of mind, a solid concealed carry holster.

Versacarry has been at the cutting edge of creating efficient and forward-looking hangers for nearly every style of concealed carry. The company has stepped it up a notch this year introducing a holster that not only delivers on those points, but takes another important factor into account—comfort. As its name suggests, the Comfort Flex Deluxe dishes up an effective carry system, one that won’t wear on you no matter how long you have your pistol on your hip.

Versacarry accomplishes this by rethinking the hybrid-holster system almost entirely. Yes, the Comfort Flex Deluxe is a hybrid, though it looks miles away from the style of holster. This is because the company has internalized the Kydex scabbard inside a rugged and flexible water-buffalo hide superstructure. Nothing new for Versacarry, but they’ve extended its material know-how a step further by incorporating a closed-cell foam on the backside. More comfortable up against the body, the backing material also creates a barrier against sweat, protecting your gun.

Versacarry Lead

While not a prerequisite for a concealed carry holster, the Versacarry Comfort Flex Deluxe. A shame it has to go under wraps. And it’s available to fit a vast majority of the most popular concealed carry pistols.

With million-dollar looks, the holster comes in at a relatively competitive price. Presently, Versacarry lists the Comfort Flex Deluxe at $45.99, which makes it competitive with a majority of options on the market.

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