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american rifle muzzleloader feature

Long Rifles And Round Balls: History Of The Carper Rifle

We look at the history of the Carper Rifle, a tale that spans over 200 years and five generations.
scout rifle feature mossberg mvp

5 Best Scout Rifles To Seriously Consider For Survival

The scout rifle needs to be short, lightweight, handy and chambered in .308 Win./7.62 NATO — a rifle to do just about anything needed from hunting to self-defense.
ar-15 history feature

America’s Sweetheart: The Radical Evolution Of The AR-15

We discuss the history of the AR-15 and look back at just how radically it’s evolved over 60 years later.
Ruger 1022 Buyers Guide Feature

Best Ruger 10/22: Hunting, Plinking And Beyond

There are many iterations of America’s favorite rimfire, but this buyer’s guide will help you find the best Ruger 10/22 for you.
SW MP Carry Comp feature

First Look: Smith & Wesson M&P Carry Comp Series

Smith & Wesson has just launched the M&P Carry Comp series, featuring three sizes of M&P pistols with integrated compensators.
Combat Handgunnery mistakes feature

Combat Handgunnery: Avoiding Mistakes

We discuss some common mistakes made by armed citizens and the best ways to avoid making them yourself.
best rifle slings feature loop

Top Rifle Slings That Carry Their Weight

A rifle sling is just about the most important accessory you can have, so here we look at 10 of the best available options for carbines and hunting rifles.
Defensive Revolver Ammunition feature

Ammunition For The Defensive Revolver

We discuss cartridge considerations and bullet designs for the contemporary wheelgun carrier.
rcbs chargemaster supreme feature

Reloading Bench: RCBS ChargeMaster Supreme

Looking for a practical addition to your reloading bench? Here we discuss the RCBS ChargeMaster Supreme electronic powder dispenser.
skills and tactics feature

Defensive Handgunning: Skills & Tactics

When it comes to self-defense with a handgun, you need to understand skills, tactics and the differences between the two.
Ruger American Gen II predator feature

First Look: Ruger American Generation II Rifles

We check out the new Ruger American Generation II family of bolt-action rifles, featuring 47 configurations in 20 calibers.
Lyman Cyclone Case Dryer feature

Hardware Talk: Lyman Cyclone Case Dryer

Want to get your muddy brass to shine like new? Here we look at the Lyman Cyclone Case Dryer.
colt saa collecting feature

A Few Dollars Less: Collecting The Colt SAA

We discuss how to avoid getting ripped off in today’s Colt SAA collector market.
Holosun DRS-NV feature

Holosun Launches DRS-NV Night Vision Red Dot Sight

Holosun has just released the highly anticipated DRS-NV, a red dot and night vision fusion rifle optic.

Homicide In America: It’s Not The Guns

When it comes to murder in America, it’s not the guns, it’s not the genetics and it’s not the economics. It’s the dads.