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PSA Carcanos

Gun Deals: Black Friday And Cyber Monday (2021)

Find the top gun deals and gear sales for Black Friday and Cyber Monday all in on spot!
XVision feature

X-Vision Optics’ 10×42 Rangefinding Binoculars

The 10x42 Rangefinding Binoculars from X-Vision Optics offer extreme range-finding accuracy in a package that’s tough enough to take anywhere.
Bullpup lead

Nimble Advantage: Best Bullpup Rifle Options (2021)

Compact and nimble, there are certain advantages in wielding a bullpup rifle. We give you five of the best to take aim at.
CZ 600 feature

First Look: CZ 600 Bolt Action Rifle Series

CZ has recently announced the new CZ 600 bolt action rifle series, the five new models will replace their now discontinued CZ 527 and 557 series.
Jericho feat

An Iron For Space Cowboys: The Jericho 941

One of the most iconic CZ-75 copies out there, the Jericho 941 bridges the gap between old-school style and modern-day function.
762 feat

The King Of Intermediate Cartridges: 7.62x39mm

7.62x39, 7.62 Soviet, M43, this cartridge goes by many names, but regardless of what you call it it’s worth knowing about this prolific intermediate caliber round still used the world over.
Garrison 1911 feat

First Look: Springfield Armory Garrison 1911

Springfield Armory’s new Garrison 1911 is a subtly upgraded classic full-size .45 that’s competitively priced and available in two finishes.
10mm MP

Best Millimeter Is Back: The S&W 10mm M&P 2.0

Smith & Wesson has just unexpectedly released a 10mm M&P 2.0, helping to keep the cartridge relevant and providing a new powerful carry option for those that seek it.
Leaked ATF Doc

If Gun Registries Are Illegal, What’s The ATF Collecting?

Questions arise after leaked documents show ATF collected records on over 54 million gun owners in the last year alone.
Warcat feature

First Look: Warcat Tactical IWB Holster

The new Warcat Tactical IWB holster has everything you need in a modern CCW holster, with a claw, wedge and optics-ready option right out of the box.
Steiner MPS

Steiner Introduces MPS Pistol Red Dot

The new MPS pistol red dot from Steiner Optics features a metal, fully enclosed construction to endure the rigors of combat in any environment.
AKM maadi feature

AKM: The Acme Of AKs

There are many good Kalashnikovs, but being the most-produced rifle variant of all time has its perks. Here’s why the AKM is still the gold standard of the global small arms world over 60 years after its creation.
Samson Mount

First Look: Samson Rapid Precision Mounts

Samson Manufacturing has just released the first of their Rapid Precision Mounts, and it’s lightweight, durable and holds its zero under heavy recoil.
ACSS Apollo

Primary Arms ACSS Apollo .308/6.5GRN Reticle Now Available

Primary Arms’ new reticle, the ACSS Apollo .308/6.5GRN, features an advanced holdover system designed to make shooting out to a thousand yards as easy as can be.

Bushmaster Muta Suppressors: The BM30 And BM556

Bushmaster has announced their entry into the suppressor game with the release of their new Muta BM30 and BM556.

The Little Things: Tools And Accessories To Tip The Odds In Your Favor

Little gadgets can make a big difference when dealing with firearms, so here are some must-have tools and accessories to help make your shooting life a little easier.


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