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SHOT day 2 feature

SHOT Show 2022: Day 2 Roundup

The second day of SHOT Show 2022 has come to a close, so we’re bringing you another quick look at what jumped out at us today.
RRS Ascend Tripods

Long-Range Gear Made In The USA

Some of the best long-range shooting gear, made right here in the USA by companies like TBAC and RRS.
SHOT Show 2022 feature

SHOT Show 2022: Day 1 Roundup

The first day of SHOT Show 2022 is over, so here’s a quick peak at some of its most interesting guns and gear.
SW 30 Super Shield

SHOT Show 2022: Range Day Highlights

A small spread of what we got to play with at the SHOT Show 2022 Industry Day At The Range.
MCX-Spear feature

Sig Sauer Launches Commercial Variant Of NGSW MCX-Spear

Sig’s entry into the U.S. Army’s Next Generation Squad Weapon Program, the MCX-Spear, is now available on the commercial market.
Springfield Hellion feature

VHS-2 Bullpup Rifle Imported For First Time As Springfield Hellion

The Croatian VHS-2 bullpup rifle is now available on the U.S. commercial market for the first time as the Springfield Hellion.
Best Body Armor Feature

Pick The Best Plate Carrier: Complete Buyer’s Guide

Determining the best plate carrier setup for you can be challenging and expensive, but is an obtainable extra level of protection that’s within your reach if you know what you’re doing.
Sightron S6 5-30×56 ED

First Look: Sightron S6 5-30×56 ED Premium Riflescope Line

Sightron has just announced the new S6 5-30x56 ED line of premium riflescopes, available as both FFP and SFP models.
Creedmoor Enhanced Press Head feature

Creedmoor Sports Releases Creedmoor Enhanced Press Head

Compatible with the Redding T-7 turret press, the new Creedmoor Enhanced Press Head upgrades the system’s precision, ease of use and longevity.
30 Super Carry feature

Federal Ammunition Introduces 30 Super Carry

Federal has decided to shake up the concealed carry market with the introduction of a brand-new cartridge: 30 Super Carry.
Primary Arms Discovery 2022

Primary Arms Reveals Upcoming Optics With Discovery 2022

Primary Arms’ New Discover 2022 web page is showing off all the company’s new optics they have planned for the new year, including scopes, mounts and electronic sights.
Birdshead Wrangler feature

First Look: Ruger Birdshead-Style Wrangler Revolvers

Ruger has just announced the addition of three new Birdshead-Style Wranglers to their popular line of rimfire revolvers.
The Southpaw Setup

Blade-Tech And Other Companies Aid In Shooting Off Hand

Learning to shoot left-handed, and CCW gear for southpaws from Blade-Tech and K Rounds.
Colt Python feature

The Return Of The Short-Barrel Colt Python

The short-barrel Colt Python is back in production, giving fans of this classic hand cannon a better option for concealed carry.
PLx cantilever mount feature

First Look: Primary Arms PLx Scope Mounts

Designed for professional use, Primary Arms’ new PLx scope mounts are lightweight, durable and capable of sustaining major impacts without shifting zero.
KUSA KR104 feature

Kalashnikov USA Releases KR-104 SBR

Modeled after the Russian AK-104, KUSA’s new KR-104 SBR is about as close as you can get to an original in the U.S.


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