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With an adjustable comb and length of pull, Savage's new AccuFit System allow shooters to customize their rifles to their frame.
Walther has expanded its handgun lineup with its new PPQ SC, a subcompact version of its popular PPQ.
Pistol-caliber carbines have been growing in popularity and have some very unique designs to choose from.
Hydra-Shok Deep provides a defensive round with greater penetration and improved terminal performance.
A new wind blowing across the sporting rifle landscape is delivering a dominating combination of affordability and accuracy — the rise of the fat-bolt rifle.
Believe it or not, the 300 BLK has all the attributes to make it really well suited for hunting white-tailed deer.
Springfield has launched its first production 10mm with the release of two TRP Operator models chamber for the powerful round.
Although it’s the least impactful of the three environmental variables, humidity does have an influence on your bullet’s trajectory.
With six new left-handed rifle models slated for release in 2018 southpaws have plenty of reason to check out Savage Arms.



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