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The Sig Sauer P320 is an excellent defensive handgun option — mostly because of its many great features.
KRISS USA has launched a new division — Edelweiss Arms — focused on importing and selling C&R and antique firearms from Switzerland. What to know about Edelweiss Arms:Launched by KRISS USA on March 1 Specializes in the import and...
Daniel Defense goes small in a big way with the release of the extensive DDM4V7 P AR-15 pistol line.
To the delight of Walther fans, the manufacturer has brought out a subcompact version of its classic PPQ pistol for 2018 — the PPQ SC.
There’s more to shotguns than pump actions and tube magazines.
The Modern Shooter team checks out the dedication to the craft and work required to take your shooting to the top of its game.
There are some specific factors in play when choosing an AR for home defense. Here’s what to consider.
The 828U is loaded with features that set it apart from all other double barrels.
We roundup the greatest movie shootouts to ever roam the West.
With a rifle built from premium parts and materials, Phoenix Weaponry quietly sneaks the .338-06 back into the spotlight.
Ruger’s newly updated Precision Rifle has the goods to go the distance.
From pistols to rifles, it's all about positioning and working to get a grip on this week's episode of Modern Shooter.
Finding time to maintain shooting fundamentals can be a challenge, but the Blowback Laser Trainer provides a realistic solution.
Designed with comfort and flexibility in mind, DeSantis' new holsters should facilitate comfortable concealed carry.
Improved accuracy can be a simple as a few adjustment to your scope to improve your view and relieve eye strain.
Iron sights on handguns remain a durable and cost-effective option. Check out these tips to adjust the iron sights on your fixed-sight pistol or revolver.



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