How We Test Products

Why you can trust Gun Digest

Since our inception in 1944, Gun Digest has been a trusted source for firearm and firearms gear reviews. Renowned writers like Jack O'Connor, Col. Jeff Cooper and Major Charles Askins have contributed to our rich history, establishing us as a go-to guide for firearms, ammunition and optics information and reviews.

Today our editors and writers continue this tradition. Having hunted around the world, served in the military and law enforcement, taught at gunsmithing schools, and written definitive books on firearms and shooting, we are experts in all facets of guns. Furthermore, we go through a rigorous testing process to ensure we bring the best gear to our readers so that they can make informed choices.

We at Gun Digest maintain our integrity by prioritizing objective evaluations and avoiding the influence of advertising on our reviews. This commitment to independence ensures that readers can trust the information provided without bias.

How We Test & Review Products

Gun Digest benefits from a wide-reaching network of subject-matter experts throughout the U.S., continuously evaluating gear year-round. Although each gear test is unique, here's a general breakdown of how it comes to fruition.

Gun Digest meticulously selects topics core to its brand and audience, focusing primarily on handguns, rifles, shotguns, ammunition, reloading equipment, reloading components, and gun accessories. Editors and contributors narrow down specific products based on research, new-product launches, category expertise, and first-hand experience. Acquiring products for testing involves reaching out to manufacturers, purchasing gear, or utilizing personal equipment.

While Gun Digest strives to prioritize hands-on testing whenever feasible, not every gear roundup featured on its platform entails field work. Often, selections and recommendations are informed by thorough research and interviews with subject-matter experts, industry professionals, and product designers.

Testing begins with rigorous evaluations for effectiveness, value, durability, materials, and ease-of-use, often in authentic and demanding conditions such as hunting trips or shooting competitions. After hands-on testing, the top products are chosen representing the best of the best in gear.