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Glock 43X MOS feature

Glocked Up And Drilled Down

The author goes over a Glock G43X MOS that’s been setup for concealed carry as well as the Step Back Drill.

Understanding Handgun Recoil

A brief discussion on handgun recoil and how it impacts your shooting.

The Importance Of The Press Check

If a semi-automatic is your defensive handgun of choice, you need to learn the press check.
low-round-count feature

I’m Almost Out!: Low-Round-Count Training

Some low-round-count drills and training tips for when ammo supplies get tight.

3 Exceptional Hunting Rifle Drills

These 3 exceptional hunting rifle drills will help you get ready for the field much better than practice from a benchrest ever will.

Evaluating Shooting Stances

An evaluation of common shooting stances that can help you shoot a handgun easier and more consistently.

Detectives, Gunslingers And Shadowland

The Shadowland firearms training center and a tribute to the one of the most storied lawmen to ever chase down a bad man.

Are You Good Enough?: Measuring Defensive Handgun Accuracy

A discussion on how to measure your defensive handgun accuracy and precision skills.
escalation of force

Escalation Of Force And Self-Defense

A discussion on escalation of force and reasonable-use force when it comes to self-defense.

Lethal Force: When Less Is More

Debunking the flawed “shoot ‘em to the ground” concept when it comes to using lethal force for self-defense.

The 4-L Rule: Self-Defense Flashlight Techniques

Here are some top self-defense flashlight techniques for using a handheld light in conjunction with a pistol.

Living In An Active Shooter World

The skills, gear and legal considerations to keep you prepared for the possibility of encountering an active shooter.

Improving Defensive Semi-Automatic Handgun Skills

How to improve your defensive semi-automatic handgun skills by balancing speed, power and accuracy.

Dissecting The Texas Taqueria Shooting

A closer look at the Texas taqueria shooting reveals that when it comes to self-defense, sometimes the devil is in the details.
defensive handgun drills item spread

3 Top Defensive Handgun Drills

If you carry a pistol for personal protection, here are 3 top defensive handgun drills and skills that you need to master.