Video: What Is Target-Focused Shooting?

Video: What Is Target-Focused Shooting?

Target-focused shooting goes against many of the fundamentals you learned for handgun accuracy but might save your life in an up-close attack.

He was less than a car-length away when he attacks. Despite the surprise, you were able to unholster your gun in textbook fashion. You even punched out before he got within range to grab you. The one thing that didn’t come together, a perfect sight picture. Should you care?

When you’re talking utmost accuracy, particularly when the target gets out 10 yards and further, absolutely focusing on the front sight and getting everything perfectly aligned is imperative. In quick-and-dirty close-quarters combat, such nuances go straight out the window. These fast-paced situations call for a more intuitive style of shooting, which facilitates life-saving hits in the most expedient manner possible. What it calls for is target-focused shooting.

As its name suggests, your plane of focus is on where you’re shooting, not your front sight. Quite a bit different than what most of us have been taught. But honestly, in a lethal-force situation—particularly up close—it’s where your eye naturally draw anyhow. Though don’t fool yourself, this isn’t a point-and-shoot method. Fundamental pistol marksmanship is still in play … presentation, sight alignment, etc. You’re just not focusing on the front sight any longer.

There are limitations to target-focused shooting—primarily distance. Practicing this method, you might find you’re only effective using it out to 5 yards, maybe 3. You have to respect this and understand it only one skill in your overall defensive toolbox and only use in situations that demand it.

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