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While it might sound like a simple step on the road to competitive shooting, there's more to a proper grip than just picking up a pistol.
A double-action-only variation of the original P290, the SIG P290RS offers shooters a reliable and compact pistol, with the peace of mind of re-strike capabilities.
Sadly, there just aren’t a lot of ranges that are conducive to good defensive shooting practice. If you have one nearby, you’re in luck — and also in the minority.
There are times, under the principle of disparity of force, that deadly force can be used against unarmed assailants. One of the prime examples is when facing multiple attackers.
The best handguns for women often land outside the pink-it and shrink-it category. Check out this list of great options for any shooter.
Boasting one of the most reliable designs, capable of shooting some of the most powerful handgun cartridges, and deadly accurate, the revolver just plain delivers.
Heckler & Koch's P7 series of pistols are truly unique, not only due to their delayed-blowback system, but also due to its peculiar squeeze-grip cocking mechanism.
Crimson Trace has increased the low-light capabilities for one of the most popular lightweight, compact pistols with the release of its Laserguard for the Ruger LCP II.
Going armed, in some case, means restricting your movement. "No-Gun Zones," or non-permissive environments, have to be on your radar or it can land you in legal trouble.



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