410 PDX1

Using A .410 Shotgun for Home Defense

Is there any reason to use a .410 shotgun for home defense? Or does this bore lack any martial merit?
VZ Grips offers a wide range of grips for most defensive handguns that allow grip replacement. They’re made of G-10, which is a phenomenal grip material.

VZ Grips: Building A Better Handgun Handle

Getting a good handle on your handgun is at the foundation of solid marksmanship. VZ Grips in sures this happens no matter your make and model.
The .223 Remington isn’t as speedy as the larger .22-250 Remington, but it still offers a very usable trajectory and runs on much less powder.

Efficient Cartridges: The Answer When Supplies Are Short?

With reloading supplies still difficult to come upon are efficient cartridges the smart choice right now?
CrossBreed Feature

CrossBreed Goes Purebred With The Kydex Rogue Holster

CrossBreed has just announced the release of the Rogue Holster, the company’s first all-Kydex model, and it’s adjustable, versatile and compatible with several CrossBreed accessories.
Ronin EMP Feature

First Look: Springfield Armory Ronin EMP

Springfield Armory’s Ronin EMP 1911s combine two popular pistol families into one, bringing two new light yet rugged guns that are ideal for concealed carry.
Arrowhead Shorts

Review: Arrowhead Tactical Apparel Carrier Sweatpants And Shorts

Arrowhead Tactical Apparel makes athletic clothing you can carry with, so we strapped on our heaviest guns and put their Carrier Sweatpants and shorts to the test.
The Tikka T3 Hunter chambered in .308 Winchester is a gorgeous rifle, perfect for hunting all over North America.

Best Affordable .308 Rifle Options For The Hunt (2021)

Well made and reasonably priced, these .308 rifle options will keep you on the hunt for years to come.
PSA Carcanos

Gun Deals: Black Friday And Cyber Monday (2021)

Find the top gun deals and gear sales for Black Friday and Cyber Monday all in on spot!
XVision feature

X-Vision Optics’ 10×42 Rangefinding Binoculars

The 10x42 Rangefinding Binoculars from X-Vision Optics offer extreme range-finding accuracy in a package that’s tough enough to take anywhere.
Bullpup lead

Nimble Advantage: Best Bullpup Rifle Options (2021)

Compact and nimble, there are certain advantages in wielding a bullpup rifle. We give you five of the best to take aim at.
CZ 600 feature

First Look: CZ 600 Bolt Action Rifle Series

CZ has recently announced the new CZ 600 bolt action rifle series, the five new models will replace their now discontinued CZ 527 and 557 series.
Home Defense 10

Comprehensive Home Defense: Firearms And Beyond

Firearms are one key to home defense, but there's more to effectively protecting your castle than just a reliable heater.
Jericho feat

An Iron For Space Cowboys: The Jericho 941

One of the most iconic CZ-75 copies out there, the Jericho 941 bridges the gap between old-school style and modern-day function.
762 feat

The King Of Intermediate Cartridges: 7.62x39mm

7.62x39, 7.62 Soviet, M43, this cartridge goes by many names, but regardless of what you call it it’s worth knowing about this prolific intermediate caliber round still used the world over.