Legal Thoughts On Rimfires For Self-Defense

Rimfires for self-defense can work, but they have certain limitations and you need to have a plan.
Chest feature

The Chest Holster Buyer's Guide

Looking to comfortably carry an iron up-top without any concern for concealment? A chest holster may be just what you need.
SW Competitor feature

Smith & Wesson Releases M&P9 M2.0 Competitor Pistol

Smith & Wesson has just announced the M&P9 M2.0 Competitor, a new metal-framed 9mm handgun from the S&W Performance Center designed for competition.
Black Friday

Gun Deals: Pre-Black Friday, Black Friday And Cyber Monday (2022)

Find the top gun deals and gear sales for Black Friday and Cyber Monday all in on spot!

First Look: Bond Arms Stinger RS And Rawhide In .22 LR

Bond Arms has just released two new double-barrel handguns, the Stinger RS .22 LR and the Rawhide .22 LR.

Brownells Releases BRN-4 Piston Upper Receiver Kits

Brownells has just released the BRN-4 Piston Upper Receiver Kit, providing builders with a more affordable path to an H&K 416 clone.  

The CCW Basic Proficiency Test

A defensive handgun drill for testing your practical defensive shooting skills with a concealed carry pistol.
Browning Silver Series feat

First Look: Browning Silver Series Ammunition

Browning Ammunition has just launched the new Silver Series, featuring ten calibers of rifle ammo designed for deer and big game hunters.

The Well-Groomed Reloader: Case Trimming

Regardless of how fancy your case trimmer is, here's why it's crucial that you trim cases to the exact proper length.
270 Rifle feature

The .270 Rifle Buyer’s Guide

Looking for a .270 rifle? Here we go over what makes for the best .270 Winchester rifles and six top models to consider.

Using Big Bore Rifles For Small Pursuits

Sometimes, more is less, and it can mean using big bore rifles for small pursuits.
A22 takedown feature

First Look: Savage Arms A22 Takedown Rifle

Savage Arms has just announced the A22 Takedown, a new semi-auto .22 LR rimfire rifle that’s ready to be taken anywhere.

CCW 101: All Major Types Of Pistol

Looking for your first handgun? New to concealed carry? Here we break down all the major types of pistols and revolvers to help find what’s best for you.

Unsung Heroes: Underrated Carry Guns

A closer look at four sorely underrated concealed carry guns, from the CZ P10C to the IWI Masada.