Ammo: Black Hills Ammunition Expands HoneyBadger Line

Black Hills Ammunition has expanded its popular HoneyBadger line, giving shooters three new rounds loaded with monometal bullets to choose from.
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So You Want To Buy A Gun: New Or Used?

A high-quality handgun can cost hundreds of dollars, whether it’s new or used. These tips can help you make the right choice when you buy a gun.
Replacement grips make it easy to adjust the revolver for a custom fit.

Choosing A Handgun For Concealed Carry: Factors To Consider

A concealed carry handgun must fit the individual, not just the task at hand. Use these tips to find the best handgun for your needs.

Gun Review: Is EDC X9 The Best Pistol Ever Made?

Wilson Combat’s EDC X9 is an elegant, yet highly functional pistol for carry and defense, and in the author’s mind, it’s simply the best.

Modern Shooter: At H&H Precision Rifles’ Shooting School

The Modern Shooter team discovers H&H Precision's shooting school is not summer camp — it's even better.

How To: Crimping Handgun Cases

Handloading ammo for your favorite handgun shouldn’t be difficult, but you should never skimp on the crimping process.
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How-To: Identify And Clear Pistol Malfunctions

Learn to quickly identify and clear the most common handgun malfunctions and get back in the game with these pistol malfunction drills.

The Box Magazine Shotgun Quandary

Box magazine shotguns are nothing new and have always stirred heated debate.
This shooter controls the recoil in the Glock G35 with good fundamentals of Stance, Position and Grip.

Handgun Training: 7 Critical Aspects of Pistol Shooting

These seven fundamentals of handgun training apply whether you’re training for self-defense, competing at a match, on the silhouette range or plinking with a .22 pistol.

10 Guns From The Old West You’ve Got To Know

These were the smoke wagons, street howitzers and repeaters that tamed the American West.

Ballistics Basics: Holding Or Dialing For Drop And Windage?

There are two methods of correcting for elevation and windage when shooting at extended distances — holding or dialing. The choice is yours.

New Optics: Bushnell Tac Optics Line

With five new riflescopes and three red-dot optics, Bushnell's Tac Optics line is designed to get shooters on target no matter their range.