minute of angle feature

Refining Accuracy: Understanding Minute of Angle

Math is hard, and MOA can be confusing, so here we deep dive into the minute of angle concept to help refine your long-range accuracy.
44 auto mag feature

Ammo Brief: .44 Auto Mag

We take a quick look at .44 Auto Mag, a cartridge with a short and stormy career.

Self-Defense: Garage Invasion & Excessive Force

We discuss whether this garage invasion incident was justified self-defense or an example of excessive force.
Holland and Holland Super 30 feature

Holland’s Super 30: The .300 H&H Magnum

A closer look at .300 H&H Magnum, a cartridge that’s anything but old and in the way.
Maximizing Rifle Accuracy feature level

A Tale Of Two Rifles: Maximizing Rifle Accuracy

We take a look at how to tweak your rifle to maximize its potential for accuracy.
reloading technique feature

Reloading Technique: How To Properly Skin A Cat

A dissertation on reloading technique and practices.
Taylors Company TC73 feature

Taylor’s & Company Announces TC73 9mm Lever-Action Rifle

Want a lever-action rifle chambered for something a bit more modern? Here we take a peek at Taylor’s & Company’s TC73.
MP5 clone feature

Get Your Slap On: The 5 Best MP5 Clones 

Everyone wants an MP5, but nobody wants to pay HK prices. Here, we go over the top 5 MP5 clones that won’t break the bank.
silencer central banish speed k ti feature

First Look: Silencer Central BANISH Speed K Ti

Silencer Central has just announced the BANISH Speed K Ti, a lighter version of the impressively small BANISH Speed K.
ICORE SW M28 feature

On The Range With An ICORE S&W M-28

We go over a custom Smith & Wesson Model 28 revolver built for ICORE. She ain’t pretty, but she can still shoot.
self-defense mindset

Self-Defense Mindset: How Prepared Are You?

We ask you to analyze whether you’re really prepared to use deadly force in a self-defense situation.
self-defense attorney feature deadly force Massad Ayoob

Attorney Selection: An Excerpt From Deadly Force, 2nd Edition

In this excerpt from Deadly Force, 2nd Edition, Massad Ayoob discusses the finer points of attorney selection following a self-defense incident.
long-range pistol shooting feature

Long-Range Pistol Shooting With Red Dots

Practicing your long-range pistol shooting at 100 yards will make 25 yards seem like point-blank range.
Walther 32 ACP PPK feature

The .32 ACP Walther PPK And PPK/s Are Back

Walther has just reintroduced the famous PPK and PPK/s in .32 ACP.