AR Basics: Issues That Mimic AR Gas System Problems

Informal tests might suggest an AR's gas system is to blame for a carbine's issues, but there are false positives that can muck up troubleshooting efforts.

New Optic: Aimpoint ACRO P-1

With a tough exterior housing, Aimpoint's new ACRO P-1 is as resilient a reflex optic as there is today.
A packing holster for a handgun is one you use in a general-purpose manner. The high-riding, versatile and ambidextrous Glaco Wheelgunner is one of the best for a revolver.

Holster: Making The Rounds With Galco’s Wheelgunner

Facilitating multiple carry positions, Galco's Wheelgunner is among the most versatile revolver holsters available.

Savage’s 110 Tactical Rifle Line Goes AccuStock

Savage adds another element of accuracy to its 110 Tactical Rifle line with the AccuStock.

Handguns: How Much Lubrication Do I Need?

Handgun not running right? Your lubrication regime may be to blame. Find out the rules of thumb to keep your gun a well-oiled machine.

New Handgun: Springfield 911 .380 ACP In Black Nitride

Bosting a tough-as-nails nitride finish, Springfield's new 911 .380 ACP is ready for the toughest duty.

Gun Review: Browning’s X-Bolt Pro Proves No Lightweight

Browning’s X-Bolt Pro gives hunters magnum firepower in an attractive, lightweight, go-anywhere package. It might just be Browning’s best turnbolt hunting rifle yet.

Modern Shooter: Gaining An Edge In Competitive Shooting

The Modern Shooter team learns to pick up the pace in a competitive match with Aguila pro shooter Mark Redl.

New AR: Springfield’s SAINT Pistol Goes .300 Blackout

Following on the heels of the 5.56 SAINT Pistol's success, Springfield has introduced a .300 BLK model.

Gun Review: Dead Accurate Rock River Arms’ BT-3

The new tack-driving BT-3 from Rock River Arms performs as good as it looks

AR Basics: Initial Diagnosis Of AR Gas System Issues

To troubleshoot an AR gas system, the first step is figuring out if the gas system is to blame.

New Gear: Timney Introduces A Calvin Elite For The 10/22

Designed for match-grade performance, the Calvin Elite for the 10/22 give the rifle a true precision trigger option.

New Gun: Citadel’s Wicked RS-S1 Shotgun

Fast shooting and hard hitting, the Citadel RS-S1 has a definite intimidation factor.

Gun Review: The Big Shot — Wilson Combat’s .458 HAM’R

Pitching a massive hunk of lead at a greater velocity than in nearly anything in its class, Wilson Combat's .458 HAM'R Ultimate Hunter puts other large-bore ARs to shame.