Rimfire Barrel Break-In

Barrel Break-In: Is It Necessary With A Rimfire?

Barrel break-in is an important procedure to improve the accuracy of a centerfire rifle. Does a rimfire require the same? It depends ...
SFX9 feature

The SFX9: Wilson Combat’s Take On The High-Capacity Subcompact

Wilson Combat gives their EDC X9 the subcompact treatment with the new 15-round SFX9.
Proof MDT feature

First Look: PROOF MDT Chassis Rifle

PROOF Research and MDT have partnered to create the new precision PROOF MDT Chassis Rifle.
Berret's M82 has had a long, strange career in the military. With some the longest recorded kills to its name, the rifle has become a legend. Though orignially taking out enemy combatants was never its aim.

Barrett M82: Improbable Legend Among Sniper Rifles

Storied as the Barrett M82 is, its reputation as the ultimate .50-cal. sniper rifle is somewhat unlikely.
faxon extender feature

Faxon Introduces Glock 19 Modular Mag Extensions

Faxon’s new modular Glock 19 mag extensions give you an edge without destroying your gear.
Best Gun Safes Feat

The 5 Best Gun Safe Options For Protecting Your Collection

Looking for the best gun safe for your budget? We've got you covered with these five rock-solid options.
VRF14 2

Rock Island's Wicked Little VRF14 Semi-Auto

Rock Island brings the intimidation factor with the VRF14.
(Below) David “Boon” Benton working on the range with a member of a police SWAT team. Boon travels all across the United States offering his training services.

Evaluating Your Own Mindset, Tactics And Marksmanship

No surprise, gun owners spend their money on guns and gear. A wiser investment is the development of a mindset, tactics and marksmanship that will save your life.
XS Sights feature

XS Night Sights Now Available For Smith & Wesson M&P Shield Plus

Four new night sight options from XS Sights to make your M&P Shield Plus glow.
R8 feature

Blaser Adds 6.5 PRC To Caliber Options For R8 Rifle Line

Blaser R8 straight-pull rifles, already renowned for their versatility and customization options, have just added 6.5 PRC to their long list of chambering options.
Decibullz come in various configurations: There’s the basic model, the Percussive Filter and the Professional High Fidelity plugs, each with various features and benefits.

Decibullz: $30 Custom Hearing Protection

Model them at home, protect you at the range, Decibullz provides affordable custom hearing protection.
mini beryl feature

The FB Mini Beryl: Poland’s Krinkov

The FB Mini Beryl has a lot in common with the AKS-74U, including its weaknesses.
Monometal Bullets 4

Monometal Bullets: Living The Lead-Free Lifestyle

Monometal bullets are here to stay, because the technology has developed to be both reliably accurate and lethal.
TC86 feature

Taylor’s & Company Releases TC86 Takedown Lever-Action Rifle

Classic aesthetics combined with modern features make the TC86 Takedown as handsome as it is handy.