270 Winchester feature

Ammo Brief: .270 Winchester

Useful for bagging both varmints and big game, .270 Winchester is America’s longstanding welterweight champ.

First Look: Tisas D10 10mm 1911 Pistol

Tisas has just announced the Tisas D10, a new 10mm 1911 pistol that includes above-average features for a below-average price.

The Deal With Reloading Data

Why is there so much variation among reliable sources of reloading data?

Defensive Revolver Calibers

A defensive revolver needs the right defensive ammunition, here's a rundown on choosing the right load.
Hellcat RDP

Best Concealed Carry Handguns For Women (2022)

Thirty-two women rank seven subcompact for the best choices in concealed carry handguns for women. Find out what are the top seven choices!

Holosun Releases SCS-MOS Micro Red Dot Sight

Holosun has just released the SCS-MOS micro pistol sight, featuring solar-charging capabilities and a potentially infinite battery life.

Best Flash Hider Buyer’s Guide (2022)

If your gun is spewing too much fire, a flash hider is the best solution. This buyer’s guide will help you find the right flash hider for you.

Tactical Revolver Reloads: The Speed Strip

The use of a speed strip is an excellent way to expedite tactical revolver reloads, but they require some skill to properly use.
Ruger 1022 Buyers Guide Feature

Best Ruger 10/22: Buyer’s Guide

There are many iterations of America’s favorite rimfire, but this buyer’s guide will help you find the best Ruger 10/22 for you.

First Look: Mauser M18 Savanna Rifles

Mauser has just announced the M18 Savanna, a new line of affordable bolt-action rifles that will be available in several calibers and feature threaded barrels.

ZeroTech Optics Releases Vengeance 1-6×24 LPVO

ZeroTech Optics has just launched the Vengeance 1-6x24 LPVO, a new low power variable optic designed to match the versatility of the AR-15.

Hot Trends In Precision Rifle Shooting

Things change, and precision rifle shooting is no different. Here’s a look at the latest long-range trends gaining popularity across the United States.
Best AR-10 1

5 Best AR-10 Options You Can Actually Afford (2022)

The AR-10 is many things, cheap isn't usually one of them. But we dig up the best AR-10 choices that won't put you in the poorhouse.

First Look: Dead Air Silencers Sierra-5 5.56 Suppressor

Dead Air Silencers has just unveiled the Sierra-5, the company’s first dedicated 5.56 NATO sound suppressor available in two configurations.