JP Enterprises JP-5 Review

PCCs are only getting more popular, so here’s a more in-depth look at the JP Enterprises JP-5 roller-delayed blowback 9mm.
SHOT Show 2022 feature

SHOT Show 2023: The Good, The New And The Interesting

SHOT Show 2023 has come and gone, so here’s a look at what stood out the most to the Gun Digest digital team during our time walking the show floor.

One Double-Ought Six: Smith & Wesson 1006 Review

An in-depth look at the mighty Smith & Wesson 1006 in 10mm Auto.

SHOT Show 2023 Picks: Fossari CRX9 Sporting Over/Under

Rifles and handguns may have dominated this year’s SHOT Show, but the Fossari CRX9 Sporting plays to serious shotgun shooters.

SHOT Show 2023 Day 4: Bushnell Match Pro ED 15×56 Binoculars

Bushnell is releasing Match Pro ED 15x56 binoculars, loaded with features to make them better for spotting.

SHOT Show 2023 Day 4: TwoSee/XNihilo Optic Irons

TwoSee/XNihilo, a new company on the block, had a very interesting product on display at SHOT Show 2023 called Optic Irons.
KRISS Vector review feature

KRISS Vector CRB 9mm Review

There’s no doubt that the KRISS Vector CRB has very little recoil, partially thanks to its space-age KRISS Super V System, but do the benefits justify the cost?
Browning Citori High Grade feature

SHOT Show 2023 Picks: Browning Citori High Grade 50th Anniversary

Browning celebrates 50 years of the successful Miroku-made Citori with an over/under shotgun for the most discerning wingshooter or collector. 

SHOT Show 2023 Day 3: Midwest Industries Alpha Series AK Furniture

Midwest Industries has just unveiled its new line of Alpha Series AK furniture at SHOT Show 2023.
Beretta 80X Cheetah feature

SHOT Show 2023 Day 2: Beretta 80X Cheetah

At SHOT Show 2023 Beretta unveiled the return of its classic .380 ACP pistol line, only this time modernized for the 21st century and called the 80X Cheetah.
Beretta A300 Ultima Patrol Tiger Stripe feature

SHOT Show 2023 Picks: Beretta A300 Ultima Patrol Tiger Stripe Shotgun

Like something you’d expect to see in the next “Predator” sequel, Beretta’s A300 Ultima Patrol Tiger Stripe might be the best-looking tactical shotgun at SHOT Show 2023.

SHOT Show 2023 Day 2: Zastava M70 ZPAP Underfolder

Zastava USA had a genuine underfolder variant of the ZPAP M70 on its wall this year at SHOT Show 2023, and it’s sure to please a lot of AK enthusiasts who’ve been requesting the import for some time.

SHOT Show 2023 Picks: Mossberg 940 Pro Tactical Holosun Micro Dot Combo

Mossberg’s new 940 Pro tactical shotguns are duty-ready, whether your duty is keeping the homefront safe or surviving the collapse of Western civilization.

Vudoo Three 60 Review: Precision Over Plinking

The Vudoo Three 60 rimfire rifle has technology that replaces ‘plinking’ with ‘precision’ for the dusty ol’ .22 LR.