Clinger Holsters feat

Gear Review: Stuck On Clinger Holsters

With sturdy Kydex construction and an innovative design, Clinger Holsters more than delivers on its promise of absolute concealment.
communicating with police - featured

Tips For Communicating With Police After Shootings

Understanding how to communicate with police after a incident that involved lethal force will save you trouble in the long run.
ATN X-Sight II HD - feat

Gear Review: ATN X-Sight II HD Night Vision Optic

The ATN X-Sight II is a truly affordable night vision optic that also comes loaded with a number of other excellent features.
AR Barrel Twist featured

How To: Choosing the Right AR Barrel Twist Rate

The intended use of your AR dictates bullet choice, and bullet choice dictates proper barrel twist rate.
Great AR rifles - feat

New Guns: New AR Rifles Available in 2017

See the hot new AR rifles for 2017, configured for everything from hunting to home defense.
6.8 Remington SPC - featured

Know Your Cartridge: 6.8 Remington SPC

Designed to bring a little more stopping power to the AR platform, the 6.8 Remington SPC serves both tactical and hunting purposes.
Nikon Monarch GD feat

New Gear: Nikon Releases New Monarch HG Binoculars

With an increased field of view and superior light transmission capabilities, Nikon's new Monarch HG Binoculars are set to search for targets.
long range reloading feat

Ammo: Handload for Long-Range Accuracy

Off-the-shelf ammunition is top notch nowadays, but for guaranteed long-range accuracy, nothing beats handloading your own ammo.
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Top 10 Guns You Should Request For Father’s Day

Sure, you’ll smile and act politely happy over that grotesque olive and paisley tie, but we really know you wanted a new gun for Father’s Day. Check out these 10 great options.
.475 Turnbull rifle review - feat 2

Gun Review: The Fine .475 Turnbull Rifle

The .475 Turnbull lever gun from Doug Turnbull and his talented staff is a jaw-dropping and highly functional piece of art.

New Gear: Blackhawk Fall Clothing Line

With concealed carry and tactical operation in mind, Blackhawk has released a comprehensive clothing line perfect for going armed efficiently.
Reloading the 7mm STW - feat

Hot Tips for Reloading the 7mm STW

Reloading the 7mm STW is not an overly complex process, but it's often necessary given the cartridge's lack of widespread popularity and availability. Here are a few tips for those looking to load their own.
SKS Upgrades - feat

How To: Pushing SKS Upgrades to the Limit

SKS Upgrades? It almost sound like an oxymoron. But here's what can be accomplished by a truly determined fan of the rugged cold war relic.

Video: The Swagger Bipods Advantage

Swagger Bipods has re-envisioned how bipods are used, engineering a highly versatile shooting system designed to tackle real-life situations in the field.
.327 Federal Magnum - featured

The Small Miracle of the .327 Federal Magnum

Fired from snappy revolvers and with velocity to spare, the .327 Federal Magnum is redefining the often-maligned .32 caliber for the better.
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Gallery: New Concealed Carry Guns and Gear

Manufacturers of concealed carry guns and gear are continuing to outdo themselves each and every year, and this year's new products are clear evidence of that drive to innovate.
Springfield XD-S review - f

Gun Review: Springfield XD-S 9 FDE

The 3.3-inch Springfield XD-S 9 in Flat Dark Earth might just be the unsung hero of concealed carry handguns.
HK P30SK - feat

Gun Review: HK’s Hammering P30SK

Heckler & Koch didn't shoot from the hip with the P30SK, producing a well-balanced, high-performing subcompact, engineered to deliver when it matters most.
LWRC M6IC-A5 - feat

Gun Review: The LWRCI M6IC-A5 Rifle

Boasting a patented short-stoke gas-piston operation, the LWRCI M6IC-A5 is a duty-built rifle ready to answer the call of duty.

Video: New Lineup of CZ-USA Pistols

Take a gander at the new CZ-USA pistols hitting the market this year, including the gunmaker’s heralded new striker-fired P-10.



In 1955, Colt’s Firearms introduced what many believe to be the most elegant .357 Magnum revolver ever created—the Python. This example is an Ultimate Python in stainless steel and has the best features found with any Python, plus the bonus of custom grips to make it one of the nicest .357 Magnum revolvers one can find.

The .357 Magnum: 20th Century Handgun and Cartridge

Forty years ago, one handgun caliber dominated all others, regardless the intended application. Whether for law enforcement, self defense, hunting or plinking the .357 Magnum reigned supreme.