STR-9S Combat

First Look: Stoeger STR-9S Combat 9mm Pistol

Stoeger cooks up a pistol ready to take on anything the world throws at you in the STR-9S Combat.
The 6.8 SPC II isn't afraid of going small. An example, Wilson Combat's SBR Tactical.

Does The 6.8 SPC II Still Have A Place?

A true intermediat cartridge that delivers a punch, look no further than the 6.8 SPC II.
Timney Alpha Competition Series Trigger

First Look: Timney Alpha Competition Series Trigger

Timney finds an extra gear for Glocks with its Alpha Competition Series Trigger.
Heritage Barkeep 2

First Look: Heritage Barkeep Rimfire Revolver

Heritage's Barkeep rimfire revolver is a pint-sized blast.
Revolver Recoil 5

How To Manage Big-Bore Revolver Recoil

They're called hand cannons for a reason. Learn how to tame big-bore revolver recoil.
Mossberg Reserve Lead

First Look: Mossberg Reserve Series Over/Under Shotguns

The new Mossberg Reserve Series over/under shotguns offers class and performance.
This is the kind of iron you used to see in guns shops back in the good, old days ... well, in the medium-old days, anyway.

German Pistols: World War II Trophies

Classic guns must have either jaw-dropping looks or a storied history. Ideally, they’ve got both, such as these German pistols of World War II vintage.
GG Houge

New Guns And Gear January 2021: EDC Gear Special

Aiming to improve your everyday carry system? Here are the guns and gear certain to get you carrying like a pro.
The “flagship” of the Heym fleet—the Model 89B double rifle. Chris Sells put years of work into the design ... and it paid off!

Heym USA: Functional And Collectable Art

In a world of black polymer firearms, Heym USA chooses the road less traveled.
Browning 350 Legend Ammo

.350 Legend Ammo: Browning Introduces A FMJ Load

Extending trigger time with your hunting iron, Browning introduces .350 Legend ammo tailormade for the range.
A KO2M shooter with his Steyr .50-caliber rifle. The brake is really the difference-maker here so the caliber is manageable over a string of fire.

.50-Caliber: The Art Of Extreme Long-Range Shooting

Aiming to shoot 2 miles or further? You need to break out a .50-caliber or other big guns.
9×18 Makarov

Ammo Brief: 9mm Makarov

The 9mm Makarov, or 9×18mm Makarov, is a Soviet pistol cartridge popular not only for its history but oddity compared to other 9mms.
Having the proper style of press can maximize your time at the reloading bench.

Is It Time To Upgrade Your Reloading Press?

The reloading press has evolved over the decades, providing the handloader a more rigid platform to produce precision ammunition.