First Look: Bergara Premier Competition Rifle

Capable of precision shots right out of the box, Bergara’s new Premier Competition Rifle was designed with shooters’ needs in mind. Loaded with features more typically only found on custom built rifles, the Bergara aims to make precision rifle competitions as accessible as any other shooting sport
The Lyman trigger pull gauge—complete with its hard case and the measuring rod extended.

Trigger Pull Gauge: A Snap With Lyman

The Lyman Trigger Pull Gauge makes measuring trigger break easy as pie. But raises the question, do you need one?

SIG SAUER MODX-45 Pistol Suppressor

Sig Sauer’s newest suppressor, the MODX-45, brings modularity alongside durability.
MP-F4 with Trijicon RMR, profile

Ed Brown MP-F4: The Latest Custom M&P

Ed Brown, renowned for their custom 1911s, continues their Fueled Series with its new custom Smith&Wesson M&P 2.0 9mm—the MP-F4.

Best .22 Suppressor Choices To Mute Your Plinker (2021)

Get a handle on your rimfire's report with these top .22 suppressor options.
XD-M Elite Compact with HEX Dragonfly

XD-M Elite Compact OSP: Springfield's New Carry Option

Springfield offers a new optics ready 9mm compact for concealed carry in the XD-M Elite Compact.
50 Caliber Blow up

Video: .50-Caliber Rifle Blowup!

A gun blow up on the YouTube channel Kentucky Ballistics provides a stark reminder to always know what ammo you're loading into your gun.
Pairing the correct bipod with the correct weapons platform is crucial for downrange precision. Here, the Tikka Tac A1 wears an TBAC bipod.

Bipod: Choosing An Accuracy-Enhancing Support

Under appreciated, bearly a second thought is given to the bipod. A mistake, given attaching the right one to your rifle's fore-end tightens groups and extends your range.
Low-Light Shooting

Video: Illuminating Low-Light Shooting Particulars

An engagement can happen at any time, day or night. With this in mind, learning low-light shooting basics is imperative to have an upper hand in lethal-force encounters.
Aiming 3

Aiming A Defensive Handgun, Is There One Right Way?

Contrary to popular belief, there's no one right way to aim a defensive handgun. The dynamic situation requires multiple techniques to quickly get on target.

.224 Valkyrie Upper Options That Go The Distance (2021)

We've rounded up the best .224 Valkyrie Upper options currently on the market to help your AR-15 to reach out.
Reloading Revolver Cartridges 2

Reloading Revolver Cartridges: Keys To Success

Follow these guidelines reloading revolver cartridges for maximum performance, reliability and safety.
380 Pistol Sig

Top .380 Pistol Options For Deep Carry (2021)

With improvements in defensive ammunition, the .380 pistol has surged in popularity? What are the top picks in the small and concealable option?
Modern Precision Pistol 4

Modern Precision Pistol: Christensen Shrinks Down Exactitude

An offshoot of Christensen's Modern Precision Rifle, the Modern Precision Pistol offers extreme accuracy in a backpack-sized gun.