Nikon PROSTAFF P3 Line Of Scopes Tailored To Platform

With five new purpose built scopes, the PROSTAFF P3 Line aims to get everyone from shotgunners to arbalists on target this hunting season.
FBI Agent Walter Walsh’s registered .357 Magnum revolver. Photo by author

FBI Handguns: Revolvers of the Past

Before the present era of high-capacity semi-auto handguns, FBI handguns were of the revolver variety. Here’s a look at the FBI handguns that were fielded not that long ago.

Concealed Carry: Vickers Elite Commander

Designed for concealed carry, Wilson Combat's Vickers Elite Commander is long on performance.

9mm ARs: Pair of Wilson Combat AR9s

Engineers at Wilson Combat took a fresh look at its cutting-edge ARs and decided to create a dedicated 9mm platform — the AR9 series.

Precision Shooting: McMillan’s Adjustable A-5 Thumbhole Stock

McMillan puts a new twist on its popular precision line with the introduction of the Adjustable A-5 Thumbhole Stock.

6 Out-Of-Sight Optics For Every Range And Budget

Ready to get on target? Check out these top optics.

5 Top Bullet And Ammo Advancements

Here are the top new bullet and ammunition breakthroughs helping redefine accuracy.

SR1911 Officer’s Model Reporting For Duty In .45 ACP

Available in .45 ACP, the SR1911 Officer's Model is ready for everyday carry duty.

Ammunition: The State Of Modern Solid Bullets

Solid bullets have become much more than a big ol’ hunk of lead.

Modern Shooter: 500-Yard Pokes At A Moving Target

See if you have what it takes to make this challenging long-range shot on the next Modern Shooter.

Gun Collecting: The Rocky History Of The L.C. Smith

Though highly sought, history has not been kind to L.C. Smith shotgun.

The Custom S&W/Colt Hybrid Smolt Revolver

The Dove Custom Smolt — Smith & Wesson/Colt hybrid revolver — is not only a beauty to behold, it’s mesmerizing to shoot.

Why You Need A Vehicle Gun Safe

If you're an armed citizen and do any sort of driving, sooner or later you'll need to consider a vehicle gun safe.

Video: Picking The Perfect Over/Under Shotgun

Hunting down a world-class over/under shotgun? It all comes down to fit.