A new family of AKs firing low-impulse 5.45X39mm ammunition was adopted for service in 1974.

AK-74: Soviet Blaster for the 5.45x39mm Cartridge

Developed in 1970, the AK-74 in 5.45X39mm was the Soviet’s answer to the U.S. Army’s M16 in 5.56mm NATO.

Does This Mossberg 590 Tactical Shotgun Blow The Rest Away?

When it comes to the Mossberg 590 tactical options, the 590 A1 might be the cream of the crop.

Top Four Remington 870 Tactical Shotgun Options

Look no further for the best Remington 870 tactical shotgun choices currently in production.

Video: Properly Shooting From Behind Cover Or Concealment

There's more to using cover and concealment than just getting behind one.

Practical Guide To The Tactical Shotgun

Here are the guidelines to purchase an effective tactical shotgun for home and personal defense.
Thompson submachine gun in FBI case with all accessories. Photo: Tracie Hill

Classic FBI Guns: Thompson Submachine Gun

Contrary to public opinion, the Thompson submachine gun was not only used by Prohibition-era gangsters. In fact, the “Tommy Gun” was a favorite among early FBI agents as well.

Walther CCP M2 Goes Tool-Less For Takedown

Easier to field strip, the CCP M2 make routine maintenance a snap.
A pair of big-bore bolt guns from CZ-USA’s custom shop. The basis for these guns is the rock-solid CZ 550 CRF action, so they are practical as well as beautiful.

Gun Values: What Are Your Firearms Worth?

Gun Values by Gun Digest lists more than 18,000 firearms models dating back to the early 19th century, offering more than 110,000 prices over six condition grades.
FN Tactical

The Optics And Suppressor Ready FN 509 Tactical

With a forward-looking design, the new FN 509 Tactical comes factory ready for the addition of a suppressor and optic.

Striker-Fire 9mms: Glock G19 MOS Review

Is there a place in concealed carry for 9mm handguns with reflex-style optics? In this Glock G19 MOS review, Robert Sadowski answers with an unequivocal yes!

Video: Learning To Shoot On The Move

Though not difficult, mastering shooting on the move is a matter of learning to walk all over again.

Modern Shooter: Surviving At Extremely Close Quarters

Modern Shooter gives you the tactics to survive an up-close-and-personal lethal-force event.

CMMG Goes 5.7x28mm With Mk57 GUARD Line

Uniquely chambered, CMMG's Mk57 line is soft shooting and hard-hitting.

Performance AR: Build a Mk12 Mod 0

The Mk12 Mod 0 is a heavily customized AR-15 for mid-range sniper use. Here’s how to build your own.