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CZ P-10 C review - feat

Review: CZ-USA’s Polymer P-10 C Pistol

After watching — waiting and studying — CZ-USA has become one of the latest to enter the polymer striker-fired pistol game with the CZ P-10 C, and the years spent waiting have paid off.
A 16-gauge pump gun is a thing of ergonomic beauty. This one is a Winchester Model 12, from the 1930s.

10 Classic Shotguns You’ve Got to Own

From protecting your home to downing birds on the wing to classing up your gun safe, these incredible shotguns are among the best of the best.
AK Upgrades - feat

AK Upgrades To Trick Out Your Kalashnikov

Take your Kalashnikov rifle to the next level with these functional and ergonomic AK upgrades.
Guns - American Revolution - f

Five Guns You Need To Know From The American Revolution

Here are the five guns that fought for and against your independence in the American Revolution.
Remington 870 gunsmith feat

How-To: Customizing the Remington 870

The Remington 870 pump action has been used as a standard police model for decades. But as good as this gun is, it can always be improved by the application of aftermarket parts and the ingenuity of a custom gunsmith.
BLACK X1000 IL X-MOA feat

New Optic: Nikon’s 6-24x50SF BLACK X1000 IL X-MOA

Economically priced and long on features, Nikon's BLACK X1000 IL X-MOA riflescope looks to be an on-target long-range optic.
laser sights featured

Concealed Carry Sights: Which Are Best For Your Gun?

Nothing goes further to ensure you hit center mass than the right sights on your concealed carry handgun. But of all the options, which is the best?
Fusion MSR 300 BLK - f

New Ammo: Fusion MSR Ready to take .300 BLK Afield

The 150-grain Fusion MSR is Federal Premium's first hunting-specific round for the .300 Blackout and has everything required to put meat on the table and trophies on the wall.
XD-S featured

Springfield Armory’s XD-S Made Even Better

Adding Crimson Trace’s Laserguard Pro and other accessories to a Springfield XD-S makes a good gun great.
NULA Model 28

Gun Review: NULA Model 28 is King of the Mountain Rifles

Tailored to fit its user and boasting cutting-edge materials, the NULA Model 28 is at the summit of lightweight rifle designs.
ported barrel reducing recoil - f

How Greatly Does A Ported Barrel Reduce Recoil?

Ports have been around for some time now, but they have become increasingly popular as a factory-installed option. Just how effective is a ported...
mauser rifle feat

Gun Review: The Mauser Brothers and the Model 98

The Mauser Model 98 is a true classic when it comes to bolt-action rifles. And with the company return to this iconic design it is again turning out a highly engineered gem.
AR-15 handloading

How-To: Handloading Tips for the AR-15

Handloading for the AR-15 isn't much different than for other rifles. But given it is a semi-automatic, there are some special considerations that must be taken into account when putting together a round.
Republic Forge Defiant Lightweight - f

Review: Republic Forge Defiant Lightweight

The Republic Forge Defiant Lightweight 1911 is an elegant gun that’s big on power and small on size.
Legendary Arms Works Professional feat

Review: Legendary Arms Works Professional Rifle

One hunter took the Legendary Arms Works Professional rifle on an African safari to see how it performed. The results speak for themselves.
Ruger SR-556 Takedown feat

Review: The Discreet Ruger SR-556 Takedown

With the ability to easily breakdown into easily concealed components, the Ruger SR-556 Takedown might be the ultimate knapsack AR.
Federal Premium 28-gauge ammo f

Federal Premium Expands 28-Gauge Shell Offerings

Upland hunters have a few more choices when it comes to how they feed their 28-gauge, with Federal Premium adding three new shells for the minimalist bore.
suppressor handload featured

How-To: Slinging Together Suppressor-Ready Handloads

Other than certain rounds specifically designed to work in conjunction with a suppressor, handloading for a gun outfitted with a can can be challenging… but not impossible.
AR Optics featured

Gallery: Hot New AR Optics To Add Functionality To Your Rifle

Get the most out of your black rifle with these excellent new AR optics, many purposefully built for America’s favorite rifle.
SIG Sauer P226 RX - feat

Review: SIG Sauer’s Optics-Equipped P226 RX

SIG Sauer’s P226 RX mates the excellent Romeo 1 red dot to the manufacturer’s classic defensive handgun.



In 1955, Colt’s Firearms introduced what many believe to be the most elegant .357 Magnum revolver ever created—the Python. This example is an Ultimate Python in stainless steel and has the best features found with any Python, plus the bonus of custom grips to make it one of the nicest .357 Magnum revolvers one can find.

The .357 Magnum: 20th Century Handgun and Cartridge

Forty years ago, one handgun caliber dominated all others, regardless the intended application. Whether for law enforcement, self defense, hunting or plinking the .357 Magnum reigned supreme.