New AR-15: Savage Expands MSR 15 Line With Two New Guns

Savage bolsters both ends of its MSR 15 line with long-range and pistol additions.
Two 6.5mm bullets. While the heavier 160-grain (L) has all sorts of bearing surface, the sleek 140-grain bullet (R) has less contact with the rifling in spite of being longer.

Reloading: Bearing Surface, Pressure and Accuracy

The bullet’s bearing surface — the portion of the bullet that contacts the rifling in the barrel — directly correlates to the amount of pressure generated within your barrel, and it can have a definite effect on accuracy.

New Guns: Beretta’s APX Compact And APX Centurion

Beretta aims its modular pistol line at the concealed market with the introduction of the APX Compact and APX Centurion.

Video: Is A Full-Sized Pistol The Best Training Option?

Full-sized pistols have a distinct advantage for training, particularly for beginning shooters.

New Optics: Leupold Expands New VX-Freedom Series

With six new scopes, Leupold's VX-Freedom series has something for nearly every shooter.

Ammo: Blindsiding Waterfowl With Hex Steel Shot

The impressive engineering in Winchester's Hex Steel Shot delivers superior results on the hunt.

Super X4: Building On Scattergun Success

Winchester’s new Super X4 takes the manufacturer’s already great SX3 and improves upon it, offering a do-all shotgun fit for a number of shooting endeavors.

Self-Defense: Is Competitive Shooting Good Training?

Competitive Shooting definitely can help advance handgun skills for self-defense, within reason.

Big Dogs: Bulldog XL In .45 Colt And Mag Pug in .41 Mag

Charter Arms goes big, introducing the Bulldog XL in .45 Long Colt and a Mag Pug in .41 Rem. Mag.

9 Guns And Gear For Plinking Perfection

Summer's nearly here, no better time to stock up on all the plinking supplies you need to shoot away a hot afternoon.

Laying The Wood: The Story Of Laminate Stocks

How laminate stocks went from curiosity to commonplace, changing the shooting world along the way — for the better.

Video: Determining Hold Point In Sporting Clays

Determining your hold point at a sporting clays station get you in the position for success.

Video: The Exquisite New Mark IV By Turnbull

A thing of beauty, Turnbull's custom ROCS Mark IV is set to turn heads on and off the range.

New Revolver: Ruger GP100 Match Champion In 10mm

Ruger expands its 10mm revolver selection with the GP100 Match Champion.