Springfield Prodigy DS 1911 feature

Prodigious Pistola: Springfield Prodigy DS Review

Double-stack, 9mm and based on Browning’s classic design, the Springfield Prodigy DS ups the ante in the 1911 game.

First Look: Bond Arms Honey B

Bond Arms has just added the Honey B to its Stinger Rough series, now featuring improved grips.

6 Best Bullpup Shotgun Options For Compact Defense

There's no need to go full-sized in a defensive smoothbore with bullpup shotguns around. We give you five of the best to guard hearth and home.

Black Talon: Short Life, Long Legacy

The short life and long legacy of Winchester’s Black Talon hollow-point ammunition.
GX4 safety recall

Safety Notice: Taurus Issues Recall For GX4 Pistols

Taurus has just issued a safety notice regarding certain GX4 pistols. Those affected may not be drop-safe and are being recalled by the company.
AR foregrip feature

The AR Foregrip And Handstop Buyer’s Guide

Will an AR foregrip or handstop improve your shooting performance? Do they offer any additional benefits? If so, which are the best models to get?

A Perfect 10: Best 10mm Pistol Options (2023)

Since its introduction, the 10mm Auto has been putting magnum power into semi-auto pistols. In recent years, it's had a bit of a resurgence in popularity.

She’s Still Garand: Life And Times Of The Mighty M1

A look back at the venerable M1 Garand, America's storied and stalwart service rifle.

First Look: The Antimatter Industries Scopeswitch

Antimatter Industries has just announced the Scopeswitch, an interesting new accessory that allows you to adjust your scope’s zoom via a slider on the handguard.

Fulton Armory Announces The M14 Black Hawk DMR

Fulton Armory has recently announced the Black Hawk DMR, a custom M14 inspired by the weapon used by Randy Shughart in Mogadishu.

Soviet Gun, NATO Ammo: The 5.56 AK Buyer’s Guide

If you’re interested in owning a Kalashnikov but would prefer it chambered for something a bit more Western, here are the best 5.56 AK rifles you can buy.

First Look: Riton 5 TACTIX 1-10×24 Riflescope

Riton Optics has just announced the 5 TACTIX 1-10x24 Riflescope, a new versatile FFP LPVO.

Best .22 Ammo For Every Application (2023)

Not all .22 Ammo is created equal. Here are the top match, hunting and self-defense options for your .22 pistol or rifle.

The Modern Reloader: Digital Reloading Tools

From powder dispensers to case prep to calipers, should you be using “digital” reloading tools?