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Ammo: The Evolution Of The .45 ACP

The U.S. has had a love of the .45-caliber cartridge for many years. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the enduring popularity of the .45 ACP.

Gear Review: MBX Extreme Basepad Extension And Inter-Loc System

MBX Extreme’s Basepad Extension and Inter-Loc System offer speed and stability for all genres of shooting.

New Gun: CMMG Mk4 In 22 Nosler

CMMG is the latest to embrace the scorching 22 Nosler, releasing four models of its popular Mk4 line chambered for the cartridge.

4 Tips To Improve Tactical Shotgun Skills

To gain the full tactical advantage a shotgun offers in a self-defense situation, it takes a strategic game plan. These four tips will help boost your tactical shotgun skills.

How To Upgrade Your Muzzleloader’s Open Sights

Using Brownells parts, we show you how to extend the range of your muzzleloader with open sights.

How To Care For And Upgrade AR Springs

One of the more overlooked components of the AR, properly functioning springs are vital to the platform’s performance.

7 Pocket Holsters For Easy Everyday Carry

Here are several pocket holsters that simplify carrying a self-defense gun and keep it at the ready.

Video: SIG Sauer’s Flexible New MCX Virtus

The MCX Virtus is the new upgraded version of SIG Sauer's innovative modular firearm, offering shooters a more robust and flexible platform, ready to tackle any situation.

Tips For Reloading The .300 Norma Magnum

Is the relatively new .300 Norma Magnum a true heavyweight contender, and what can handloaders do with it?

Classic Guns: Remington Model 8 Rifle

The Model 8, and later the Model 81 Woodsmaster, was a classic John Browning designed semi-auto, and one of the earliest to see real success.

New Handgun: M&P M2.0 Compact Series

Smith & Wesson's M&P M2.0 Compact Series boasts the same new design points as the rest of the line's next generation pistols and a few extras that should appeal to those in the market for a concealable striker-fired pistol.

How To: Rules For A Fast Pistol Or Rifle Reload

Knowing how to efficiently and effectively reload is a crucial part of operating a defensive firearm in a gunfight.




Six Classic Must-Have Centerfire Semi-Auto Pistol Designs

The development of the semi-auto pistol has been marked with some icons that stir the imagination of any true firearms nut. Here are six of these absolute classics.