The new Swarovski NL Pure binoculars take ergonomics to the next level. How did they do that?

Swarovski NL Pure: New Binos Redefine Ergonomic Standard

Nearly 11 years in development, powerhouse optics maker Swarovski releases its NL Pure binocular range with unique ergonomics, wider field of view, and tack-sharp image definition.
Real Avid Gun Tool AMP

First Look: Real Avid GUN TOOL AMP

There’s no excuse not to keep your firearms running right, thanks to the innovated and portable Real Avid GUN TOOL AMP.
Howa TSP X 1

First Look: Howa TSP X Chassis Rifle

Figure long-range accuracy is monetarily out of reach? Then you need to take a gander at the affordable precision available in the Howa TSP X Chassis Rifle.

6 Top Double-Stack 9mm Pistols For Concealed Carry (2020)

Double-stack 9mm pistols abound, find out the top options in this class of handgun for concealed carry.
Benelli Lupo 2

Breaking New Ground With The Benelli Lupo Bolt-Action Rifle

The Benelli Lupo marks the gunmaker's first foray into bolt-action rifles and offers shooters much more than an accurate shooter.
G43X G48 1

9 Best Single-Stack 9mm Pistol Options For Concealed Carry (2020)

Single stack 9mm semi-autos are ideal for personal defense, and here’s a look at some of the best offerings in the class.
Savage Arm’s A22 auto-loading .22 LR proved nimble and 100 percent reliable, feeding without fail on a wide variety of ammo. It assembled a couple of its best groups with Blazer and Eley Subsonic Hollow loads.

How Does Barrel Length Affect Accuracy And Ballistics?

How does barrel length affect accuracy, muzzle velocity and delivered energy with various classes of rimfire ammo?
WCP320c 4

WCP320c: Wilson Combat's Enhanced Sig P320

Tuned like the fine instrument it is, the gassed up WCP320c takes Sig striker fire and makes it an out and out fighting 9mm.
Prairie Enemy 22-250

First Look: Sierra Prairie Enemy 50-grain .22-250 Remington

Devastating terminal performance and excellent ballistics, Sierra's new .22-250 Prairie enemy is ready to send small game to varmint Valhalla.

10 Top .45 Pistol Options For Any Budget

Looking for a .45 pistol? These 10 will get you on target.
Here’s an assortment of “pellets” from Hunters Supply for .25- and .45-caliber airguns. The hollow-point on the left is a 48-grain .25-caliber. The monster on the right is a 411-grain .45-caliber slug.

Wind Power: Decoding The Air Rifle And Pistol

The Air rifle and air pistol have come a long way since the days of .177-caliber pellets and Red Ryder lever-actions. Find out what's available now.
VooDoo Innovation Witch Doctor

First Look: VooDoo Innovations Witch Doctor And Dark Moon

VooDoo Innovations dives into complete rifles with the economical Witch Doctor and Dark Moon carbines.
A big help for precision reloading. The Redding Case Neck Gauge will quickly and accurately measure the neck thickness of your cases. Removing those cases that aren’t concentric will help tighten groups.

Precision Reloading: Making The Best Case Possible

The cartridge case is the most controllable element in precision reloading. Here are the steps facets to turning out optimized brass.
450 Bushmaster vs 350 Legend 4

.350 Legend Vs .450 Bushmaster: Does One Win Out For Hunting?

New against established straight-wall deer slayers, which comes out on top in .350 Legend vs .450 Bushmaster?