zeglin - P.O. Ackley - book q&A

Q&A: Zeglin on the Impact of P.O. Ackley

We talk with gunsmith and author Fred Zeglin on P.O. Ackley's incredible influence on the modern firearms world.
Ritter & Stark - SLX featured

New Rifle: Ritter & Stark Unveils Scaled Down SLX Series

Utilizing the same design scheme, Ritter & Stark has produced a slightly scaled down model of its flagship SX-1, meant to handle lighter loads.

Review: Smith & Wesson’s New M&P M2.0

The second generation M&P M2.0 takes Smith & Wesson’s classic pistol to the next level with ergonomic and performance upgrades.
HOWA - Mini Action - 7.62x39

New Rifle: Howa Adds 7.62×39 to MiniAction Line

Howa has expanded its MiniAction rifle line to incorporate a shooter favorite — the classic and widely available 7.62x39mm.
Ultimate Predator Rifle lead image resize

Is This The Ultimate Predator Rifle Setup?

There are a host of options for shooters when it comes to predator hunting. But which is truly the ultimate predator rifle setup to get the job done?
Experimenting with bolt thrust - lead

Experimenting with Bolt Thrust

Does the Ackley improved case design actually reduce bolt thrust? Find out in this excerpt from Fred Zeglin's new book on P.O. Ackley.
Ruger Mark IV - competition- lead

New Ruger Mark IV Gets Competitive and Tactical

Shooters in a couple specific niches are certain to be excited with what Ruger has cooked up for its ever-evolving line of rimfire semi-automatics.
Desert Eagle combo package - f

New Gun: Magnum Research Packing Two Calibers in One Desert Eagle

Magnum Research has released a combo pack that allows shooters to jump between two of the Desert Eagle's most popular calibers.

New Guns: Uberti USA Releases Trio of Wild West Beauties

Uberti USA has a trio of new firearms that any true Old West fan should appreciate.

Video: Firearm Reliability in 3-Gun Competition

Reliability is important in all firearms; however, it is especially important for those who choose to compete in 3-Gun events.
Most Influential Handguns - 1911 featured

Gallery: Most Influential Handguns of All Time

We trace the lineage of today’s top pistols and revolvers to determine which firearms helped shape our modern conception of what a handgun should be.
Remington RP9 review - featured

First Strike: Remington RP9 Review

Remington’s new RP9 is the American manufacturer’s first full-size striker-fired handgun, and it’s got a lot to offer in a price-friendly package.
The .475 family of cartridges

Big-Game Medicine: The .475 Revolver Cartridges

The family of .475 revolver cartridges pack plenty of punch for taking down big and dangerous game for the serious handgun hunter.
Dream Guns - big-bore Heym 98B

9 Best Dangerous Game Dream Guns Ever Made

If money is no object and you're looking to make a statement, you can’t do much better than these large-caliber dream guns for dangerous game hunting.
Federal Premium Hunter Match lead

New Ammo: Federal Premium Hunter Match .22 LR

The Federal Premium Hunter Match .22 LR ammunition has the velocity and projectile to make it a lethal field round.
after the shooting - concealed carry - ayoob

Concealed Carry: After the Shooting

Massad Ayoob outlines a five-point checklist of things a righteous shooter needs to establish as soon as possible after the use of deadly force.
Savage B.Mag review featured image

Speed Demon: Savage B.Mag Review

The Savage B.Mag chambered in the screaming .17 WSM is a handy little rifle that's perfect for serious varmint slaying or plinking at the range.
Ammo lead - Hornady Precision Hunter

Gallery: Great New Ammo for 2017

Ammunition manufacturers continue to churn out new and improved ammo every year, and our editors and writers have put together a list of some of the greatest from this year.
New Kimber Rifles - main

New Rifles: Kimber Adds a Pair of Sharp-Looking Shooters

Lightweight and sturdy-built, Kimber's two new rifles are set to get hunters on the trail of most North American Game.
Prime new optics - Swarovski ATX

Gallery: Prime New Optics for Shooters

Technological advances continue to allow for the production of new optics with enhanced features and capabilities for shooters.


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