Video: Ready-To-Carry Dan Wesson DWX Compact

Video: Ready-To-Carry Dan Wesson DWX Compact

True enough, polymer pistols rule the roost when it comes to carry guns, but Dan Wesson is breaking this mold with the DWX Compact.

There’s a rut when it comes to concealed carry handguns. They always have to be small, black and polymer. Think again.

Smashing the stereotype of the typical carry gun, the Dan Wesson DWX Compact swims against the popular current to the benefit of the armed citizen. What this means is cold-hard metal and plenty of it.

Some out there might roll their eyes, complaining the 9mm DWX Compact’s materials only add up to greater bulk on the hip. Yet, Dan Wesson does a masterful job of keeping the 15+1 capacity pistol fighter trim, turning to aluminum alloy for the pistol’s frame. It comes in at a very manageable 28 ounces, and boasting a 4-inch barreled gun comes in at a little less than 7.5 inches in overall length and a little over 5 inches in height. For most, that adds up to a piece that should prove more than concealable in most garb.

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A collaboration between CZ-USA and Dan Wesson, the DWX Compact isn’t your typical 1911. In addition to being a double stack pistol, it also has a healthy dose of CZ ergonomics that should bring to mind some of the Czech company’s race guns. That isn’t surprising, the DWX line was initially designed for competition. Easy to see not only in the gun’s lines, but also its flat K-style trigger.

Also taking a cue from match heaters, Wesson and CZ made the DWX Compact exceedingly simple to maintain. Much of this is thanks to a bushing-less barrel system that makes takedown a snap. But with features such as Henning Group Battlehook rear sight, tritium night front sight and the option for an accessory rail, it most certainly is a scrapper to the core.

Dan Wesson DWX Compact

Dan Wesson DWX Compact Specs
Caliber: 9mm
Magazine Capacity: 15
Frame Material: Forged Aluminum
Slide Finish: Duty Finish
Grips: Aluminum
Overall Length: 7.47 in
Barrel Length: 4
Height: 5.21 in
Width: 1.24 in
Weight: 28.5 oz
Trigger Mech: Single Action
Front Sight: Front Night Sight
Rear Sight: U Notch
Safety: Manual Thumb Safety
MSRP: $1,799

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