ACRO P-2 2

ACRO P-2: Aimpoint’s Always-Ready Red Dot

With an insane amount of run time between battery changes, the ACRO P-2 gives shooters peace of mind the red dot is ready when they are.
Liberator II feature

Swampfox Liberator II: Second Generation Improvements

Up and coming American optics manufacturer Swampfox recently introduced their second-generation Liberator red dot: the Liberator II. For rifles, pistols or shotguns, the Liberator II is an affordable way to bring your gun to the next level.
A Trijicon RMR atop a Heym Model 89B in .450-400 3-inch Nitro Express. The little red dot extends the effective range of the double rifle.

Trijicon RMR: The Ideal Hunting Aiming Solution?

Somewhere between open sight and riflescope, the Trijicon RMR finds the perfect middle ground.
CZ USA 557 Eclipse Rifle

New Guns And Gear April 2021

Looking for a new iron or piece of kit to enhance the one you already own? Check out these seven new bits of guns and gear to grow your firearms wish list.
The Spek, with the throw lever and its locking button in view—and all from one source, pre-assembled!

ADM Spek: A Red-Dot To Go With Their Mounts

Already known for their mounts, American Defense Manufacturing has gone the whole hog with the Spek red-dot.
Geissele 4

Geissele Automatics: Triggers And Beyond

Top-notch triggers from Geissele Automatics … and so much more. As far as gun companies go, Geissele (pronounced “Guy’s-Lee”) Automatics is something of an enigma....
GG Beretta

New Guns And Gear March 2021

Looking for a new iron or piece of kit to enhance the one you already own? Check out these seven new bits of guns and gear to grow your firearms wish list.
Currently, XS is offering its RAM sights for a variety of Glock, Sig Sauer, Springfield, FN and Smith & Wesson handguns.

Day Or Night XS R3D Sights Shine

Its first foray into 3-dot sights, the new XS R3D Sights design is well-thought-out and easy to see in any light.
Sig P320 Max

The Sig P320 Max, Optic Included And Ready To Run

Built to dominate the Carry Optics division, the Sig P320 Max is long on gold-medal features.
MeoPro Optika LR 2

First Look: MeoPro Optika LR Rangefinding Binoculars

With an exceptionally powerful rangefinder and crystal-clear glass, MeoPro Optika LR binos go the distance ... and then some.
Burris Thermal Scope lead

First Look: Burris Thermal Optics

Owning the night with Burris Thermal Optics.
RXS-100 Sight

First Look: Bushnell’s Affordable RXS-100 Reflex Sight

Priced right, the Bushnell RXS-100 is the everyman's red dot.
Rimfire Scope DSC_8465_2

10 Best Rimfire Scope Options For Any Purpose

10 top rimfire scope choices for plinkers, hunters and precision shooters.
The New American-made Prime Ammunition features Peterson brass and single-digit standard deviations.

Kit Up: Best Gun Gear Reviews (2020)

Find that perfect piece of kit to improve your shooting with the help of our best gun gear reviews from the past year.
Dealt Point 2

First Look: Leupold DeltaPoint Micro Red Dot

Among the lowest-profile options available, the Leupold DeltaPoint Micro Red Dot gives shooters a carry-ready aiming solution.
This ultra-light rifle was built with parts available from Brownells. The nice part about today’s AR platform is that it can be readily modified for virtually any end use. While a light, short barrel isn’t always the best when it comes to accuracy, it’s very practical for hunters and shooters on the move.

Scope Review: Leupold VX-3i CDS-ZL Optics Line

Sporting the high-end features of their military cousins, Leupold's VX-3i CDS-ZL line takes shooting to a different level without breaking the bank.


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