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The Gun Digest annual is known as “The World’s Greatest Gun Book” for a good reason. Since its inception in 1944, it has proven to be the most comprehensive firearms annual available. Whether it’s in-depth features on classic guns, field tests of the latest and greatest firearms or comprehensive industry resources, Gun Digest provides everything a shooter needs to raise their firearms IQ. Learn more about the latest volume of “The World’s Greatest Gun Book” and the comprehensive digital archive of the past 72 years of the annual.




Firearms Value Guides

2017 Standard Catalog of Firearms 27th EditionUtilized by firearms sales professionals and serious gun collectors the world around, pricing references from Gun Digest Media are among the most trusted gun price and value resources available today. From the voluminous 1,500-page Standard Catalog of Firearms to our manufacturer-specific guides, Gun Digest arms enthusiasts with the information they need to identify and price almost any pistol, rifle and shotgun ever made. In short, Gun Digest’s value guides let you know what you’ve got and what it’s worth.




Gun Digest Books

Glock Reference Guide
Glock Reference Guide
By Robb Manning

Gun Digest Media publishes one of the most extensive firearms and shooting portfolios in the industry, meeting the needs of nearly every gun and shooting niche. Gunsmithing manuals, precision marksmanship instruction, concealed-carry guides, manufacturer histories, and much, much more are covered in our collection. Renowned writers and experts such as Massad Ayoob, Patrick Sweeney, Phil Massaro, Marco Vorobiev and other greats all call Gun Digest Media home. No matter your firearms passion, you’ll find it in a Gun Digest


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Gun Digest the Magazine

Gun Digest the MagazineAt Gun Digest the Magazine, “We Know Guns so You Know Guns.” What this means is each month we deliver full-spectrum coverage of the gun industry and shooting world straight to your mailbox. This includes in-depth features on the latest shooting trends, buttstock-to-muzzle reviews of the hottest new firearms and an across-the-board look at the newest gun accessories. The magazine not only contains articles by some of the world’s top gun writers, but also features a comprehensive Marketplace section, listing the best gun deals and gun shows across the country. Not only will you be on top of the gun world with Gun Digest the Magazine, but you’ll also know where to buy your next firearm.

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Gun Digest Digital

GunDigest.com is a shooter’s opportunity to keep up daily with what’s going on in the world of the gun. The extensive site houses years of firearms content that grows in scope with new on-target gun reviews, shooting advice, concealed carry training and much more added daily. GunDigest.com offers gun enthusiasts the opportunity to get a sneak peek into our hottest new books and review exclusive magazine content. And it gives shooters a live-action look at the latest and greatest guns and accessories available via a huge variety of video offerings. But Gun Digest Digital isn’t just GunDigest.com. It also includes our vibrant social media communities on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. With Gun Digest Digital, everything you love about firearms is only a touchscreen or keystroke away.