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Benelli M4

Understanding The Semi-Auto Shotgun (2022)

Semi-Auto shotgun makes and models abound. Picking one that will enhance your shooting ability and enjoyment means understanding their operating systems and yourself.

Top 11 Most American Guns Of All Time

Here are the top 10 American guns that changed design and world history.

Best Tactical Shotgun Options And Buyer’s Guide (2022)

Here are the best tactical shotgun options for home and personal defense, plus the definitive guide on the weapons system.
SDS VP12 feature

SDS Imports Releases VP12 AK Shotgun

SDS Imports have carried some Saiga-based AK shotgun clones for a while now, but the new VP12 features a magwell and feeds from VEPR-pattern magazines.
Double Barrel Shotgun Lead

10 Affordable Double-Barrel Shotgun Options (2022)

Economical over/unders and side-by-sides ... might as well ask for bargain diamonds. Except for these nine affordable double-barrel shotguns that definitely buck the trend.

Top Upland Hunting Shotgun Options (2022)

Hit the field and fill your bag with these top upland hunting shotgun options available today.
Benelli Super Black Eagle 3

6 Top Waterfowl Hunting Shotgun Options (2022)

Rugged enough to survive the harsh conditions of the duck marsh and put meat on the table, these are among the top waterfowl shotguns available today.
Pump-Action Shotgun 590

Best Pump-Action Shotgun Buyer’s Guide (2022)

Undeniably reliable and versatile, the pump-action shotgun is a must-have for any shooter. Here are 11 affordable options worth adding to your gun safe.

6 Best Bullpup Shotgun Options For Compact Defense

There's no need to go full-sized in a defensive smoothbore with bullpup shotguns around. We give you five of the best to guard hearth and home.
Mossberg 590S feature

Mossberg 590S Series: Upgraded Classics

The newly released Mossberg 590S series takes a proven design and makes it even better, with four new models now capable of reliably feeding mini shells.

The S&W M&P 12: Big Firepower In A Small Package

Capable of fitting 15 12-gauge shells in a package barely over two feet long, the new S&W M&P 12 bullpup is a niche weapon that serves its role well.
New Shotgun Loads from front to back: Winchester Double X 3-inch .410 Turkey Load; Winchester AA Diamond Grade Elite Trap; Browning Wicked Blend; Federal/NRA 2¾-inch Buckshot Load; Federal 3-inch Heavyweight TSS 12-Gauge.

5 Best New Shotgun Loads (2021)

Despite ammo being thin, manufacturers are tuning out new offerings this year. Here are 5 of the best shotgun loads for 2021.
1301 enhanced feature

Beretta USA Announces Enhanced 1301 Tactical Shotgun

Reliable, fast and high-capacity, the new enhanced 1301 Tactical 12-gauge from Beretta USA is loaded with features that make operating easy.
MP 12 3

M&P 12: Smith & Wesson Goes Bullpup

Smith & Wesson makes a marked break from tradition with its first bullpup shotgun, the M&P 12.
VRF14 2

Rock Island’s Wicked Little VRF14 Semi-Auto

Rock Island brings the intimidation factor with the VRF14.
A300 Ultima 1

Beretta A300 Ultima: Enhanced, Yet Affordable Semi-Auto

Beretta's A300 Ultima offers improved controls without upping the line's price.


Looking for the best shotguns for home defense or waterfowling? Got an itch to bust some clay at your nearest sporting clays course? Is a grouse hunt in your near future? Check out these reviews of shotguns. Includes pump shots, autoloaders, double barrels and single shots. Also see: Gun ReviewsHandgunsRiflesMuzzleloadersAR-15sConcealed Carry

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