The Best Budget Rifle And Scope Combos

A buyer’s guide for the best budget bolt-action rifle and scope combos currently on the market.

The Anschütz 141: A Less-Considered Classic

The Anschütz 141 has upheld a steadfast reputation and a commitment to incredible precision.
IWI Carmel recall feature

Safety Recall Notice Issued For IWI Carmel Rifles

Israel Weapon Industries has issued a safety recall notice for IWI Carmel rifles within a certain serial number range.
243 Winchester Rifle feature

The Best .243 Winchester Rifles: A Buyer's Guide (2023)

The .243 Winchester is an extremely versatile and capable hunting cartridge, so here are the six best .243 Winchester rifles to shoot it with. 

First Look: Sig Sauer CROSS Magnum

Sig Sauer is expanding the CROSS bolt-action rifle line with the CROSS Magnum, initially available in .300 Win. Mag.
badlands rifle company feature

Behind The Brand: Badlands Rifle Company

A look at the Badlands Rifle Company, a group that offers custom rifles, training, education, hunts and more.

Testing The Henry Model X In .360 Buckhammer

A review of the new .360 Buckhammer chambering and the Henry Model X lever-action rifle.

The .257 Weatherby Magnum: Long-Range Hunters’ Darling

The author takes a closer look at .257 Weatherby Magnum, a darling of long-range hunters everywhere and the favorite cartridge of the man who invented it.

The M4 Carbine: The Fighting Rifle (Arguably) Perfected 

The M4 carbine is arguably the best all-around fighting rifle ever made, so here we’re looking at exactly how it came to be.

On The Range With The Marlin 1894 Classic

The author reviews the reintroduced Marlin 1894 Classic, the return of a lever-gun legend.
Tactical Lever Action Lead

Tactical Lever-Action Rifle: Best Of The New Old School (2023)

When legislation or preferences steer a shooter away from a semi-auto carbine, it's time to go with Plan B: The tactical Lever-action rifle.

Kimber Mountain Ascent Caza Review: Light Is Right

A lightweight and accurate bolt-action rifle, the author takes a closer look at the Kimber Mountain Ascent Caza.

10mm Carbine: What Are Your Options? (2023)

The market isn't bristling with 10mm carbine options, but there are long-guns that pitch "Perfect 10" if you look.
6-5 Creedmoor Upper feature

The 10 Best 6.5 Creedmoor Upper Options

Here are our picks for the 10 best 6.5 Creedmoor upper receiver options currently available for your next AR build.

3 Exceptional Hunting Rifle Drills

These 3 exceptional hunting rifle drills will help you get ready for the field much better than practice from a benchrest ever will.