John Nores Hidden War Joe Rogan

Hidden War Author John Nores' Interview On Joe Rogan Experience

Hidden War author, John Nores, recounts California’s backwoods drug war on the Joe Rogan Experience.
The book includes a 16-page full-color section featuring the gun collection of Elmer Keith, courtesy James Julia Auction Company.

Discover The Golden Age Of Gun Writing In Gun Digest Classics

Gun Digest Classics, a New Heritage Series book features 53 classic stories from the world’s greatest gun writers, and a full-color section highlighting the gun collection of Elmer Keith.

Gun Digest Author Massaro Bags Amber Literary Award

Phil Massaro named 2019 John T. Amber Literary Award Winner.

Ammo: Does Case Shape Really Matter?

There have been a number of factory and wildcat cartridges that have played with case design. But has it had any real effect on ballistics?

Gun Review: The Mauser Brothers and the Model 98

The Mauser Model 98 is a true classic when it comes to bolt-action rifles. And with the company return to this iconic design it is again turning out a highly engineered gem.

Hot-Rodding the .45 Colt

Through the efforts of John Linebaugh and Ross Seyfried, the .45 Colt took the leap from the Old West to modern-day big-game hunting.

Ballistics: Understanding Barrel Harmonics and Accuracy

The manner in which a barrel whips, torques and contorts is referred to as "barrel harmonics." The idea of accuracy is simply a set of repeatable barrel harmonics.

Q&A: Zeglin on the Impact of P.O. Ackley

We talk with gunsmith and author Fred Zeglin on P.O. Ackley's incredible influence on the modern firearms world.

Q&A with Winchester Product Manager Glenn Hatt

We get the inside edge on Winchester Repeating Arms' past, present and future with the man who should know.

Blue Book Special Report: Gun Auction Analysis

Some research on the guns that are moving faster than hotcakes right now on online auction sites by the gun value experts at Blue Book.

Which Firearms Price Guide is Right for You?

You wouldn't buy a rifle for concealed carry. Then why would you buy a firearms price guide that's not tailored to your needs?

New Gun Digest Title Gets Reloaders Started the Right Way

Take the guesswork out of reloading ammunition by checking out Handbook of Reloading Basics from Gun Digest.
13th Edition Cartridges of the World

Cartridges of the World: A Great Wildcatting and Reloading Manual

Cartridges of the World: A Reloading Manual, A Wildcatting Guide Now at 16 editions, Cartridges of the World continues to offer reloading data for ammunition...

Gun Digest Annual TOC: 2012

The Gun Digest - 2012 Table of Contents John T. Amber Literary Award 3 Introduction 4 Italy's Double Barrel Bargains 8 Guns for the Great North 18 Smith & Wesson: American Pioneer 22 The Kautzky...

Gun Digest Annual TOC: 2010

The Gun Digest - 2010 Table of Contents John T. Amber Literary Award 3 Introduction 4 The Incredible 2-Bore Rifle 8 Gas-Delayed Blowbacks: Junk or Cutting Edge? 14 Hornet Hotrod: The .19 Calhoon...