Which Firearms Price Guide is Right for You?

Which Firearms Price Guide is Right for You?
Photo courtesy NSSF.
Photo courtesy NSSF.
Photo courtesy NSSF.

A shooter wouldn’t buy a Winchester Model 12 for concealed carry. Then why should they buy a price guide not tailored to their particular needs?

Luckily, this isn’t a problem gun enthusiasts have to face, thanks to the comprehensive choice of Gun Digest’s firearms values references. Over the past quarter century, the company has grown its library of price guides to match the wants, needs and desires of the shooting public.

In turn, Gun Digest offers a volume that will help every shooter get the gun of their dreams, while keeping more money in their pocket, no matter the make, model or vintage. With that in mind, the only question really becomes, which guide is right for you?

2019 Standard Catalog Of FirearmsThe Standard Catalog of Firearms

The Standard Catalog of Firearms is more than a price guide. It is a definitive firearms reference.

The massive 1,400-page book is filled with all the tools gun enthusiasts need to not only price firearms, but to also understand their history and identify them.

Editor Jerry Lee has accomplished this through the inclusion of more than 7,500 detailed images of the firearms listed. In addition to this, the book also includes strongly researched descriptions of the all the rifles, handguns and shotguns, detailing their history and features.

Few other price guides are as comprehensive when it comes to firearms valuations. The Standard Catalog of Firearms boasts a whopping 110,000 prices across six condition grades, covering the past 150 years. And these prices come from some of the top gun shows, auctions and retailers, giving shooters accurate and up-to-date valuations.

If you are a gun retailer, a serious collector or someone shooting to raise their firearms IQ, this is a must-have desk reference.

how-to-price-a-gun-550×851The Official Gun Digest Book of Guns & Prices

The Official Gun Digest Official Book of Guns & Prices is a comprehensive price guide, designed for research on the go.

The 1,300-page volume has been streamlined to a convenient 5.5”x8” size, making it an ideal companion for any trip to a gun show, gun auction or gun store. But just because editor Jerry Lee has helped produce a compact volume doesn’t mean this expert-level price guide wants for vital information.

The guide covers a broad swath of firearms, from the early 1900s to present day. It offers shooters comprehensive descriptions of nearly every firearm listed. And, most importantly, it boasts 46,000 gun values across six condition grades of non-military firearms. Like the Standard Catalog of Firearms, this handy guide turns to top retail sources — well-respected gun stores, shows and auctions — to deliver current gun values.

For those who are often out and about expanding their gun collections, this is an investment that will help deliver the best deal.

Gun Digest Book of Modern Gun ValuesModern Gun Values

Gun Digest Book of Modern Gun Values is made-to-measure for gun enthusiasts more concerned about procuring firearms to shoot, rather than to display. Focusing on the most frequently bought and sold firearms from the past 100 years, the reference is a vital tool to navigate today’s gun marketplace.

And editors Phillip Peterson and Andrew Johnson go beyond just providing more than 25,000 valuations on 8,500 firearms. They also give shooters the ability to quickly and accurately identify firearms with detailed descriptions and a slew of striking images.

Whether a shooter is in the market for the latest concealed carry pistol or a new deer rifle, Gun Digest Book of Modern Gun Values will help ensure they’re getting a square deal.

Standard Catalog of Military FirearmsStandard-Catalog-of-Military-Firearms

The Standard Catalog of Military Firearms is tailored for shooters who swoon over M1 Garands, vintage Mausers and any other battle-tested firearm.

This can be a tricky end of the market, filled with nuance that can swing prices wildly in one direction or another. Editor Phillip Peterson, however, arms readers with a wealth of vital information on more than 2,000 models of military arms.

Drawing from the expertise of the Rock Island Auction Company and Cowan’s Auctions, Inc., this reference has thousands of prices over four condition grades.

On top of that, the Standard Catalog of Military Firearms also includes the tools collectors require to identify what can often be obscure firearms. These include more than 1,500 detailed photos and detailed descriptions of the rifles, handguns and shotguns that have seen duty. The guide also gives the price differentiation between import-marked and non-import-marked models — most military price guides do not include this important information.

This is definitely the sort of reference that gets gun collectors to stand at attention.

Blue Book of Gun ValuesBlue Book of Gun Values

Admittedly, Gun Digest does not publish the Blue Book of Gun Values. But the company proudly sells it alongside its own price guides for a good reason. Gun Digest tries to bring gun enthusiasts the best, and the Blue Book is among the best when it comes to gun value guides.

What makes this reference so special is the comprehensiveness of the information it provides. Its more than 2,500 pages contain 180,000 gun prices for nearly 30,000 models of firearms. This includes prices for modern, antique and discontinued firearms, in addition to new domestic and imported makes and models. Truly, a collector would have to come up with a pretty oddball gun to stump the Blue Book.

Like the Standard Catalog of Firearms, the Blue Book of Gun Values is more than just a price guide; it’s an indispensible gun reference. Author S.P. Fjestad includes highly informative descriptions of nearly all the firearms listed, giving readers solid footing when identifying a gun. He has also included an extensive full-color section explaining the factors going into grading guns.

This volume is a must-have for any serious gun collector or gun enthusiast who is looking to truly understand the firearms market.


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