Get On Target With The 10 Best Gun Digest Books (2019)

Get On Target With The 10 Best Gun Digest Books (2019)

Until FN improved the metallurgy on the P-35, its .40 S&W prototypes were only lasting 2,500 rounds. Once it went to cast frames the guns had a much longer service life. If only it had done it sooner!

Need a high-velocity page-turner? Check out the top Gun Digest books from the past year.

Yeah, we all know what we want to unwrap Christmas morning … a gun. Maybe it’s Sig Sauer’s spanking new P365 SAS or a vintage Browning Auto-5. Whatever the case, a dream iron certainly makes the season merry and bright. But there are other gifts to deck the halls with that, while not as enthralling as a rifle or pistol, will still hit the mark with your favorite marksman … even if that sharp shot happens to be you. Perhaps a gun book?

As chance has it, Gun Digest is brimming with some of the most impactful firearms literature to ever roll off the presses, penned by some of the most authoritative and respected authors in the game. From detailed gunsmithing guides to firearms histories, and in-depth looks at some of the world’s most cherished guns, these tomes are certain to score a bullseye with the firearms enthusiasts in your life … no matter their interest. No joke, there’s a warehouse of this high-powered knowledge waiting to be untapped. To make matters a bit simpler, we gathered together the top 10 Gun Digest books from the past year. These are what other gun buffs have been reading and are certain to make dynamite stocking stuffer or your next page-turner.

2020 Standard Catalog Of Firearms

The definitive gun value guide for more than a quarter-century, offering more of what the firearms enthusiast and collector need — more photos, more prices and more guns!

Check Out Other Review Roundups:

Gun Digest 2020

It's “The World's Greatest Gun Book!” Need we say more?


The annual knife enthusiasts looks forward to and needs. Bursting with full-color photos plus exclusive features not available anywhere else, it's the final word in knives.

Gun Digest Assembly/Disassembly Collection

Seven PDF books are among the most detailed firearms references available, with step-by-step instructions and comprehensive photos walking you through the takedown and reassembly of the most popular models of guns.

Cartridges Of The World, 16th Edition

Packed with over 688 pages of concise information and data on old, new and currently manufactured ammo every shooter and reloader need this in their gun library.

Glock Reference Guide, 2nd Edition

Whether you’re an experienced Glockophile or shopping for your first Glock pistol, this revised and expanded second edition is essential reading.

Gun Digest Classics

The best-of-the-best from Gun Digest‘s early years. Jack O’Connor, Elmer Keith, Col. Townsend Whelen, Warren Page and More … They’re All Here!

Big Book Of Ballistics

Simplifying and demystifying this daunting aspect of reloading and shooting, the book is a practical, down-to-earth guide to the subject.

Gunsmithing The AR-15: The Bench Manual

In essence, the vital reference is a veritable armor’s course on the AR-15.


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