Cartridges of the World: A Great Wildcatting and Reloading Manual

Cartridges of the World: A Great Wildcatting and Reloading Manual
.327 Federal Magnum Cartridge
This schematic for a .327 Federal Magnum cartridge is just one of 1,500 featured in Cartridges of the World, 13th Edition. In addition to being a resource for cartridge drawings, the book is the perfect reloading manual and wildcatting guide.

Cartridges of the World: A Reloading Manual, A Wildcatting Guide

R8045_Cover(mktg).inddNow at 16 editions, Cartridges of the World continues to offer reloading data for ammunition from across the planet. The rich, in-depth information makes for an essential reloading manual. It's also the perfect reference for anyone interested in wildcatting their cartridges. With reloading data for more than 1,500 cartridges, Cartridges of the World is the world-wide standard all other reloading manuals are compared against.

Cartridges included in this must-have book include:

* Commercial ammunition
* Proprietary cartridges
* Wildcats
* Military ammunition
* Shotshells
* Rimfires
* Current and obsolete

Here's what else you can expect in Cartridges of the World:

* More than 50 new factory manufactured and wildcat cartridge listings, complete with illustrations
* Updated reloading data and reloading recipes
* Essays by three of the industry's leading writers with critical “state of the union” information on SAAMI (Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers' Institute), wildcatting and AR-15 ammunition

What Do People Say About the Cartridges of the World Series?

Here's why the each new edition of Cartridges of the World is the best reloading manual and wildcatting guide available.

“I had read more than one incredible review about this book, so I grabbed a copy to see for myself. Excellent texts, detailing every aspect of the cartridges and hundreds of drawings and photos. A perfect book for the gun nut, reloader, or for a reference reader. You won't be disappointed!” – Richard A. Thomas, Jr., Amazon reviewer

“This book goes into such great depths when it comes to rifle, shotgun, and handgun cartridges. It contains virtually all of the information one would need to select a new caliber for purchase. It is a great place to start as it contains detailed ballistics and loading data for just about every cartridge ever made. This is the second edition of this book that I have now purchased. I recommend it wholeheartedly.” – Pat V. Bocchino, Amazon reviewer

“Updated and timely….I use this reference often in firearms business to help customers decide on purchases for specific hunting and target applications….it's the best !!!!” – Kenrick F. Crabtree, Amazon reviewer

Read an Excerpt: All About the .44 Colt

44 Colt cartridgeHistorical Notes: The .44 Colt is yet another blackpowder cartridge of importance, primarily because it was once used by the U.S. Army. It was introduced about 1871 and used by the Army from then until 1873. It was used in the metallic cartridge conversion of the Colt 1860 percussion revolver, and it could also be fired in the Remington Model 1875 .44 Army revolver. Commercial ammunition was loaded in both blackpowder and smokeless powder types, up to about 1940.

General Comments: The .44 Colt uses an outside-lubricated bullet. It is similar to the .44 S&W American, but has a longer case of slightly larger diameter. Early ammunition used the inside Benet cup and Martin folded-type primers. Ammunition has become a collector’s item, and revolvers for this cartridge are very seldom encountered. Ballistically it is about the same as the .44 S&W American.

.44 Colt Factory Ballistics

210Bullseye4.0700226Lyman No. 429185
210 LeadBlackpowder (FFg)23.0660206Factory load
225 LeadBlackpowder (FFg)23.0640207Military load
210 LeadFL 660206Factory load
225 LeadFL 640207Factory load

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