Gun Digest Annual TOC: 2009


The Gun Digest – 2009

Table of Contents
John T. Amber Literary Award3
Smith & Wesson's M&P Pistol For USPSA by Paul Scarlata8
All You Need Is A 300 Savage by Harvey T. Pennington14
Sorting 22 Rimfire Ammunition: Worth the Trouble? By Mike Thomas22
Origins of the 220 Swift by Robert Keen27
The Overlooked Savage Model 99 by David R. Pierce35
The Double-Action Revolver for Concealed Carry by Jerry Ahern40
The Art of Engraved & Custom Guns by Tom Turpin48
Handgun Sights – Better than Ever! By Robert K. Campbell58
A New Budget Rifle for an Old African Veteran, the 9.3×62 by Tom Turpin62
The Forgotten 45 by Ron Terrell70
The Punitive Expedition and Its Small Arms by James W. Hurst78
The Rebirth of “Old Reliable” – The Sharps Rifle by Toby Bridges84
Nitro Express by Terry Wieland93
What Works – The Secrets of the Accurate Blackpowder Cartridge Revealed by Markus F. Moll and David J. Joses100
The Ruger 10/22 Goes Tactical by Jerry Ahern107
A.H. Hardy – Local Boy Makes Good by Jim Foral117
About Dueling and Dueling Pistols by Norm Flayderman124
Rifle Scopes That Make Sense by Wayne Van Zwoll132
30-30: Short Magnum for the Frontier by Wayne Van Zwoll139
Cape Buffalo – Why Not? By Bill Pace146
Sig Sauer's P250 by Dave Workman152
Remington Arms R-15 VTR by L. P. Brezny156
Ruger's Charming Charger by Dave Workman159
Weatherby Mk. XXII by Layne Simpson162
First Strike: Ruger SR9 by Brad Fitzpatrick165
One Good Gun
A Savage Model 99 by Jim Romanelli168
Ruger Single Six by Steve Gash170
Reports From The Field
Autoloaders: Handguns Today by John Malloy172
Six-guns & Others: Handguns Today by John Taffin186
Rifles Today: Rifle Review by Layne Simpson198
Shotguns Today: Shotgun Review by John Haviland206
Today's Muzzleloading: Blackpowder Reiew by Wm. Hovey Smith210
Hunting & Shooting Optics by Wayne Van Zwoll218
Handloading Upday by Larry S. Sterett228
The Guns of Europe: The New Walther PPS by Raymond Caranta235
Ammunition, Ballistics & Components by Holt Bodinson238
Ammunition Ballistic Charts & Prices Centerfire Rifle, Centerfire Handgun, Rimfire & Shotshell245
Catalog of Arms and Accessories
Autoloaders, Service & Sport267
Double Action Revolvers, Service & Sport294
Single Action Revolvers301
Centerfire Rifles
Lever & Slide321
Bolt Action326
Single Shot343
Drillings, Combination Guns, Double Rifles353
Rimfire Rifles
Lever & Slide Action358
Bolt Actions & Single Shot360
Competition Rifles
Centerfire & Rimfire365
Slide & Lever Actions379
Bolt Actions & Single Shots401
Military & Police404
Pistols: Single Shot, Flint & Percussion406
Muskets & Rifles411
Long Guns424
Metallic Cartridge Presses428
Shotshell Reloading Presses435
Scopes / Hunting, Target & Varmint438
Laser Sights450
Scope Rings & Bases452
Metallic Sights458
Spotting Scopes468
Chokes & Brakes471
Website Directory472
Periodical Publications483
Arms Library486
Arms Associations530
Directory of the Arms Trade
Table of Contents533
Product & Service Directory534
Manufacturer's Directory549


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