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New Gun: Ruger Introduces SR1911 in 10mm

Ruger's new SR1911 in 10mm is an economical handgun hunting option that doesn't skimp on functionality.

The Small Miracle of the .327 Federal Magnum

Fired from snappy revolvers and with velocity to spare, the .327 Federal Magnum is redefining the often-maligned .32 caliber for the better.

Handgun Review: Guncrafter Model 4

The Guncrafter Model 4 in the potent .50 GI is a high-class 1911 that’s big on performance.

New Handgun: Kimber’s Super Jägare

Kimber's new Super Jägare sets to arm hunters with trustworthy semiautomatic ready to take aim at large, medium and small game alike.

Big-Game Medicine: The .475 Revolver Cartridges

The family of .475 revolver cartridges pack plenty of punch for taking down big and dangerous game for the serious handgun hunter.

Hunting Revolvers: Are Red-Dot Sights the Answer?

Red-dot sights offer no magnification but superimpose a red, lighted dot over your intended target. This is a personal favorite of author Max Prasac for hunting revolver and target-shooting applications. Find out why.

Choosing the Right Hunting Revolver

Finding a hunting revolver that suits you well is critical. Should you choose a single- or double-action? .357 Mag. or .44 Mag? .454 Casull? Long barrel? Short barrel? Scope? Open sights? What configuration will fulfill your needs?

Glock 20 Review: A Viable Hunting Handgun?

In this Glock 20 review, big bore revolver expert Max Prasac outfits a G20 with an RMR optic and optional charging handle and goes after some pork.

Semi-Auto Calibers for Handgun Hunting

When it comes to handgun hunting there are two things you can fall back on -- diameter and bullet weight.

Handgun Hunting for Whitetails?

Is handgun hunting for whitetails a viable option? You bet! In fact — from revolvers to autoloaders — many handgun hunting options exist for deer hunters.
Handgun Hunting Scope

Handgun Hunting: Choosing Scopes and Sights

Big-bore revolver scopes, red-dot sights and open sights are discussed in this article on handgun hunting.





Video: The Ins And Outs Of The Concealed Carry Purse

Handy and stylish, the concealed carry purse is a solid method of toting a handgun. But the unorthodox approach takes some special considerations to ensure safety and efficiency.

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