New Revolver: Ruger GP100 Match Champion In 10mm

New Revolver: Ruger GP100 Match Champion In 10mm

Ruger expands its 10mm revolver selection with the GP100 Match Champion.

What's the story on the new 10mm revolver?

  • The GP100 Match Champion follows last fall’s release of the Super Redhawk in 10mm.
  • The gun is the optimized version of the company’s popular double-action line.
  • The 10mm holds 6 rounds and comes in lighter than other Match Champions, due to larger chambers.
  • The revolver utilizes moon clips to headspace the semi-automatic cartridges.
  • The gun has a 4.2-inch barrel, 11-degree target crown and half lug.
  • Its MSRP is $969.

Had enough 10mm? Ruger thought not. But the New Hampshire gunmaker continues to take a different spin in building an arsenal for the hottest old pistol round on the market today.


It’s another wheelgun! But unlike its first 10mm offering from last fall, the Super Redhawk, it has the potential to appeal to a greater swath of the revolver-shooting public. The GP100 Match Champion is the decked out iteration of the company’s popular double-action revolver line, and should provide a rather versatile platform to launch Col. Jeff Cooper’s snappy and resurgent round. If anything, it gives 10mm fans a carry and competition option if they have a yen for cylinders over magazines.

This isn’t the first semi-automatic pistol cartridge Ruger has moon clipped up (incidentally it ships with three). For the past decade or so, the gunmaker invested big in 9mm revolvers with the caliber making an appearance in a great swath of its wheelgun catalog. The GP100, however, is virgin territory for semi-auto rounds, previously strictly a home for rimmed cartridges. Technically, it’s a twofer for the line, given the 10mm will also safely shoot the .40 S&W.

For those who know the line, there isn’t much surprise in the new 10mm — it’s a GP100 Match Champion through in through. Like its .357 Mag. brethren, the 6-round 10mm has polished and optimized internals, a centering boss on the trigger and centering shims on the hammer. It boasts a 4.2-inch barrel with an 11-degree target crown to improve accuracy and a half-lug. The cylinders and ejector are chamfered for quicker loading and it’s outfitted with attractive Hogue hardwood grips, complete with fine stippling. Topping it off, an adjustable rear sight and quick-change fiber optic front sight.


It might sound like the same old song, but the all stainless-steel revolver does hit a few new notes. The larger chamber of the GP100 Match Champion 10mm makes it lighter — 37 ounces opposed to 38 ounces — than the other revolvers in the line. Though, the lack of material means  the triple-locking cylinder has not being radiused. In turn, it might not slide into a holster quite as easily, though the point is debatable. The GP100 Match Champion is priced the same as the rest of the line with an MSRP of $969.

For more information on the 10mm GP100 Match champion, please check out:

GP100 Match Champion Specs
Grips: Hogue Stippled Hardwood
Front Sight: Fiber Optic
Barrel Length: 4.20″
Material: Stainless Steel
Capacity: 6
Rear Sight: Adjustable
Twist: 1:16″ RH
Finish: Satin Stainless
Overall Length: 9.50″
Weight: 37 oz.
Grooves: 6
Suggested Retail: $969


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