Video: Embracing The Red Dot Advantage


There's a reason why you need a fast-acquisition optic on your carbine.

There’s no relegating iron sights to the ash heap. Like a faithful guard dog, they’re ever vigilant, ready to serve and, in a pinch, save your life. It’s worth even going so far as to say that, outside your deer rifle or long-range wonder-gun, it’s plum foolish not to have a set of iron sights on your firearm – be it pistol, carbine or shotgun. At least, in a backup role.

Dependability and simplicity of iron sights duly noted, there’s nothing on the books that says they’re required to be your sole aiming solution. In fact, with the advancements in fast-acquisition optics, the failure to harness technology is as equally imprudent as jettisoning the tried and true. The advantage is there, might as well use it.

Running a barrier drill at Double Eagle Tactical Training, the potential of modern optics rings out as clear as a bullet striking a steel plate for Phil Massaro. The SIG ROMEO4H red dot makes marksmanship nearly a point-and-shoot affair, allowing the Gun Digest author to concentrate on precise tactical movements instead.

In the real world with a life in the balance, what shooter wouldn’t want to make aiming as intuitive as a trigger pull and focus instead on staying out of the line of fire? Imagine a jigger of adrenaline thrown in on top, then contemplate whether you want one illuminated red dot or a notch and blade to place a lifesaving shot.

Additionally, there’s a little matter of keeping both eyes open. Easier to accomplish – at least with a long gun – with an optic, the red dot enhances situational awareness.

In real life this is a decisive upper hand, allowing the identification and neutralization of multiple targets with greater ease. After all, it’s the one you don’t see that will most likely get you.


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