Glock 44: Austrian Company Moves Into Rimfire Market



The Glock 44 is the company's first foray into rimfires and appears a solid choice for an economical trainer.

How Does The Glock 44 Measure Up To Other Rimfires:

  • Dimensionally mirrors the Glock 19
  • Lightweight, only tipping the scales around 12 ounces
  • Tested to work with a multitude of different ammunition

A new Glock gun? Depending on who you are, you’re either doing backflips or gritting your teeth. No matter where you stand on the Glock spectrum (lover or hater), you'll have to agree the prolific pistol maker has certainly gone a different route with its latest addition. The Glock 44 is the company’s first foray into rimfire pistols and is most certainly made with economical training in mind.

The .22 pistol is styled after the 5th Generation Glock 19, mimicking the same operation and feel of the ubiquitous pistol.

Now, devotees of the iconic 9mm have the perfect tool to bone up muscle memory and skills, but at a fraction of the cost. Though, you needn’t be a G19 fanboy or girl to justify purchasing the Glock 44; by all rights, it should prove an exceptional option for those just cutting their teeth on shooting sports.

G44 Is All Glock

Aside from light recoil and cheap ammo, the G44 has all the desirable assets shooters have come to expect from a Glock. These include a removable backstrap system to fit the gun to the hand, adjustable rear sights, cocking serrations fore and aft, ambidextrous slide lock and ghost hole chamber indicator.

Find Your Next .22 Pistol:

Additionally, the Glock 44 boasts a 4.02-inch barrel and is 7.28-inches in overall length, which mirrors the G19. Except, the .22 LR is much lighter, tipping the scales at 12.63 ounces. Much of this weight savings is due to the rimfire’s hybrid steel-polymer slide; the rails are steel, but the body is polymer.

Glock 44 Capacity and Price

The Glock 44 ships with two 10-round magazines and upon launch early in 2020, a threaded-barrel suppressor-ready model will be available.

Interestingly, the pistol has polygonal rifling, which historically doesn’t play nice with non-jacketed rounds.

That said, Glock said it ran tests into the thousands of rounds with a wide variety of ammunition without a hitch.

As to price, Glock doesn’t have one listed on its site. For what it’s worth, Internet scuttlebutt pegs the MSRP at $400.

For more information on the Glock 44, please visit

Glock 44 Specs
Length (Overall): 7.28 inch
Slide Length: 6.85 inch
Width (Overall): 1.26 inch
Slide Width: 1.00 inch
Height incl.Mag.: 5.04 inch
Trigger Distance: 2.76 inch

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