4 Must-Have MDT Chassis Rifle Upgrades

4 Must-Have MDT Chassis Rifle Upgrades
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While Modular Driven Technologies (MDT) is best known for its rifle chassis, it also cooks up a load of accessories that enhance the platform.

What Are The Top 4 MDT Chassis Rifle Upgrades:

The main reason why a shooter jumps into a rifle chassis is for the accuracy enhancement. Pretty good reason, given the results, are fairly dramatic. Providing the rigidity and custom bedding required to accurately extend a rifle’s range, the system is an out-and-out marvel. But, building a tack-driver isn’t the only benefit of a rifle chassis.

If you purchase one of Modular Driven Technologies’ (MDT) platforms, there’s also a matter of configurability. In that, there’s a lot of it. The company lives up to its name by providing an easily modified system that conforms to individual shooters’ wants and needs.

That’s what we're going to look at today, some of MDT’s best accessories to truly customize your chassis rifle. Whether you’re shooting for a way to enhance your rifle’s optics or custom fit the chassis to your frame, these 4 top MDT accessories are sure to hit a bullseye.

MDT Skeleton Carbine Stock

Upgrade MDT Skeleton Carbine Stock

Once primarily the tool of competitive shooters, the rifle chassis is growing in application. In turn, a weighty, recoil soaking rig – what the precision marksmen prefer – isn’t always the top choice for an everyday shooter.


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Weight savings is often at a premium for some, which is where MDT’s Skeleton Carbine Stocks shine. With three models to choose from – SCS, SCS Lite and Composite – the stocks tip the scales at between 1.41 pounds and 1.96 pounds. Real featherweights. At the same tick, they don’t skip where it counts – adjustability. Each model has 1 inch of play in length of pull and a full 1.5 inches in cheek rise. Additionally, the SCS has 10 degrees of cant adjustment and vertical butt pad adjustment.

While the carbine stocks work with any of the company’s chassis, with an adapter in some cases, they aren’t limited strictly to MDT. Any chassis compatible with AR-style buffer tubes can be outfitted with the cutting-edge stocks.

MSRP: $120

MDT Ckye-Pod

Upgrade mdt-ckyepod

Developed for competitive shooters, the Ckye-Pod has the potential to help plenty of other marksmen get on target. Hunters, for one, should find the 21-ounce bipod useful. Certainly, there are lighter options out there, but few with the versatility and performance of this anodized aluminum unit.

Perhaps the most notable aspect of the Ckye-Pod is its one-hand operation, allowing the user to quickly adjust it from 4.5 to 15.5 inches in height. MDT offers it configured for both right- and left-hand shooters. Furthermore, it delivers 170 degrees of cant, 360 degrees of pan capability and an integrated barricade stop. Pretty much everything to ensure you have a solid rest.

It comes outfitted with a proprietary spiked foot/claw for excellent traction but accepts any Atlas style feet if you need to switch up. Also, it’s available in Picatinny and Arca mount options.

MSRP: $499

MDT One-Piece Scope Mount

Upgrade MDT One-Piece Scope Mount

Rigidity doesn’t only play a role in keeping a rifle accurate, but also a scope. If you have a flimsy base, it doesn’t matter how expensive an optic you run you won’t his squat.

MDT has cooked up a gem when it comes to providing a solid platform for your scope with the One-Piece Scope Mount. While the matching set of precision-machined rings and four cross bolts are impressive on the Picatinny-compatible base, it’s a little extra the company threw in that catches the eye. The mount has an integrated recoil lug, which ensures your rifle won’t kick your scope out of zero. Additionally, when used correctly, you can transfer the scope from platform to platform with better repeatability and less “zero offset”.

A one-piece unit, made from precision-machined aluminum, the mount is available for scopes with both 34mm and 35mm main tube bodies.

MSRP: $330

MDT Elite Muzzle Brake

Update mdt_elite_muzzle_brake_recoil_reduction_3_

Often times, shooters peg more weight as the only way to fight recoil. But there are other, lightweight solutions. MDT produces one such option with its Elite Muzzle Brake.

Boasting 35-degree angled baffles, the muzzle device reduces recoil up to 66-percent, thus gives you the ability to maintain on target shot to shot. Also, the brake has a straight-cut baffle at the rear, reducing the concussive forces of a shot. In turn, your rifle’s bark won’t bite as much.

The brake is Tunable through an overlapping lock nut, which also makes indexing the alloy-steel device a cinch. Available for ½-28, ⅝-24, ¾-24, 18×1.0 and 18×1.5 thread sizes.

MSRP: $119


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