Modern Shooter: Dave Miller’s Trick Shots


Watch world record-holder Dave Miller launch paint cans and other trick shots on the next Modern Shooter.

When it comes to breaking clays, few know more than Dave Miller. The Guinness World Record holder for the most clays broken in an hour, the man is an absolute machine with a shotgun in his hand. That sort of skill, it's obvious Miller can do more than simply break blue rock. Pheasant roosters have no more determined foe, and neither do paint cans. You heard that right … paint cans.

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Known to flaunt what he’s got upon occasion, Miller treated the Modern Shooter crew to a few of his more unorthodox shooting skills. This included not only sending paint cans sky high and suspending them for 10 rounds, but also breaking clays with his gun above his head and some downright steely shooting from the hip. Honed from hours behind the business end of a shotgun, Miller makes it all look as simple as pulling the trigger.

It goes without saying, this was a closed range and inadvisable to try on your own. First off, because your local trap range will kick you off, but more importantly, because it's dangerous. Just let Miller take care of the trick shots and check out what else he has in store on the next Modern Shooter, 10 p.m. ET tonight on the Pursuit Channel.

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