Modern Shooter: Custom Advantage With H&H Precision Rifles


Find out how to go the extra mile with a custom rifle on the next Modern Shooter.

Why go custom? It’s a legitimate question, given the state of today’s firearms manufacturing, which in a word is “excellent.” Examples of off-the-shelf tack drivers are legion and, expense-wise, within most if not all riflemen’s reach. If you’re aiming to hit the mark 500-yards out, almost everything made today with a bolt-action and in an appropriate caliber will get the job done — consistently. If your goal is a half-mile or better, then an entirely different tool is required.

These extreme ranges are where the ten-thousandth-of-an-inch tolerances on a custom rig like the ones turned out by H&H Precision Rifles payoff. And the results of this minute attention to detail are spectacular. The right optics and proper understanding of ballistics, sending a round dead on target a couple ridges over, time-and-time again, is more than doable, it’s an out-and-out reality.

A tour and trigger time with the H&H Precision crew made Luke Hartle a believer. Then again, striking a metal plate at 1,400 yards tends to hold conversion powers akin to those found on the road to Damascus. Though, the Editor-in-Chief of Gun Digest the Magazine isn’t changing his name to “Paul” anytime soon, he is more than happy to preach the extra dollars spent in going with a finely tailored rig is far from money wasted. It’s an investment, guaranteed to pay off every time you squeeze the trigger.

Find out more about how H&H Precision Rifles makes the magic happen in the shop and the field on next episode of Modern Shooter.


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