Modern Shooter: H&H Precision Rifle’s Shooting School


The Modern Shooter team sees what it takes to make a shot connect from a country mile at the H&H Precision Rifles' shooting school.

It happens more than most think. Expecting to knock the spade out of an ace card from the next county, a novice to intermediate shooter buys a decked out long-range rig. Chassis, scope, caliber, lock, stock, barrel… 1,000 yards and a couple boxes of fliers later and they figure out there’s more to this whole distance game than simply owning the equipment.

A simple deduction, know-how is the missing ingredient. While trial and error might eventually get them on target there is a more efficient and, quite frankly enjoyable method to going the distance. Tapping into the seasoned expertise of long-range mavens, shooting classes hack through the bugaboos that haunt those new to this level of marksmanship. And one of the top precision rifle makers around hosts among the premier long-range courses available today.

Unfortunately, there’s not a sign-up sheet for H&H Precision Rifles' class open to the general public. Exclusive as it comes, the course is held once a year and is only open to shooters who have bought an H&H rifle. However, those lucky few learn how to make their firearms connect like a right jab.

Modern Shooter takes a behind-the-scenes look at this exclusive shooting institution to find out exactly what it takes to make one of H&H's high-performance beauties live up to its full potential. Spoiler: It’s plenty. From the fundamentals of shooting positions to controlling for environmental variables, the class leaves no stone unturned.

It’s hard work, but there isn’t a single shooter who will argue it isn’t worthwhile. Simply put, there nothing like the feeling of making a speck of steel sing like a soprano everytime a shot breaks.

Check out the rest of H&H Precision’s elite shooting school on the next episode of Modern shooter, 10:00 p.m. EST Friday on the Pursuit Channel. The episode rebroadcasts Monday at 12 p.m. EST and Tuesday at 11:30 a.m. EST.


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