Modern Shooter: Big-League Shooting With Lance McCullers


Houston Astros pitcher Lance McCullers trades his glove up for an AR-15 to showcase his all-star shooting skills on Modern Shooter.

A dominating force on the mound, Lance McCullers is familiar with bringing the heat. The starter in the winner-take-all game seven of the World Series, the pitcher was integral in the Houston Astros’ historic first championship. Away from the diamond, the right-hander is equally as steely.

In addition to a wipeout curveball, McCullers is no slouch behind the trigger. And this week on Modern Shooter, he trades up his glove for an AR-15 to showcase all-star shooting skills at Houston’s MAST Solutions. Joined by former teammate Jason Castro, the duo run and gun through the facility's challenging situational training. And like baseball, they show thriving behind the trigger is more than just a matter of showing up.

They are more than up to the challenge. And they should be. As McCullers goes into, growing up on a ranch outside Tampa, Fla., guns and shooting have always been a part of his life. And as should be familiar to many shooters, firearms go way beyond being just tools for McCullers. They are also a tie that binds him to friends and family.


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