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Whether you're searching for a great new AR or the hottest accessories, check out Gun Digest's inside track on all things tactical. Our staff and expert contributors provide videos and articles on the latest tactical gear and guns to keep you ready for any scenario.

In this Glock 42 review, World Champion shooter Jerry Miculek puts the new handgun through its paces like only Jerry can. The handgun review includes close and long range tests (up to 110 yards), reliability with different ammo and how it stacks up against similar concealed carry guns on the market.
  Firearms manufactured by Lewis Machine & Tool Company (LMT), a privately-owned Midwestern maker of elite weaponry, were used to protect the 2012 Olympics in London, England, against terrorist attacks. As reported by the Daily Express in the UK, airmen from...
Illuminate, Identify, Incapacitate. This is the defensive triad of any good tactical lighting system. With today’s more powerful and flexible lights, we can use the light system to disorient and stun the opponent.
Hot off the press is Tactical Gear Digital Issue #6, featuring a review of AR15.com's new Complete Billet Lower, tactical apparel; how to build a STI 2011 pistol (video); the Defensive Edge AR-15 Armorer Course; a review of Wilson Combat's Standard Model shotgun; and a look at new tactical gear.
The new Ruger LCR, the critically acclaimed Lightweight Compact Revolver, is now

Designation as USMC FROG (Flame Resistant Organizational Gear) Glove Leads To Order for 90,000 Pairs 

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It’s not enough to own a gun and shoot it a few times a year. To be prepared to defend yourself and your family, regular handgun shooting practice is a must. Get the most from those sessions.
By Curt Field

One of the many things that I have discovered over the 16 years of my law enforcement service is that cops don’t scare easily
One of the immutable laws of firearms is that if the Israelis make or design something, it is sure to be of high quality and reliability—absolutely drop-dead battlefield reliable. The IWI Tavor SAR is exactly that.


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