First Look: Armscor 20-Gauge VR82 Semi-Auto Shotgun

First Look: Armscor 20-Gauge VR82 Semi-Auto Shotgun


A little brother to the VR80, the VR82 moves the semi-auto shotgun line into 20-gauge territory.

Truth be told, the 12-gauge isn’t for everybody. Certainly that's blasphemy to most Americans, who by and large swear by the bore whether they’re knocking down ducks on the wing or confronting bumps in the night. Thing is, there's plenty of buck in the “Twelve”, enough to make it intimidating to some shooters, even outright unusable. Thankfully, there are other gauges doling out less punishment to the user with nearly as much punch downrange. The 20-gauge for example.

Armscor International was thinking along these lines with the introduction of a little brother to its popular VR80 box-magazine fed shotgun. Dubbed the VR82, the 20-gauge rendition of the tactical/competition semi-auto is certain to appeal to the recoil shy or anyone that appreciates what the lighter gauge brings to the table. Though, shooter will have to pay a smidgen more to get into the futuristic-looking 20-gauge, with Armscor setting the MSRP at $729, compared to the VR80’s $699. For a more endurable bore, it might be worth the extra dough.

Essentially, the VR82 is the same gun as the VR80, with the controls (very similar to an AR), ergonomics and operating system identical to the larger gauge. Good news, as those familiar with the line know. Reliable as the day is long, the smoothbore chews through what’s fed to it thanks to a slim, short-stroke gas-piston system that not only cuts down on felt recoil but keeps the shotgun pretty dang svelte. Its slender profile is a nice asset that opens up hand placement on the fore as well as makes for a responsive gun—quick target to target. (At least that was my experience with the VR80, an educated assumption with the VR82). The streamlined system also keeps the gun a light 7.5 pounds, not bad given it sports an 18-inch barreled.

Some of the VR82’s notables include fully adjustable flip-up sights, ample M-Lok real estate on the handguard, full-length Picatinny rail, Mobil choke compatibility and a 5+1 box magazine. Capacity isn’t a concern, given there are 10- and 20-round VR series magazines available. The receiver and handguard are made of aircraft-grade aluminum, thus stand up to regular abuse.

VR82 Specs
Bore: 20 gauge
Capacity: 5 + 1
Sights: Front/Rear Flip Up
Weight: 7.5lbs empty
Overall Length: 38 inches
Overall Height: 7 inches
Overall Width: 2 inches
Barrel Length: 18 inches
Barrel: Contoured
Choke: Mobil Choke
Stock: Thumb Hole Stock
Finish: Black Anodized
MSRP: $729

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