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The 8-Gauge Shotgun: Forgotten Fowler

While the 8-gauge shotgun is obsolete and illegal for hunting, it still serves a purpose today.
Mauser K98k feature

The Karabiner 98k: The Best Combat Bolt-Action Rifle Ever Made

The author does a deep dive into the German Karabiner 98k and discusses why it’s likely the best infantry bolt-action rifle to ever see combat.

Lee-Enfield: Right Arm Of The Empire

An in-depth look at the Lee-Enfield, one of the most successful military bolt-action rifles ever produced.

M1 Carbine: Unlocking The Legacy Of The War Baby

Ready to explore the fascinating world of the M1 Carbine? Whether you're seeking an original piece of history or a top-notch reproduction, we've got you covered

She’s Still Garand: Life And Times Of The Mighty M1

A look back at the venerable M1 Garand, America's storied and stalwart service rifle.

Building Military Replicas: The M16A1 Clone And Beyond

Whether you’re after an M16A1 clone or another iconic military firearm replica, there are a few different ways to go about it.

M1 Garand: America’s Original Battle Rifle

Built like a Sherman tank, accurate to 1,000 yards and affordably priced on the surplus market, the battle-worn M1 Garand might be the most overlooked survival gun to be had.
European folding trigger Velo-Dog type revolvers. Stoney Roberts photo

Bicycle Gun: The Doggone History Of These Pocket Pistols

In the early conflict between canines and bikers, bicycle guns--AKA velo-dog guns--aimed to give velocipedes an upper hand.

Guns.com: Easy Solution To Sell Guns You No Longer Want

Easy as sending an email and shipping a package, Guns.com streamlines selling your guns online.
Gyro Jet 1

Far-Out Firearms: Dardick And Gyrojet Guns

The gun world is rife with oddities, but few compare in peculiarity to the firearms designed to shoot the unique Dardick and Gyrojet cartridges.
Custom Guns 8

Gallery: Best Engraved And Custom Guns (2020)

Gun Digest's annual review of the finest examples of beauty and artistry in the world of custom guns. Enjoy these masterpieces!

Firearms Essentials: 5 Must-Have Henry Rifles (2020)

Of all the Henry rifles, these five are the top of the bunch.
Citori Privilege, right receiver detail. An example of a high-grade factory Browning shotgun. Courtesy Browning.

Browning Shotguns: The Top 10 Greatest Ever!

From the earliest John M. Browning designs to today's state-of-the-art, here is Gun Digest's tip of the hat to the greatest Browning shotguns of all time!
M1917 Enfield Right oblique rear white bg

M1917 Enfield: The Unofficial U.S. Service Rifle

The M1917 Enfield, or the "American Enfield", was used in larger numbers than the official U.S. service rifle of the Great War. Today, it still a sweet shooter.
MEUSOC 1911 6

Get On Target With The 10 Best Gun Digest Books (2019)

Need a high-velocity page-turner? Check out the top Gun Digest books from the past year.