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Whether you're searching for a great new AR or the hottest accessories, check out Gun Digest's inside track on all things tactical. Our staff and expert contributors provide videos and articles on the latest tactical gear and guns to keep you ready for any scenario.

E.R. Shaw has jumped into the AR game, and the company’s ERS15 is a multi-purpose masterpiece.
Precise and consistent performance when behind the trigger isn’t rocket science. It’s mastering the basics of shooting — position, breath control, trigger discipline and clear sight picture.
Remington’s new RP9 is the American manufacturer’s first full-size striker-fired handgun, and it’s got a lot to offer in a price-friendly package.
Technological advances continue to allow for the production of new optics with enhanced features and capabilities for shooters.
With a Bell and Carlson tactical stock, the new Howa Long Range Rifle is ready to get on target at any range.
There are a variety of methods or formulas for zeroing the AR, but this might be one of the simplest and most precise systems out there.
Daniel Defense is offering two new finish options to its lightweight .308 platform, giving shooters the ability to give their rifles a custom look.
Keeping magazines in tip-top shape is imperative, especially for a defensive pistol or rifle. Here is a simple system that keeps them running right.
With an illuminated reticle and plenty of magnification, the Diamond First Focal Plane Scope looks to be a gem for long-range shooters.


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