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The Sig Sauer P320 is an excellent defensive handgun option — mostly because of its many great features.
Modern Shooter visits Sig Sauer Academy, one of the nation's finest firearms training facilities.
Choosing the right riflescope can be challenging. One of the first decisions you must make is deciding between a first or second focal plane scope.
Daniel Defense goes small in a big way with the release of the extensive DDM4V7 P AR-15 pistol line.
With four lighting and aiming functions, the Rail Master Pro CMR-300 gives long guns a tactical advantage.
There’s more to shotguns than pump actions and tube magazines.
The Modern Shooter team checks out the dedication to the craft and work required to take your shooting to the top of its game.
The Gun Digest author and custom ammo manufacturer put the red-hot .224 Valkyrie through its paces.
There are some specific factors in play when choosing an AR for home defense. Here’s what to consider.
Ruger’s newly updated Precision Rifle has the goods to go the distance.
Understanding the difference between a $25 and a $300 EDC knife.
Improved accuracy can be a simple as a few adjustment to your scope to improve your view and relieve eye strain.
Scale down to a .22 LR AR for mastery of the basics and cost-effective training.
Simmons has introduced AETEC and Whitetail Classic riflescope lines, offering shooter affordable performance.
Wilson Combat’s EDC X9 is an elegant, yet highly functional pistol for carry and defense, and in the author’s mind, it’s simply the best.
The Modern Shooter team discovers H&H Precision's shooting school is not summer camp — it's even better.



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