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Get a handle on your rimfire's report with these top .22 suppressor options.
The top 9mm suppressor options to put a lid on your nine.
Calculations that once took a room filled with computers can now be completed in seconds on your smartphone via a first-rate ballistic calculator.
When it comes to AR-10 vs. AR-15 the right choice is a matter of application.
Mils and MOA are both useful angular units of measurements, but is one better than the other?
From the new book Guns of the FBI, take an insider’s tour into the G-man’s world of firearms and training with these 20 historical photos.
TruTec Xtreme taking economical tactical red-dot optics to the next level.
Find out how to go the extra mile with a custom rifle on the next Modern Shooter.
If you want to compete in the Heavy Metal Division of 3-Gun, you’ll need an AR-10. Here are the basics.
The K-3 Armenian Avtomat is an AK bullpup configuration. Here’s how this oddball and related AK variants came to be.
Early FBI sniper rifles were surprisingly basic. Today’s FBI HRT (Hostage Rescue Team) models are the tip of the spear in long-range shooting accuracy and features.
When it comes to the Mossberg 590 tactical options, the 590 A1 might be the cream of the crop.
Look no further for the best Remington 870 tactical shotgun choices currently in production.
Here are the guidelines to purchase an effective tactical shotgun for home and personal defense.
Contrary to public opinion, the Thompson submachine gun was not only used by Prohibition-era gangsters. In fact, the “Tommy Gun” was a favorite among early FBI agents as well.
Like day and night, the AR-15 and AK-47 were designed for different purposes and achieve their ends disparately. Which one is right for you?



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