Sig Offers Up Standalone Threaded P320 Barrels

Sig Offers Up Standalone Threaded P320 Barrels

Threaded P320 barrels look to make hushing up the striker-fired pistol easy.

How Do Sig's Threaded P320 Barrels Compare To Other Aftermarket Options:

  • Threaded with the standard standard 1/2×28 RH pitch.
  • Heat treated for greater durability.
  • Work seamlessly with the company's slides.

It’s no secret, part of Sig Sauer’s P320’s allure is its modularity. Almost the handgun equivalent of the AR-15, thanks to its internal frame system (what’s serialized and consider the gun”) the pistol is infinitely configurable.
Slap compact grip shell and slid on the frame and, voilà, the full-sized pistol you purchased is ready for deep carry.

Threaded P360 Barrels

With this in mind, it’s of little surprise Sig foster a health parts market to support shooters looking to tinker their P360 to perfection. Given the manufacturer is also in the suppressor game, it was only a matter of time before it began offering standalone threaded muzzle barrels as an upgrade. Thus here we are, with Sig’s new line of threaded P320 barrels. Well, two new barrels, if that technically constitutes a line.

Sig’s offering up 4.6-inch compact and 4.3-inch subcompact options for the 9mm pistol, designed to work seamlessly with the company’s factory slides. This includes the loaded chamber indicator. As for the threaded P320 barrels, they have the standard 1/2×28 RH pitch, are heat-treated to improve their durability and include a thread protector when not running a can. Pricewise, Sig’s not exactly giving them away—an MSRP of $199.99 on both models—which is at the high end when compared to other options. At the high end, Faxon Firearms has slicked up fluted and models from around $200 to $225, while SilencerCo offers a much more modest model for around $140.

Interestingly, threaded-barrel P320 models have been somewhat rare, with only one presently in Sig’s catalog. And it’s part of the premium Legion Series—the newish P320 XCarry Legion—which is upgraded all around and demands top dollar—around $1,000. Given this, the threaded P320 barrels are a bargain … if you already own the pistol.

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