MDT LSS Gen2 Chassis: Flexible Foundation Of A Precision Rifle

MDT LSS Gen2 Chassis: Flexible Foundation Of A Precision Rifle
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MDT LSS Gen 2 Chassis 1

Flexible and affordable, the MDT LSS Gen2 Chassis is everyman’s entry to sharp-shooting performance.

How The LSS Improves A Bolt-Action's Accuracy:

  • Modular design allows you to customize the chassis to particular applications.
  • Solid aircraft-grade aluminum creates the rigid platform needed for accuracy.
  • V-block bedding ensures tight mating between action and chassis.

The definition of practical accuracy is fluid. In your grandfather’s day, anything dead on a deer’s vitals out to about 250 yards was proudly heralded as hair-splitting. Of course, we’re most likely talking a rifle that had little more than iron sights and a barrel touching a majority of the stock. Given the standard, the results are understandable.

By today’s yardstick – measured in fractions of milliradians and minutes of angle – consistently banging away at a dinner-plate sized target hardly raises an eyebrow. Technological leaps of the past 20 years or so have shifted the marksman’s expectations. It’s shrunk them to a certain extent down to the size of a perfect cloverleaf group. Superior rifle making techniques, high-performance long-range optics and meticulously engineered projectiles are to thank for this golden age of precision shooting. That and the rifle chassis.

Perhaps no one element has done more to consistently get shooters on target than the rifle chassis. And few options better equip the average, everyday shooter to take his marksmanship to the next level than the MDT Lightweight Sniper System (LSS) Gen2. It’s the everyman’s entry to sharp-shooting performance.

MDT’s Modular Ethos

For those unfamiliar with MDT, the company has two driving ethos – accuracy and modularity. Both play out perfectly in the LSS Gen2.

Unlike a majority of other chassis options, the lightweight system is a blank slate – intentionally so. What I mean by that is, all you get is the chassis itself. The rest you must supply yourself – buttstock and pistol grip. For some souls, this might sound like a nightmare, given they’ve become accustom to the layout and controls of a particular manufacturer. But if you’re just making the leap into a rifle chassis or have your heart set on a jack-of-all-trades, this is potential a boon.

MDT LSS Gen 2 Chassis profile

You aren’t hemmed into any one way of doing things with the MDT LSS Gen 2, before you know what really works for you. And you have a system that modifies at your whims. That and how much your wallet can bear. Given the chassis is compatible with generally affordable AR buttstocks and pistol grips, you’ll find it can bear a lot.

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Furthermore, you have at your disposal a chassis fit for potentially anything you aim it at – from a backwoods surgical hunter to a lights out target rifle, even something for a precision match. Configured correctly, the LSS Gen2 can be all these things.

As to the accuracy end of the equation, the LSS Gen2 might classify as entry-level, but it doesn’t scrimp where it counts. The 1.6-pound rifle chassis is milled from a single piece of billet 6061-T6 aluminum, an extremely lightweight material, yet rigid as short-cut rebar. In turn, even if you lay a real thumper caliber into the chassis, you don’t have to worry about an errant bullet trajectory.

The LSS Gen2’s bedding system too does its part in creating a rock-solid rig. Similar to the company’s top-of-the-line ESS competitive chassis, the system features V-block bedding. The geometry of the main interface between action and chassis creates a monolithic contact point between the two elements. To translate, once you mount your barreled action it’s not going anywhere. Aiding this is an ample barrel lug recess, capable of handling beefier custom jobs (up to .350 inch) that some shooters run.

Finally, MDT has left ample room for barrel clearance in the fore-end, making certain it free floats no matter its profile. The company claims it can keep a barrel the same circumference as the action free and clear, a boast that seems true when you see the negative space with a bull barrel installed. A note about the fore-end, it’s slim. This might not appeal to a diehard Precision Rifle Series shooter used to a full handguard. Though, this shouldn’t prove a turn off for most interested in the LSS Gen2, given MDT’s overall crossover intention.

LSS Extras

Impeccable ergonomics, the LSS Gen2 has all the little things shooters have come to expect out of a high performance chassis. Thumb rest, ambidextrous magazine release and barricade stop on the front of a recessed mag well are standard and make a difference. And there’s plenty of space to tack on your most important accessories, with ample M-Lok slots.

This is an improvement on the Gen1 LSS, which was without them. And it’s a huge convenience compared to other rifle chassis that use proprietary attachment systems. Additionally, the chassis comes with a swivel stud, if you need. Nice it’s there, just in case. But I can’t help but think 90-some percent of shooters replace it with a section of rail. Maybe I’m wrong?

MDT LSS Gen 2 Chassis Rem 500

Best of all, the chassis uses ACIS magazines. This alone on many actions is worth the price for entry. Standard fare for AR-style rifles, the magazines are ubiquitous and cheap. To boot, you can pick the exact capacity you require.

Accuracy On The Cheap
Talk to most accuracy minded folks who’ve yet to leap into a rifle chassis, there’s generally a similar sticking point – price. No argument. Traditionally they’ve been on the spendy side as a matter of their customer base. Competitive shooters shell out on their rifles and manufacturers are more than willing to take their money. The LSS Gen2 erases this concern in a big way.

Priced at $400, it lines up with the cost of a majority of aftermarket stocks. Compared to other chassis, it’s an absolute bargain. At the same tick, the Canadian manufacturer gives you more than you’d expect out of an entry-level option. Maybe more than some of the high-end chassis you seen out there.

Parting Shot
Many envision a lone competitive shooter maliciously ranging his shot and double-checking his D.O.P.E. when they think of a chassis rifle user. Get that out of your mind immediately with MDT LSS Gen2.

No argument, you could configure a rifle as a competitor with the chassis, however, it’s meant for more than gunning for gold. Be it a versatile and accurate way to collect your next trophy buck or the building block for a gnat’s ass plinker, the affordable option will most certainly get you on target. All you need is the desire for a more accurate rifle.


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