Q&A with Winchester Product Manager Glenn Hatt

We get the inside edge on Winchester Repeating Arms' past, present and future with the man who should know.

Minimalist Masterpiece: Colt Wiley Clapp Stainless Commander

Elegant yet functional, the new Colt Wiley Clapp Stainless Commander is everything you need and nothing you don’t.

The Many Variables of Firearm Values

Ascertaining firearm values can be a tricky business, but there are some key considerations that can help enthusiasts nail down a gun's price.

AR-15 Review: Colt Expanse M4

The Colt Expanse M4 is priced affordably and comes ready-made for customization.

Shooter Ready Review: Long-Range Shooting Simulation

The Shooter Ready long-range shooting simulation allows you to get lots of range estimation practice using your reticle, without burning up any ammo.
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Modern Shooter TV: Going the Distance with H&H Precision’s Rifles

Modern Shooter TV travels to Oregon to take a look at one of today's most respected precision rifle makers.

H-S Precision PLR Rifle Review

It took a bit of last-minute heroics and a single shot from the H-S Precision PLR to seal the deal on an unforgettable elk season.

Vintage Long Guns Returning to Nebraska Hunting Fields

A Cornhusker gun store has enjoyed robust interest in classic long guns among its experienced customers.

The STAR Rifle: A New Star Among Tactical Bolt Guns

The STAR rifle takes customization to a whole new level, offering a platform that adjusts to fit any shooter.

Walther PPS M2 Shoots for Comfort, Consistency

The PPS M2 features a number of refinements to Walther's svelte line of pistols that should make it a more user-friendly carry option.

Video: What to Look For When Buying a Kalashnikov Rifle

Not all AKs are created equal. Discover the rules of thumb you need to follow to evaluate Kalashnikov rifles.

First Look: FN M249S Semi-Auto

The Gun Digest editorial staff got an in-depth first look at the new FN M249S while at the 2016 SHOT Show in Las Vegas. Check out the video for more info on the M249S.

Long-Range Game-Changer: Hornady ELD-X Long Range Bullets

The result of extensive testing with ultra-modern Doppler radar, the new Hornady ELD-X bullet takes long-range shooting to the next level.

Small Game Precision: CZ 455 Varmint Review

A modestly priced .22 with exceptional out-of-the-box accuracy is topped with the Leatherwood USMC Sniper scope, making for one classy rimfire.

Tikka T3 CTR: Capable, Compact and Accurate

The new Tikka T3 CTR is a sleek rifle for any situation.

Leupold’s VX-R Scout FireDot: A New Age Scout Scope

If you’re a fan of Col. Jeff Cooper’s bolt-action brainchild, Leupold’s VX-R Scout FireDot scout scope may be just the ticket.


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