Bucking the Trend—AR’s Are the Top Selling Long Gun for Jayhawk Retailer

For many, AR sales have cooled off, but not for one Kansas gun seller.

Browning Expands X-Bolt Line with Varmint Stalker Rifle

Browning’s new X-Bolt Varmint Stalker is tailored to tackle everything from hogs to prairie dogs.

Gun Parts Flying Off Virtual Shelves for Online Retailer

It’s the time of year that one online gun store enjoys a surge in D.I.Y. project orders.

.223 Home Defense Ammo

Over-penetration is a concern with home defense ammo no matter what the caliber. Here are some loads up to the task.

Video: World Famous .416 Rigby Dangerous Game Rifle is Back

The bolt-action hunting rifle that inspired a million copies is back in production and better than ever. Considered the perfect repeating bolt-action dangerous game rifle, Rigby's Magnum Mauser in .416 Rigby delivers 5,100 foot pounds of energy and 52 foot pounds of recoil.

SIG P516 Review

The author takes a look at a world-class AR pistol well-suited for home defense in this SIG P516 review.

Forty Years with the Little 7mm

“I think,” says the author, “I've seen more game killed with fewer shots from this modest little cartridge than any other.” Here's the why and how, all of which may well explain the current spate of interest in the 7X57.
stag .300 Blackout

Stag Arms Now Offering .300 Blackout AR-15s

Hot on the heels of offering upper receivers in .300 Blackout, Stag Arms is now offering complete carbines ready to chew through the round.

Surging Interest in Bolt-Action Long Guns In OKC

When it comes to long guns in Oklahoma City, traditional models are winning the day.
Springfield XD

Old is New When It Comes to Pistols in Cali

Given Golden State regulations, older pistol models are the new hot things with Cali shooters.

Savage Model 11 Scout Rifle Introduced

The Savage Model 11 Scout Rifle looks to be a versatile and accurate do-it-all rifle loaded with features.

4 Value-Priced Hunting Rifles

What does $450 get you in today’s world? A mighty fine hunting rifle, that's what.

Market Trends: New Lone Star Retailer Caters to Hunters

Modern sporting rifles and tried and true bolt-actions moving fast with Texas hunters at new retailer.

Early German Bolt-Action Sporters Set a Standard

With incredible designs and functionality, early German bolt-actions are solid collector’s pieces that won’t break the bank.

How To Zero a Hunting Rifle

No matter how steady your hunting rifle, hitting at any range presumes a proper zero.

Market Trends: Huge Demand for Reloading Supplies

Reloading supplies, turkey guns and suppressors have Bluegrass State shooters breaking out their pocketbooks.


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