Modern Shooter: At The Range With H&H Precision Rifles


H&H Precision Rifles has more than made a name for itself as one of the nation’s foremost maker of, well, precision rifles. From exacting tactical rifles customizable down to the magazine to chassis numbers that group in fractions of an inch, H&H Precision Rifles are instruments born of rigor and discipline. With that level of engineering at their fingertips, the company wants to make certain its shooters get the most out of their guns.

In turn, H&H invites every person who buys their rifles to a special weekend class each year to teach them all about their firearms and shooting in general. Modern Shooter got a seat (or range lane) in this year’s class and discovered first hand what these incredible H&H Precision Rifles are capable of, which is plenty. Along the way, we got to meet some of personalities that have made the company a success in the long-range shooting world and with marksmen whose standard is a ¼ MOA group. But, as the above video shows, even with precise tools and steely men and women behind them, there will be the occasional flyer.

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